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Education, Entertainment, Medical

At various times during My Colony 1 development, users suggested just making Education, Entertainment, and Medical work similar to utilities. You basically just need a certain amount in a city to keep everyone happy. Instead, I implemented a little more in-depth system where the above types of structures needed to be within a certain distance from housing in order for everything to work properly.

I am wondering how people think this should work in MC2? I am leaning more towards just having everything work similar to a utility, on a per-settlement basis. This would cut down on processing time, and then players would not have to spend a lot of though micromanaging these buildings.

I guess it all just depends on how much value players place on that aspect of the simulation. From what I have gathered over time, is that most players didn't even like the Education, Entertainment, and Medical managing in MC1. If that is the case, I would just as soon "dumb it down" a bit for MC2, in that the concepts would still be there, but would simply be calculated on a larger per-settlement basis. This would mean that the mechanics are still in MC2, but you don't have to spend a lot of time worrying about how many tiles away from your houses each type of structure is, and instead just have to make sure the settlement as a whole has enough entertainment available for the size of the population.
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Could make it in the beginning based on distance i.e 50 people withen 50 blocks can use X, then add a building like the regional bussing station that would let say 200 people access any entertainment, education ect regardless of distance.
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