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My colony 2 Mining Bots suggesting

Hi again Bast .
Umm ok when mining say AL or Gold it can take going a far distance for the main base to find deposits .
The way I do it is Building straight roads until i find some . Thing is It can BE far far away from the base .
Now using the builder bot to run the road also miens I can Build a BOT factory ON SITE .
PROBLEM is clicking build a AL bot the game uses a RANDOM bot factory to build it so MANY are built AT THE base leaving being stuck with building 30 to get 10 on site .
Simple fix is once out of MINING range of base the BOT factory could ALSO be out of range leaving the One BUILT on the mining site the ONLY bot factory that builds BOTS at that location only .

Main base having 4 or 5 bot factories would still be ok for what ever one builds a bot . the thought being a out of MINING range A base bot factory will NOT build bots .

Hopefully i explained well enough so you get the idea .

PS for kicks and giggles I found a MY colony BUG in MY colony 2 . Ghost ships LOL a second ship or MORE in random places just floating around non clickable . Ps NOT important just funny .

PSSS some deposits DO not render so you can not see them . The reason I know this is bots will mine a empty looking spot . Really not a big deal either just FYI .

PSSS The game saves VERY very good my pc decided to update I had DONE NO manual saves and Kept all progress anyway .

anyway games progressing well may just have to buy my third Bast program . Thanks
O The My colony store the Make earth great again cup VERY funny lol .
Ps making earth great would be a FIRST time thing though LOLOLOL
One other thing there is a cheat for my colony 2 if you want to know how it works ( ps a BUILT IN cheat BTW let me know ill email you . Psss Shooting my self in the FOOT telling lol its the SAME built in cheat my colony has just not as good .
It just so happens @colbya that this very issue is addressed in the upcoming v0.17.0 update. New bots will now be built at the closest available factory to where the player's camera is centered. So if you are looking right at a Construction Yard and you build a new bot, it will come out of the yard you are looking at.
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I love it when the person has already thought of the issues gr8 thanks
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