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Unemployment+Buildings Not Working - Page 3

kjeval said:Right now i wonder if i have to demolish buildings and rebuild them to get workers. I am having a real resource problem now bechause of buildings not producing

For me, just clicking on the worker list and then closing it makes the buildings start producing again. The trouble is, with thousands of buildings, it is impossible to do that to all. Also when you close the game and open later, they've stopped working again.
I have a similar problem when I check the number of patients in a hospital, the number is always 100/100. All you have to do is (on win 10) max out the number of patients, and it will never go down. I lost close to my entire population because they could not get healthcare.
I've faced similar problems with both colonies I have played. I builta ridiculous amounts of Water wells to keep power on and food production in operation so people wouldn't starve. The first time it ruined the colony because I had spent all my money on water and food. Now I'm on my second try and nobody has died yet but my approval rating keeps going down even if the statistics say that I don't have any unemployed or homeless in my colony. Then I built a bunch of factories that got fully employed immediately even there was no workforce available according to statistics.

Playing on Android and version 0.5.0 currently.
Hello everybody,

i have the exact same issue. My food and water production went down drastically so I build more and more fish hatcheries and atmosphere condenser but it would not increase. After finally giving up i clicked on the workers info the building gives and saw not the 14/14 in fish hatcheries were working but none or one and after clicking the number on the building info got the number of workers correctly: 1/14. After a few Moments they were fully operating with 14/14 again.

Playing Windows Client 0.5.

Please fix soon - my little settlement is doomed otherwise because i do not wish to click the workers info on all those buildings... :)

Unfortunately ape apps support seems to think that this is actually normal. This occurs when you hit 2,000 people and instead of treating each person individually as far as their health and unemployment goes the game treats your population as a collective instead, so because of this it messes everything up. They say that it's to help with performance. I don't know if they're going to fix it, to me it sounded like they are not. Below is the email I got back from them:

"It happens after 2000. After that, the colonists are simulated as a large group instead of individually (for performance reasons) and the stats on buildings are no longer completely accurate."

Just wow...i advised it needs to be fixed. This game is practically unplayable now.
One thing I have found helpful!

Give them all $$$! Yes, since the population is treated as a collective after 2000, you can't individually fix them one by one so... The only way to make them happy and start producing again is to give the money... All of them. So give them a stimulus package of 300, which by the way is going to be every bit of $1000000 or more, and they will all be happy again and start working. Yeah stupid I know but it works sort of.
I'm seeing this too. I start it back up, and see food and water dropping. I can have a bunch of unemployed people, and it still happens. I click on an atmosphere condenser, it shows 4/4 workers, but I click on that 4/4 workers, and it may show only 1 worker, click off, and the building now shows 1/4 workers, and in a few minutes it gets back to fully staffed. This is the case in a bunch of buildings at once.
At the same time, my economy tab is showing zero unfilled jobs, and a large number unemployed. the population stat at the top of the screen shows a smaller or zero number unemployed.
Every time I start up the game, I've got a potential food and water crisis.
It can be fixed temporarily by clicking each and every building and checking the employee list, I've actually ended up overbuilt because I kept thinking I needed more food and water, If I check a number of buildings, production goes way up, and I start dumping food and water in galactic trade at the lowest going price.
The problem, is it's a lot of work clicking the many little water producing buildings, since I don't have the ancient alien condenser unlocked yet
and it's getting critically bad now. I have an atmosphere condenser showing 4 employees, bringing up the list, 1 is protesting, the other 3 show working, but the building isn't producing at all. I'm bleeding water most of the time I've got the game up now with all the weirdness going on.
At the same time I've got 129 unemployed according to the status bar at the top, 2624 according to economy stats and 100% jobs filled. I seem to have jobs filled by unemployed people who don't do any work or something.
Best way to fix that is to go on each buildings (now it shows that clearly people are off duty by default all the time after fire drill) and click show wokers on EACH building to have them produce again.
Kinda easy no?
Or just do like me pray for this bug to be fixed one day ^^
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