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THE UNITED EARTH’S SECRET LAB SERIES - Archieve 3 - High Tier Utilizations


So let’s see some even higher level utilizations of Gaiarium!

  • Advanced Gaiarium Usage
    Obtain access to Gaiarium usage under authorization of Secret Lab Authority, and research ways to use Gaiarium in your colony.

    After aquiring this technology, your colony will be able to use Gaiarium for more beneficial purposes.
    • Standard Gaiarium Authorization
    • Xenomaterials Research
    • 115000 Research
    • 25000 Civics
    • 200 Gaiarium
  • G-Dimension Science
    The power of the Gaiarium comes from its connection to dimensions, which opens the gate to the even-advanced dimensional theories - Which is the ultimate value of Gaiarium.

    Thanks to Gaiarium, UE is able to pioneer interdimensional powers - Which, it’s not just something like portals and warping beams.
    • Advanced Gaiarium Usage
    • Interdimensional Transportation
    • 50000000 Research
    • 100000 Civics
    • 5000 Gaiarium
  • Top-Secret Dimensions-Powered Manufacturing
    This will allow you to access one of the most confidential archieved secret blueprints of Secret Lab Authority - using the power of the dimensions to manufacture goods.

    Yes. Finally something valuable for improving manufacturing!
    • G-Dimension Science
    • Faster-Than-Light Travel
    • 500000000 Research
    • 450000 Civics
    • 10000 Gaiarium
  • Top-Secret Instant Remote Teleporting
    Teleporting now don’t even need portals. What you need is just a Gaiarium-powered teleport node to warp objects from place to place.

    You’ll think about logistics of goods, but UE has another way utilizing it...
    • G-Dimension Science
    • Transcendence
    • 500000000 Research
    • 450000 Civics
    • 10000 Gaiarium
  • Top-Secret Interdimensional Influence Theory
    Data from Gaiarium interdimensional observers has shown that by influencing the subdimensions, the reality can be influeced. What will this theory changes to UE?

    This. Will. Be. Interstin.
    • G-Dimension Theory
    • 58000000 Research
    • 450000 Civics

  • Interdimensional Observeration Lab
    An properly-disguised underground secret lab facility where secret scientists do dimensional observations using the Gaiarium interdimensional observers. While they are locked inside to keep them under strict overwatching, the relaxing, supervision-free living quarters are also built inside to accomodate them and provide them daily support. Generates a even vast amount of research using software, ancient instructions and Gaiarium, while also producing trash from accomodations...

    It’s an upgraded Standard Gaiarium Experiment Lab. Not just provides a stronger output of research from Gaiarium, it also provides accomodation and entertainment for keeping the scientists inside the lab - not just effectly reducing the chance of intelligence leak, they’ll be able to make themselves like home here.
    Requires G-Dimension Science.
  • Advanced Gaiarium Refinery
    Equipped with better alien artifact powered appratus to extract more Gaiarium using ore and crystalline, while the workers are fooled to produce ‘steel‘ here.

    A better facility to produce Gaiarium, for the later larger demands.
    Requires G-Dimension Science.
  • Secret Interdimensional Power Reactor
    Using the power of the dimensions to generate electricity is still a very new concept to the Galaxy... While the Alpha Draconian engineers scratching their bald head wondering the equation they need, the United Earth have already developed this prototype reactor in their secret backyard. Consumes software, Gaiarium and Helium-3.

    Requires G-Dimensional Theory.
  • Interdimension-Compression Alloy Forge
    By using the strong force of interdimesional compressions, alloys can be synthesized without strong heating - only by crushing aluminium, uranium and sugar, crumpling them together tightly. Uses some Gaiarium to trigger the reaction.

    Randomly produces antanium or triantanium, triantanium at lower occuarence.
    Requires Top-Secret Dimensions-Powered Manufacturing.
  • Secret Etherization Plant
    Now you won’t have to buy ether from others - bacuse you know how to create them - By accelerating the etherization using the effects of dimensions. The magic will happen inside this Consumes ant paste, Gaiarium and uranium.

    For game balance, it’ll produce ether slowly...
    Requires Top-Secret Dimensions-Powered Manufacturing.
  • Biocrystal Plantation
    When artificial crystalline fuses with biomasses under the effect of Gaiarium, what it results is a more fast-growing, aggressive biocrystals. Because biocrystals are dangerous, the plantation has to be built into the deep underground with all-time control to avoid disasters.

    It uses rum, water and a trace amount of Gaiarium to operate.
    Requires Advanced Gaiarium Usage.
  • Instant Arrest Centre
    Now, with the remote teleporting technologies, maintaining security no longer needs cops to catch the thieves. Now you just need security cameras everywhere, and a warp node to zap those criminals into this instant arrest centre - instantly.

    It requires less staff to operate. And with more jail cells.
    Requires Top-Secret Instant Remote Teleporting.
  • 4th-Dimensional Warehouse
    The fourth dimension is far larger than the third dimension we’re in - By making use of that, almost endless storage space can be provided.

    A very simple idea, isn’t it. Can be an exclusive warehouse upgrade for United Earth.
    Requires Top-Secret Dimensions-Powered Manufacturing.
  • Interdimensional Influence Brainwash Node
    The ultimate weapon of peace and order is never nukes and bombs. It’s actually the irresistible brainwashing... Unless having a tin foil hat.

    Generates a terrible amount of civics from brainwashing people... It gotta be terrible.
    Consumes software and very little Gaiarium for maintenance.
    Requires Top-Secret Interdimensional Influence Theory and Political Theatre.
  • Dimensional Manufactory of Knowledge
    Utilizing the power of the dimensions, not just sheets of research can be converted into various actual objects, even the pure traces of thoughts and knowledges can be converted into objects - Everything is possible.

    It’s something like an upgrade for Research Convertor... It’s just an idea anyway.
    Requires all three top-secret techs.
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