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Welcome to the My Colony 2 Forum

Planning and design is starting to begin for My Colony 2, so I wanted to put together a forum for discussing ideas and anything else related to the development of the My Colony sequel.

I would like to involve the community as much as possible in the development of this game, and so a lot of the discussion in this forum will directly impact what shape this game takes. No ideas are stupid, and everything is up for discussion!
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I think we all are looking forward to it!
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I am stoked yall!! We need this second iteration in this!

My Colony II
Whoa!!, this looks great!
Do you have a release date yet
Really excited! I hope that the premium bought on my colony 1 can be used in my colony 2
Question, sorry if wrong thread. MC1 has hotkey options (s) sell, (h) harvest. Does MC2 have these features because the Web Version does not seem to have them
I think these features are not implemented yet. But your right I'm looking forward to hotkeys as well it would be very helpful. @DuncanTaller
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