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THE RISE OF ZOLARG SERIES! Part 2 - Insectnoid Industrial Revolution

Hello guys!

So in order to make some of the productions competitable to that of humans, especially the ‘supremacy’ on their own ‘invention’ antanium and ant paste.
An industrial revolution is definitely needed. So here, I’ll introduce my ideas.
Of course, it not just features resource production. It also features some utility stuff...

Industrial Innovations (tech)
Research how to increase industrial output via innovations of machinery and tools - In Insectnoid style.

Turbine Mound
Turbines are still new to the Insectnoids, but at least they know what to do with them. Burns oil to boil water, generating electricity.

A 2×2 power generation structure for Insectnoids. Upgrades to the Petroplant.
Notes: does not consume water during operation.

Unholy Reactor
This unholy reactor is powerful as an nuclear reactor, but has an advantage of stability. Yet I’m not saying it’s absolutely safe, unholy powers can be destructive if under careless handling. Consumes Antaura and helium-3.

An upgrade for the petroplant.

Insectnoid Steelworks
‘Running out of antanium’ is never a problem with this steelwork equipped with complex (and crude) machineries, with the Insectnoid Mind Network connected for easy management.

A further upgrade on the Antanium Blast Furnance, additionally consumes sugar as catalyst. Utilizes software and bandwidth.

Paste Hive
An indoor facility, with smart indoor conditioning, for churning out lotta of ant pastes for endless constructions and food enrichment. Utilizes software and helium-3.

An 2×2 structure for producing ant paste, more efficient than 4 smart paste tanks.

Paste Soil Sugar Farm
Researches finds out ant pastes can enrich soil nutrients, thus enhancing the growth of sugar canes. This sugar farm not just utilize paste fertilizers, it’s also decorated with glazed ceramic walls.

In case you cannot afford quantum sugar cloners but urgently needs lots of sugar, this is what you need. An upgrade of sugar farm. Consumes ant paste, of course.

Shrine of the Brewers’ Blessings
While worshipping the unholy powers of Antaura, why not having some good brews of blessings from the gods? Additionally uses helium-3 and bandwidth to make the brews even better.

An upgrade of the Unholy Brew Pit, not just making more batches of brews, but also provides some entertainment.
Still uses Antaura, at a slightly higher amount.

Gas Cracker
Applying some power to crack helium-3 from atmosphere. It’s a slow process, but it will bring you the valuable Helium-3 for a couple of industrial usage.

Because so far insectnoid don’t really have and use helium-3, I’m going to introduce this idea.

Alchemy Hive
Long ago, the Insectnoids are already able to seperate aluminium and gold from ores, and also enriches the ores. But today they still don’t know it’s science, they still believe it’s a magic, it’s alchemy.

Of course, it’ll surely give you an automated aluminium (and gold) production, as well more ores. Burns charcoal.

Unholy Alchemy Hive
What would alchemy with evilness be? It’s gotta be lots of minerals.

An upgrade of the Alchemy Hive. Consumes Antaura and helium-3.

A little mound specialized to burn wood into more charcoal.

Upgrade for smoldering pit, if you need more charcoal.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
More good stuff to introduce.

Insectnoid Robotics (tech)
Wondered how Insectnoids have come over with the ideas of, Robotics?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t know, but if Zolarg has some robots, then it would be cool.
Also, I’m using this tech to pave way to Part 3 which features nanotech.

Automaton Assembling Yard
A workshop where the skilled insectnoids put all the pieces together to build automatons, one kind of crude yet functional robots that can get the job done.

The recipe for insectnoid robot is microchip + antanium + aluminium + software + ant paste + wheels.

Industrial Labor Camp
A even deeper and advanced labor camp that utilizes the automatons to produce a wide range of resources.

An upgrade for labor camp.

Mechanized Deep Mine
A even stronger mining operation that robots will get most of the difficult jobs quickly done, fetching more stuff from the deeps.

Either expect it’s an upgrade for insectoid mining operation or upgrade for unholy deep core mine.

Mechanized Cloth Farm
The power of the machines will bring you lots of clothes in a few minutes.

An advanced cloth farm that utilizes automatons...
These cloth will be used in medical and entertainment sector, might be used in the buildings introduced in Part 1 of the series.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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