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new to the game and have questions

hey guys can someone answer my question about the game

1- a 2000-colonist colony is considered big?
2- i only have 8000 aluminim and every thing need microchips should i waste my aluminum at adv. microchip factory ?
3-how can i buy anything rather than food when i press on landing pad it only allows me to buy food?
4-civics develop very slow and i have no place to build civic centre what should i do?
5-which produce more civics bank or civic centre ?
6-what do i need money for if i can't buy any thing?
7-should i let the game on for long time until i get more stuff is this how you play it?

that it i hope someone explain this things to me :D
1. the biggest colony has 6m population
2.spare your aluminium till you have the generator
3. build a mass driver
4,5. banks are faster.
6 ->3
7. this isn't a idle gane
Its me Lego.
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Just your average MyColony player....
Or as he is referred to here as OTTOICH!
Just your average MyColony player....
How can I have more power on my planet ? I am having low power on my planet.
thanks guys u helped alot
another question the commonwealth that i am in always asks for alot of money it says i owe him 65000 and i only have 3000 and i reject to pay what will happen to me if i kept rejecting is he another player or a just part of the game
Well, if you are a member of a player-run commonwealth that would depend upon the player, but if you did not enter a custom charter code when you made your colony then you are most probably dealing with the default colonies (UE. LIS, or ZE). If the latter then the difficulties will arise if you decide to switch to a player-run commonwealth since that player will have to pay off your debts before accepting you.
Commonwealth of Groddle
Groddle | Bell's Pyramid | Glitch
you will get a trade and immigration embargo. That means you can't use gbt for importing stuff, you can't get more population from Landing pads.
You will have to pay the taxes a lot of times to get your relation back to 100%
Its me Lego.
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