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Extreme Population

Hey out there

My Colonist become lots of babies what can I do to stop them?
Maybe this is a thing for a new update??? (@bastecklein)

Thanks for some help
Colonist don't become babies, they make babies. Is a new feature from the 1.0.0 update (almost 3 month ago).

We can't turn off.

If you can, i suggest to use region map, and not afk in city with pop inside.
Nursery and birth control! We need ’em!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
In 13th year of the colony, I have (according to ADU, save file reported as corrupted) 2,345 colonists total, including 1,237 students (minors) and 854 workers. No one retired, no one homeless. What bothers me is that the health bar of the colony is at 10 % and no matter how many Large Medical Clinic is in the colony (currently 10) it does not move up. LMC's are next to residential buildings and are fully staffed as far as I know. So medical coverage is at ca. 25,6 %. Also, no residential building shows any problem with medical coverage. I wonder whether babies are counted with med's calculation and if so can they properly use medical facilities?
If you have 1000 pop in working Age, and you see 200 Edu slots used, you will still having 1000 colonists ready for work.

For the health % problem, in some case seems the general value have problem, and won't move anymore. Like.. in no food/water situation.
Ir seens that babies never grow up and became adults.
yea I had that problem with my kids
My Colony

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