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EZ-Register Sort Order

Recently, my sort order in EZ-Register changed from newest transactions first to something random I cannot figure out. There is also no way (that i have found) to re-sort the register descending by date.

What am I missing, and can a basic "click on header to sort" functionality be added in a future release?
<bump> Anyone have any thoughts?
EZ Register does not have a sort order option and only currently supports showing newest transactions first, so it is strange that your register is showing a random order. what platform are you running this on (windows/ios/android/etc?)
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I'm on Windows 10
EZ Register v1.16.0

It used to show me transactions in date order :)
Mine does the same now, in random order. Also, new transactions aren't saving on one account but work on the others.
I have changed the default sort order in the newest update to work how it used to. You can now toggle between the two orders by clicking on the top header bar of the transactions table.
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