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My resources don't sync.

I don't know if it's the right place to do this, but my resources just don't sync. I have more than a week with this problem. I lost about 400 billion in cash. And 500 million (I was collecting to conquer Nanotechnology technology) in Civics. My structures are updated, but my resources are not. How can i fix that?
Hey Phillie!

Can you try and opening the game in another platform once and see. Make sure to create a backup though first, and a copy or two of it. if not, try switching to one of the newly created backups, and load it and see. see if any of those helps.
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Yeah see if it does the same thing on the Web client. If it still wont sync, I can try deleting your saved resources off of the server to see if that lets it work again. I would need your charter code.
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