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Vehicle R&D

Just an idea i had today that i thought would actually be useful and would bring something new to those who are far enough in the game where they are only limited based upon the capabilities of their rovers.

Vehicle Research and Development! Now, i’m not good with making names for the buildings and stuff, but i am somewhat good at creating an idea of what the building would do.
It would be a 2x2 building that allows you to begin researching new tech tiers, the technology researched within this building will help upgrade your rovers. Upgrades possibly including:
+1 Speed
+5 Cargo Capacity (harvesters)
x1.1 build speed
and so on and so fourth
Depending upon the size of the upgrade it will require Nanites, Robots, Microchips, Uranium, Software, and Triantanium (reason for the expensive amount of resources being well....i mean look at what your getting, do i need to explain?).
The upgrade would not happen immediately, it would need to take some time, such as 30 seconds for each upgrade, this way players can’t blast through all the upgrades.
Reason for this? Well honestly me being basically in creative mode at this point, i find it more and more of a problem that it’s the same thing over and over again, the rovers going the same speed, having the same capabilities, and so it would be nice to further be able to upgrade the rovers to do things faster.
(The premium vehicles will have double the cap of the normal ones so to still make them something worth buying)
Another thing, once again, it’s weird at times to have Turbo Drones building really fast, while you have the Normal Builder Bots that build pretty slow, so it would be nice to be able to buff them up.

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