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THE UNITED EARTH’S SECRET LAB SERIES - Archieve 2 - Autorized Utilizations

Hello guys. ʃ((͡⎚ω⎚)

So today, we’ll do something real on utilization of Gaiarium, the secret of United Earth’s success...

So here, in this ‘archieve’... we’ll see how United Earth let their colonies utilize Gaiarium.
Because this is just simply a batch ideas, Gaiarium may show multiple purposes here.

  • Standard Gaiarium Authorization
    This is a special authorization on the use of the secret substance Gaiarium. This is a top secret.
    Research how to run Gaiarium industries secretly (using the signed blueprints from Secret Lab Authority), as well how to extract Gaiarium in your colony.

    This is the key technology to open the Gaiarium branch of the technology tree.
    • Ancient Alien Language
    • Basic Network Infranstructure
    • 50000 Research
    • 15000 Civics
  • Advanced Gaiarium Usage
    Obtain access to Gaiarium usage under authorization of Secret Lab Authority, and research ways to use Gaiarium in your colony.

    After aquiring this technology, your colony will be able to use Gaiarium for more beneficial purposes.
    • Standard Gaiarium Authorization
    • Xenomaterials Research
    • 115000 Research
    • 25000 Civics
    • 200 Gaiarium

  • Standard Gaiarium Refinery
    This facility is modified from an ore refinery to produce Gaiarium. Although the Gaiarium are produced from here, the workers here still think they are making steel, with no doubts in their mind.
    Here, alien artifacts and some ores are consumed, producing a trace amount of Gaiarium.

    The basic facility for producing Gaiarium. The consumption rate of Alien Artifact is equal to 10% of archaeological dig site’s production rate.
    Requires Gaiarium Extraction Authorization.
  • Gaiarium Silo
    It’s just a normal silo. Nothing special but it stores Gaiarium secretly.

    Storage for Gaiarium.
    Requires Gaiarium Extraction Authorization.
  • Gaiarium Export Centre
    Exporting Gaiarium via common cannels is unsafe. Instead, using the reason of ‘providing military supplies’ (in fact, yes, but we’ll say it’s ‘food supplies’), will take it onto the much safer military logistic network to transport it back to United Earth. Bulks of cash are redeemed for each export. To keep the disguise flawless, some food from your colony are also carried away.

    When you have just unlocked Gaiarium, you won’t have many ways utilizing it. So instead, you can make use of its value in United Earth to bring you some extra cash.
    This thing is a landing field for military freighters. Its outlook may resembles the Spaceport.
    Requires Gaiarium Extraction Authorization.
  • Standard Gaiarium Experiment Lab
    Where experiments on Gaiarium supervised by the Secret Lab Authority are performed. Looking from the outside, it’s just an unsightly subterranean food storage, with a ‘no entry’ notice on the entrence.

    Consumes Gaiarium to produce a vast amount of research. Trash are produced, as the by products of experiment failures.
    Requires Gaiarium Extraction Authorization.
  • Nuclear Enrichment Reactor
    One of the proud innovations by the Secret Lab Authority is definitely their state-of-art nuclear reactor - Nuclear Enrichment Reactor, utilizing the potentials of Gaiarium. This generator is not just simply a generator. It’s also the secret of United Earth’s uranium supply - This reactor can even enrich Uranium! (despite sadly it still have nuclear waste produced, which was what the research team originally wants to elimimate, but that leads to thr accidential invention of this thing)

    See-the-awesomeness of this reactor?
    The enriched uranium will flow to a secret chamber for collection, in order to keep it ‘operating’ like a normal nuclear reactor.
    Requires Advanced Gaiarium Usage.
  • Gaiarium Food Mutation Lab
    Expeiments of Gaiarium’s effect on food had been conducted for years, but some of them had been disastrous - The meat from Project M overgrown to a massive size, results in the entire Colony G-54 engulfed by such uncontrolable beasts in one night. On a brighter note, as there are more safety percausions on these mutated food experiments, cases of food experiment disasters soon dropped to 0 just in the last year.
    This food lab is disguised as a cannery. But indeed, the food produced in this facility are canned. Don’t worry, those food are safe and same as common food for eating, after neutralization treatment.

    This facility can produce tons of food, if you input lots of water and a small mass of Gaiarium. Stronger than the food sweatshop.
  • The Steel Brigade Fortress
    The Steel Brigade are the heavy cybrog security forces of United Earth. They are the logo of United Earth’s absolute justice and advocation of peace and stablity - thanks to the super durable armour they equipped. Although nothing they know about Gaiarium. There are legends about Steel Brigaders, some are able to fight off 20 fully armed thugs by themselves.
    Their fortress’ structure is also as durable as their armour, fortified using Gaiarium. Attempts of breaching the walls will look extremly dumb when comparied to the invincible wall that will never get fragmented.

    Although constructing it will cost some amount of Gaiarium, but this security facility can take down much more criminals than any security brigades. Consumes robots and Gaiarium during operation.
    Requires Advanced Gaiarium Usage.

Stay tuned for more ideas - In the next archieve, there are even stronger uses of Gaiarium.
(as well, I’ll possibly add more intermediate usage in the comments. But, feel free to comment about my ideas too)
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Hi Wadaling, under the buildings list, some of them require "Gaiarium Extraction Authorization". Did you mean Standard Gaiarium Authorization or is that something else?
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Sobeirannovaocc said:Hi Wadaling, under the buildings list, some of them require "Gaiarium Extraction Authorization". Did you mean Standard Gaiarium Authorization or is that something else?

According to the settings...
It is kind of a technology that ‘needs authorization from UE’ to obtain. And it can actually understand as the ‘Basic Gaiarium Extraction’.
And because of that, you’ll need civics for this branch of tech...
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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