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Breaking MC2 Development Into Two Channels

Some of you might know that Ape Web Apps supports two release channels, "stable" which is the regular URL of an app/game, and "beta" which is accessed by appending /beta/ to the end of an apps url, eg:

The stable channel is the code that propagates out to installed Progressive Web Apps and to the Ape Apps Launcher, while the beta does not. The issue is that I have not been utilizing the beta channel for MC2 development, but the PWA and the Launcher only auto-update when the actual version number of the app changes. This is a problem because if your Launcher or PWA update at 3pm when I have some borked code uploaded to the server and then I upload a fix at 3:15pm, the Launcher and PWA will not update to the new code until the version number increases.

To address this, I have now broken development into the two channels, and have upgraded the "stable" channel to v0.5.0 and the "beta" channel to v0.6.0. The stable channel will only be updated once per week, while the beta channel will be updated multiple times per hour while I am working. This way, you can install My Colony 2 from either the Launcher or the PWA and your build will remain stable and consistent with other users on the stable channel, until the next weekly update is pushed out.

Regardless, do not confuse the naming convention of the two channels with the actual state of the game, that is just what my server uses. For MC2 purposes, you can consider the two to be dev/pre-alpha and alpha.
My Colony

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