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Map Specific Survival Utilies?

#1 2020-05-09 14:10:30
Hello guys!

Map-specific service utilities have been mentioned for couples of times in the past.
They can make a good challenge for the game on specific maps.

So today, with this post, I’ll make a recall on this idea and introduce my thoughts as well.

Survival utilities would be similar to services like healthcare and security, but they’re on a higher priority, as the utilities are required for SURVIVAL on certain planets! A lack of these utilities will cause a serious health problem, eventually causing deaths.
The reason I don’t prefer modes like power and bandwidth is because I want a special emphasis on COVERAGE RANGE. Like heating systems on tundra planets cannot reach too far as there’ll be heat loss over distance and exposure to coldness. It’s not reasonable for me to have the buildings deactviated for insufficency of these utilities, as building should run without those utilities, when terraforming is complete, or on other types of planets.
The demands for the survival utilities not just comes from the residential areas, but also workplaces. So number of workers in workplaces also counted as demands for these utilities.
In addition the demands will last permanently long per colonist, unlike healthcare and education.

For the buildings, the colour of the names represents different races as follows: Human and Insectoids.

Here supposes all buildings have the same service range.

So let’s have this as example of Survival Utilities.
<Heating System>
Utility needed in: Tundra Planet
In such sub-zero coldness, even common heaters can’t do much warming up the shelters. So here, you must have stronger heat sources to make sure your colonists won’t froze to death.

Heating Provider:
  • Simple Steam Cycler
    There’re simple appratus you can recycle heat from generators and furnances, to boil water to steam, the steam are piped to the indoor radiators, and then cooled steam are cycled back to collect heat again. Not much it can do as it works in a rather primitive way.

    Heating serves at most 10 colonists.
    Uses 5 power.
    Size 1×1
  • Small Heat Hub
    A heat distribution device in a smaller scale. It has got an independent heater for heating up the externally-insulated heat pipes, which the pipes are connected to the vents of homes and workplaces.

    Upgrde of Simple Steam Cycler.
    Heating serves 30 colonists.
    Uses 10 power.
    Size 1×1.
  • Heat Hub
    A standard heat hub that can keep the entire town not so chilly. A powerful heater is used for keeping the heat distribution network hot enough.

    Heating serves 200 colonists.
    Uses 80 power.
    Size 2×2.
  • Nuclearthermal Hub
    The electrical heater is replaced by a nuclear-powered ones. Just for a tiny amount of uranium to fuel it up, it’ll bring the neccessary warmth for many.

    Upgrade of Heat Hub.
    Heating serves 1800 colonists.
    Uses 10 power.
    Consumes uranium.
    Size 2×2.
  • Warmstone Hearth
    In an old fashioned way of Insectoids, stones with high heat capacity are heated up inside the fiery hot hearth that burns sugar directly, and then the stones are distributed to everybody as primitive personnel hand-warmers.

    Heating serves 20 colonists.
    Burns sugar slowly.
    Size 1×1.
  • Hot Tower
    A powerful burner that keep the indoors of a mound warm enough when fueled with sugar.

    Upgrade of Warmstone Hearth.
    Heating serves 250 colonists.
    Burns sugar.
    Size 1×1.
  • Hotmound
    The Hotmound is a essential heating facility for a tundra Insectoid colony and also a good place for a relaxing hot bath after long shifts.

    Heating serves 900 colonists.
    Entertainment serves 30 colonists.
    Uses 80 power.
    Size 2×2.
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#2 2020-05-12 13:14:20
Here’s another survival utility.

Also features some Alpha Draconian buildings.

Needed in: Lost World planet.
The Lost World planets are highly contaminated by a variety of biotoxic contaminants from ether streams, and the contaminants can stick onto objects easily. If untreated, colonists might bring the contaminants with their objects inside the airtight rooms, eventually creating a deadly chamber that kills the colonists when the contaminants are released.
Even though the contaminants can be seperated from the objects using household scrubbers, the contaminants must be drained and put under further treatment using specialised utilities, otherwise the contaminants would still cause long-term health threats to the colonists.

  • Contaminant Vent
    A simple pump is used to drain the contaminants away from household scrubbers, and then left inside underground chambers for decaying into a safely-disposable form.
  • Contaminant Neutralization Plant
    Through some chemical neutralization processes, the contaminants are reducd into compacted trash that are safe for disposal.
  • Janitor Hive
    Janitors are assigned to clean the contaminated objects and locations, and then launch the barreled contaminant out of the colony using a cannon.
  • Scrubbing Centre
    Scrubbing Centre provides more decontamination services. Contaminants from various cleaning operations are collected, and processed into ant paste. Don’t worry, the ant paste produced is not toxic.
  • Contaminant Processing Centre
    The contaminants from Lost World planets are indeed deadly. But these contaminants do have some military values, so the contaminants from various scrubbers are collected here, and then processed into biochemical weapons. Those biochemical weapons worth a lot of money if sold in Alpha Draconia, the capital of Alpha Draconians.
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
🚩Assembling all creative ideas!
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#3 2020-05-12 21:33:47
Very good suggestions! Bast should look into this, it would certainly create more diversity to the different planets types we have.
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#4 2020-06-20 20:00:50
@GeneralWadaling , you have a way of looking at this game that is beyond belief ! The things you write and describe sometimes leave me speechless. You should work in city planning or something similar it real life :)

At least write a fantasy novel man. You've got the juice for it for sure
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