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does premium in iOS carry over to windows iOS

I bought My Colony premium in the iOS version of the game before signing in to my account, But later I made the account and it shows that my account is in fact premium, But it doesn't show like that in the windows version. Are the two separate and I have to buy a different one for Windows, or they just haven't synced properly yet?

I tried to play the windows version the second I made my account on the iOS version, So they just might have not synced yet, Any idea?
@CipherAspect having premium on iOS does indeed give you premium on your entire account wherever you are signed in. The deal is that it does not give you a free download from the Windows Store, as the Windows Store version of My Colony is paid only. That said, you can download the Windows desktop edition directly from my website for free and then sign in using your account to unlock Premium:

And if you'd prefer, you can download the game using the Ape Apps Launcher, which will give you access to all Ape Apps desktop software in one single download:
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