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Pet Pev

Every time you start the game alest on Chrome version it ask you to rate it .( Alot of games do this )
Thing is it is asking for a rating even if you rated it already .
Now to be honest it would not bug me as much as it does but in order to get it off the screen I have to click ( NO WAY LOSER ) .

First even if I did not like the game that does not make you a loser . Alot of work goes into games and I for one think people deserve respect for the effort if nothing else .
Second its bad enough there are rude people who just enjoy being well rude but I am not one of them .
Now if you want it you want it and I will still play but in no way shape form or matter does your rating thing apply to the way I am .
By having to click that It makes me feel like I am the loser .
Consider this post a Disclaimer ( TO any who think bast ((((IS NOT ))))a loser add a comment lets show him how we really think .
BTW your game rating thingy well I have seen other games who's programmers did the same thing and I really don't understand with all the real losers who just rate to be rude and hateful why a programmer would add it in like that .
Thank you .

I never get that rating thingy...
Its me Lego.

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