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Endgame Content V1

#1 2020-11-14 05:42:56
I have a few ideas for endgame content!

Ore Obliterator: This monster of a build (5x2) would be an EXTREMELY upgraded version of the ore incinerator we have now, and this building would provide an absurd amount of regolith, because right now the regolith production is pretty slow.

Magma Chamber: A chamber of red hot magma ready to be chemically enhanced and molded into bars of antium for humans. Antium is another resource that kinda sucks to produce when it comes to mass production.

Water Siftation Facility: This facility would input a lot of water and break it all down into Helium and gold. The gold is from trace amounts in the oceans, and the is made from smashing hydrogen atoms together. (Trust me, I'm a whale biologist)

Nanite Storage Facility: Nanites are REALLY small, right? This facility can house a crap ton of little nanites in a very small space. And when I saw crap tons, I mean more than you can imagine. Just nanites tho, nothing else.

Large Bot Factory: [Queue the epic music] For TOO LONG, have I lived with the SAME SPEED for robot and rover construction. IF ONLY THERE WAS A BUILDING FOR SUCH AN OCCASION? Ah, I see we have the Large Bot Factory. This is a better equipped and well maintained factory that can make robots and bots/rovers way faster than other factories.

Toys Arn't Us: This very well named shop wasent joking: there are no toys. Just bricks. Lots of bricks. Bricks just coming out of every where.

Das all, I'm too tired to complete it tonight.

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#2 2020-11-17 18:00:19
Funny But i believe Bast is focused on my colony 2 .

Every good thing comes to a end but the game will still be fun i even found a way to use prim off line if it every goes 100 % offline .
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