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Antiquitas Going Online

So today I decided to experiment with porting the My Colony multiplayer server over to Antiquitas, since the two games share much of the same code. You can test the new features in the current online beta build of the game:

It may be a bit buggy or it may just work great, so please if you play Antiquitas, try out the beta and let me know if it has any issues before I make this live! There are no charters on the server yet, so the first players to independence will pretty much be running the online for this game at the beginning.

In addition, the three civ's Docks structure (docks, gaulish docks, and egyptian docks) now all serve as "GBT" style trading centers.

Anyway, check it out and thanks for your help!
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cant close the chat window in browser. might want to fix that soon, cause all build confirmation buttons gets hidden behind the chat and you cant do anything
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