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NEW GDP analysis in Region map

Now we have:

City 1: 1B
City 2: 2B
City 3: 1B

Region GDP = sum(City1, City2, City 3) = 4B

But the value need to be valuated for each city independently.

I suggest, only for region map (individual city don't need it) a overall GDP layer based on the total production, the system will only see the production, and ignore the resources consummated.

Instead to record a static gdp value, the system will examine the resources produced, or better, only the total value converted in money.
Mmh the city gdp is already the production value of the city, so their sum makes up the production value for the entire region, isn't that right? And isn't that what you want?
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No, because once the city have build the gdp, if you don't enter again in the city the value won't change.

Don't matter if the value isn't correct, because the resources base value line is x10 the standard ( all my nanite map have different value, don't matter how many nanite i have, the overall value is always around 900'000'000'000'000, from 1B to 5B nanite, always the same total value).. Or because the city don't produce anymore resources.

The region system +- every 60s will check the production, and update the GDP with the correct value.
Oh I understand :)

Right now it computes the gdp inside the city, like if you produce 100 nanites per min and the price is 1000 per 100 you will get a gdp of 1000. But if the price of nanite goes up to 2000 per 100 it won't update (if you don't enter the city to refresh the calculation) yet the gdp of the city should be 2000.

Am I correct?
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Admin of the MC2 translation project
Yes, now we have a static gdp, and i propose a dynamic gdp. Maybe can be the max production in a 30min-1h time windows, not every 60s.

I still don't understood why the base resources value change all the time.. even if i open the online market (lis version, League trade authority), the value change.. for this reason we have a gdb leader-board without any sense, player with 1Q gdp instead 50T max, or 200-300T, instead 60-70T...
To add on I did a test through a regional city. If you go to a map, then exit out and make another map, wait a minute, then it will set the gdp to the first map, but then it will decay over time to where the gdp was. Another game-breaking bug that could cause for maps without production to be declared producing
-testing colonies are the ones that are broken, and I will destroy them soon
That is my colony ADU, not sure if it will help.
I can give a duplicate of my colony if needed.
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