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My Colony v1.16.0 Released

The original My Colony has just been updated to v1.16.0 and should be hitting all platforms shortly! This is a minor bug fix and stability release, rolling up fixes for all bugs reported through the Ape Market Console since September.

Enjoy the update, and when you are ready to take a break from My Colony, check out the sequel My Colony 2, now available on most platforms as well!

All of my old games (in 1.14.0) have vanished. How do I get them back?
DID you change the platform your using ? pnone app web app native client ?
You MUST use the SAME platform you already had if you switched to another one not relizing you wont see any saves .
ps I dont know if manual backups even work anymore but you can also backup the agme to your device then import the file to any platforms > ( far as I know this has not worked in ages BUT bast did say he fixed bugs so maybe it does now .
pss if you dekleted the client you use then reinstall again you loos all saves .
I made no changes, other than the Microsoft Store updating the app.
My Colony

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