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Trade - Gifts system rework

#1 2020-02-14 19:09:53
Some thoughts about the infinite resources for new players

The early stage of the game are fundamental for every player, nearly infinite resources can broke the game.
With infinite resources player will pretty much ignore most of the game buildings, most of the game mechanics..


Gifts limit now depend only from the sender and ignore the receiving.

The gifts limit should read both limits, and use the lowest.

A have 1B limit, B have 100k limit

A can send a maximum of 100k to B

Storage limit should have also something to say, because even with the decay, 100M-1B resources aren't going away soon... but it would become overly restrictive, in first weave.

Trade system

A new building, even the same building for every race. Allow the player to trade resources.

You will think, "but we already have the League trade authority! (or the other similar)"

This one will work in different way, will use gifts limit, and allow the player to change resources at the same time:

#2 2020-02-15 01:36:02
Many people might depend on gifts (I dont) and doing this would kill their fun in the game. I know for a fact that I dont want to spend hours grinding out my colony because I have other stuff I would like to do. But that's the reason this game is so good. That grinding pays off and it feels good to see that 1b GDP mark. But I think restricting this would drop the player count. An idea is a limit based on how much the sender is willing to send. And reworking the Gift system might be catastrophic to the player base. Dont restrict people's ability to be kind.
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#3 2020-02-16 02:29:14
Won't be catastrophic for player base. The actually system is catastrophic for player base.

A player with nearly infinite from the start, won't be interested to play the game for long, at max will be a grind for research and civics, and once all tech will complete (if the player will remain for so long), won't have many reason to continue to play... because.. well, end game.

A system were player have nearly infinite resources, won't tempt to study the game, the player won't have any endorphin or positive feelings, of victory for completing a project, is just a "creative mode".

no fatigue = no feeling of victory

With nearly infinite resources, most building are just a environmental improvement.. won't matter storage, won't matter most of the buildings..

And once you know the game, you can unlock everything in a week, even in offline mode...

You have see the GDP rank? only 40-50 colony have at least 1T.. and if you count only active player (login at least 3 time in a week), is 20-30...

You have see the global chat lately? lol...

Is very sad. :(
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