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Limited Base vs unlimited building space

From what i have understood, an other big difference between MC1 and MC2 will be the base / settlement, against the unlimited building space used in MC1.

Without terraform, the external environment will not be able to accommodate human life in the short term.

If.. only few building will have the ability to operate outside the base? like mining facility.
For player modding, an option for select the environments able to accept the structure: only inside a base, only outside, only in water, only in rock, only in air, ecc ecc.
Yes I like it. A simple attribute based of space can be added to buildings. Maybe will give us opportunity to even place buildings on coasts so basically any area that's possible in map editor, a building should have the attribute to it. I think building on this, I want to add some more:

Geography based attribute: basically where the building can be placed geographically. Examples:

Flat land (surface where upper area is water lower is ground)
On water(lower area water, upper is air)
Under water (lower area ground upper is water)
Floating underwater (upper area water, lower area water)
Floating air (upper area air, lower area air)

Functional attributes: used to definite where the building can be placed. Example:
Settlements: will include mostly commercial and residential areas and some office and govt buildings
Open: can be placed anywhere (industries will be in this. Along with maybe transportation infrastructure)
Educational: maybe we want to make a huge educational campus in it?
Park: you wanna make a park on Mars! Go for it!!

How do you make these functional areas?
I think you should be able to paint them up either yourself on map to include tiles in the that functional type especially for parks and other micro functional zones. OR the server owner can set up some areas as settlement.

Further the players can maybe allow or disallow other players of that server from building in their areas or destroying.
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I like the Geography based attribute, a little less the Functional attributes. Don't have much sense, even in real life ;P
I made the park and educational areas as optional. But settlement and open areas should make sense. Parks and stuff I thought was for very long run in late game when you have a ton of people coming in. We will have to set up areas like in real cities like on earth
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Yes, but in real life we have different subjects (State, different degrees of government, property owners, renters .. etc etc), and a very complicated "building" situation. In My Colony we have only the player able to decide, we don't have other "entity", and building are pretty much the same and simple. Colonists don't need to buy building, they don't buy any property.

The area designated area for building park, commercial stuff, industrial stuff, too me seems a further layer, which will limit the choices and possibilities of the players.

I hope the game will need park, schools, medical, but.. a structure like MC1, should be fine, specially for little bases.

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