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quick thing

It would be nice if the output of Ore Fracking Operations could be increased slightly. They are moderately expensive, have relatively high workers, but it takes about 4 of them just to match the ore consumption of a single Advanced Ore Refinery. Of course, this wouldn't be a big problem for people right now, as ore can be found just about everywhere, but it would be annoying later on when buildings get significantly more expensive.
While I agree that their production should be upped, I have 5 Ore Fracking Operations and they regularly produce more than 2 Adv. Ore. Refs consume
If this forum isn't active, then ill make it active!
well I checked the stats for each one and Ore Fracking Operations are 1 ore per 58 ticks while Adv. Ore Refs are 11 ore every 150 ticks
but then again I haven't checked my own production yet
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