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Ancient thingy idea

I have an idea regarding ancient alien tech and exploration: rare clusters of naturally generated alien structures throughout the map on certain world types. Besides the occasional abandoned alien structure, these clusters will feature various derelict buildings surrounding a central core of automated factories, or perhaps a library or consulate of some sort. There will always be at least one functional central building. The surrounding terrain will typically be paved. However, powerful sentry guns and antipersonnel turrets will be scattered throughout these clusters, preventing players from swooping in and grabbing resources, and requiring a colony to build up its military before attempting to explore the cluster. After overwhelming and gaining access to the cluster's central library/consulate, all the alien structures will become yours, including the factories. Resources will be diverted as such, and any storage buildings will also add to your own. However, as mentioned before, most of the buildings will be in some state of disrepair, and require large amounts of mid-game materials to return to a functioning state, along with the appropriate technologies.

Also, what if the ancients had a specialized variant resource of robots called something like Advanced Robots produced by their own buildings? They would be intercompatible with all buildings/processes involving Robots, except that they would be three times more efficient. For example, a 7000 robot building will only require 2334 Advanced Robots and a building consuming 1 robot every 3 ticks would take in 1 Advanced Robot every 9 ticks.
I like this idea, and it might make a good addition to some maps.
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