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Experimental - Working on VR Support for Death 3d

The other day I was telling my son about the Virtual Boy, which was an old Nintendo console I had when I was a kid, and I decided to see if there were any emulators available. I found one on Google Play that said it supported the Google Cardboard headset. I had a Google Cardboard headset a few years ago, but I couldn't find it anymore, so I went on Amazon and saw that the market is now flooded with tons of cheap phone VR headsets. These are headsets that you insert your phone into that allow you to watch 3d content or play 3d games. YouTube for instance supports these headsets and even has some neat 360 degree VR videos available.

So anyway, I was determined to recreate the old Virtual Boy experience, so I picked up the following headset on Amazon:

This thing was under $30 and it worked pretty well on YouTube and the Virtual Boy emulator (although I had problems mapping all of the controls in the emulator to my gamepad), but the experience got me thinking - what if I could make this work with Death 3d? So I did a bit of research, got to coding, and within an hour or so I had this going on:

Above is my initial experimental work on the new VR mode for Death 3d! This is in the very early stages, but I do have the 3d effect working reasonably well at this point. I still need to rework the entire UI to support VR mode though, and playing in VR mode does require a bluetooth gamepad. But this new experimental VR mode will be shipping in the upcoming v0.17.0 update to Death 3d, and should be playing on either an Android or iPhone device using either a Google Cardboard type device, or something similar to what I posted above.

So anyway, I will write more on the new VR mode once the update is complete, and I might even do a My Colony Podcast episode over it. It's still a cool effect though, and a fun way to make you feel like you are really escaping from the prison on Lunar 3!
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now make it RED!!!!! MUAHAHHAHAHA
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
lol @itsLiseczeq

So I just played through the entire campaign in VR mode, and now walking around in real-life feels strange...
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Death 3d
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