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Housing stats all stats BUG 1.3.0 chrome

Not much point to posting but look at this photo
ONLY ONE out of the 3 Housing buildings show stats for health education and entertainment
the one that does shows 100 % on all NOW look at the buildings I placed
I called this Bug city and Built it in a way TO prove beyond any dought this is a massive bug once you activate crime the Bug will just get worse .
This BUG causes Massive protesting massive health issues so much so out of 20 k colonists there will be 5 k sick and another 2 k that will refuse to work .
Cant blame my computer game runs just fine cant blame lak of health buildings of lak of entertainment or lak of education buildings .
Non of this has ever worked correctly and as you keep adding more it just gets worse and worse .
now really stats are pointless education is pointless entertainment is pointless IT only effects the game making it run poorly .
its been two years from when you started adding these effects in all that time they never worked correctly my advice is LEAVE the NUmbers and fancy graphs and get ride of the effects base the graphs on number of BUILDING needed for each stat to show 100 % instead of colonists as it just dont work .

OUT of a 200,000 colonists colony i will place 3 university 3 of the BIG health centers 3 collages 3 high schools 3 PRIMARY schools and 3 of the alien teck schools now that nano is in and small I place 5 to 8 schools and 5 to 8 health centers NANO as for entertainment I place two BIG stadiums 1 pyramids 2 med stadiums huge park the 3 or 4 of the tall gold monolith and tons of extras ending up using a good 10 to 15 % of map space .
and still ratings will go low its random sometimes it gets over 90 % half maby and if its 80 or less it eventaly falls with schools being packed health centers been packed education being packed entertainment being packed and ending up needing a extra 50 k colonist to get all jobs filled .
even with all that stats can be low no way to idle citys as stats get worse and worse now with kids added over night a 3500 colony i had was 6,000 by morning meaning 3000 homeless and no jobs the population dobbled in 6 hours .
fact is the effects just dont work correctly nore have they ever game was better when colonists idded schools and health center ran better .
anyway good luck with the game
here is a second city the difference is a i placed a 100 BIG banks
the house are 100% filled?

try to post the same area, using:

Entertainment Coverage Heatmap
Medical Coverage heatmap
Education Coverage heatmap
Production capacity heatmap

Second thing... don't do a soup. And with soup i mean:

for entertainment I place two BIG stadiums 1 pyramids 2 med stadiums huge park the 3 or 4 of the tall gold monolith

This is pure chaos, if you prefer to use many type of building for aesthetic reason is.. well, a your choice, but is far away to be a good layout. No one will stop you to use pyramids (600 slot for a 6x6), large park (650 slot for 9x9..), or the obelisk (only 50 for 2x2), but don't blame the game if you use to much space...

In any case for 200k pop you need 30k entertainment slots (6 large stadium), from the list above you will have only 13450 ent slots (2 large stadium, 2 med stadium, 1 pyramids, large park, 4 obelisk)..

Is better to don't use 20 type, just use the higher utility capacity (or better IQ, if you have building with min IQ) for the space you have. Not every building available.

For the approval rating, the only way to having 100%, is to don't have pop :D If you have colonist, at the moment you will have max 94-95%, without any concerns, but if you don't have the right % for utility, will be lower.
Your talking about ratings i see and every once in a wile I get a 95 % rating in a city .AND even then the effects are THE SAME . really out of 20 k colonists over 25 % are doing nothing I made a third called baby boom and disabled all ways for new colonists to arrive using just the FACT the colonists like having BIG massive amounts of kids Dobbling the population in juts hours lol .
EVEN that makes the game un manageable as YOU cant JUST leave a city run wile in city mode .
FUNNY dude look at the photos LOL I built the fist one with massive amounts of health massive amounts of ALL really just LOOK at teh photo I set it up soyou can SEE all the buildings placed so why not accutly LOOK at the photo ?
as for full that one is not full Nore do buildngs NEED to be full stats show right away game is a ok time killer and cost little .

The only real solution is BUILD a city as fast as possible then stay in region mode
You do realize wile it is possible to get a 95 % rating and have a city run fairly well it is so rare and so much of a pain managing this has become a thing in which 95 % of players will fail at doing .
and besides your still full of it Let your best city RUN 6 hours and not change a thing then come back and post the rating . Your colonists will have had so many kids you will have near dobbled your population and ovesly now have massive homeless massive health issues and so on .

From the photo i don't get much info, for this reason i asked the other layers, or at least the houses Property Valutation. To me, seems more a showroom display, too many different inefficient buildings, random placed, without any scheme. I can't do nothing with only some screenshot like this.

The 95% ratings is.. very very easy to do if you respect the % and radius:

Medical 5% 50 radius
Schools 20% 35 radius
Entertainment 15% 25 radius
Jobs max 50 radius

So far i have converted about 100-130 city, all city with +- 95% approval, without much effort.

For the AFK time, I have already pointed out the problem, from the 1.0.0 beta. Individual map can be problematic, but for the region is a joke.. just afk in city without pop..
not much info well I would say your not very femiler with game play in that case .
so why are you talking about numbers of buildings needed wile saying you dont see the very same buildngs as the very thing you say effects game play .
I dont need to see your stats to know when I see education buildings and the effect they have ..
besides your still iggy the FACT let your best city run even 3 hours and not touch a thing .
Then come tell me how good you can mange the city effects .
a 200,000 city will add thousands of new colonists a hour and new colonists even WITH housing and jobs and the rest drop ratings .
BUt add to this You have NOT added new housing and tell me how great your once 95% rating city fairs
I get players are ok with the effects that barly work correctly and as i said the game cost little so all is good .
I am old school programmer as such go more by programming and how well it works then playing the games .
People now a days just dont care about Quality any longer which is why walmart is full of junk that brakes in a week and you get a new phone twice a year .
and of coarse why would programmers care if you dont .
Heck the game still has broken icons wont stay loged in even when it shows loge in cant be played off line in PAYED mode .
i even get bots stuck under buildings once in a rare wile still .
The Draco mining probes refuse to mine correctly I could go on listing half a dozen other bugs many years old .
Now again the game is only 3.50 $ and can be played free so in this case we get excaty what we pay for .
heck bast is very cool and honest but he really does not care about the quality enough and thing is he talks about a financial program he is making I grante you people will care when I bug causes them to lose money .
a playstore game is no big deal but he is branching out to apps that can lose people money and that will bite him in the but lol

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