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#1 2020-06-30 12:43:44
Right now, it's too early to start talking about translations for MC2, but it shouldn't be ignored. The issue with the original MC translations is that the names of the buildings, techs, etc couldn't be translated. That causes that people who barely or just doesn't know English doesn't know what that buildings does by simply just looking at its name and needing to read the description. The only thing MC2 needs for translations is that almost all text can be translated. Even though it will be a lot of work for translators, it will clearly increase the traffic for MC2 for non-english speaking people.

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#2 2020-06-30 14:38:41
@KamikaziYT MC2 is not going to have the building name issue that MC1 had for sure.

The design of MC2 is taking a more modular nature, so there is not going to central game definition and string files like in MC1, which will make it both better and also a bit more difficult for translating.

For example, in MC1, all translatable strings were contained in one file that could easily be sent to a translator for work.

In MC2, all buildings are represented by a single file, which contains all of it's data and assets, and will also include all translations. So language translations for a building will need to be added to and stored on it's individual file. This change is to allow modded and expanded content to also include different language sets.

As for building names, the reason they could not be translated in MC1 is because the original design of the game did not include a separate internal ID number for buildings, and so all buildings were identified to the engine by their name, which always had to be the same or else it would break existing game saves. It was a stupid design decision, but by the time I started adding translations, there were so many existing players out there that I could not make the change without breaking tons of peoples existing colonies, which was not a viable option. I could have also added a new field to all of the buildings in the game with a reference to a string object, but the game at that point had hundreds of buildings and going back and adding a new property to each was becoming very time consuming.
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#3 2020-06-30 17:27:09
What about other UI strings, like windows , dialogs, messages etc. Will they be easily translatable? I guess just a strings.js file. Maybe need to figure out the UI first in the other thread.
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#4 2020-06-30 20:32:25
Yeah, UI stuff will be in the same type of strings file as in MC1
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