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Internet Relay Booth upgrades

Hello! I have been struggling with entertaining all 900k people in Terra Nova. I have done some thinking, and I think that the Internet Relay Booth could use some upgraded forms. So I did a rough sketch and some rough stats and costs. Still working on the sprites, but I have the basics down. Here they are:

Internet Server Building
Tech Requirement: Basic Network Infrastructure
Upgrades from: Internet relay booth
Built by: Advanced Builder Bot
Cost: 2,000 ore, 35 steel, 25 gold, 7 microchip, 3 software
Utility Cost: 10 power, 5 bandwidth
Generates: 35 bandwidth
Workers: 3
Occupation: Scientist
Entertains: 16
Entertainment Cost: $1
Educates: 10
Provides IQ: 125
Tax Value: $10

Large Internet Server Building
Tech Requirement: Mass Data Management
Upgrades to: Nanite Internet Server Building
Built by: Megabot, Megabot Deluxe
Cost: 50,000 ore, 5,000 steel, 5,000 gold, 5,000 aluminum, 1,000 software, 5,000 microchip, 6,000 plastic
Utility Cost: 500 power, 50 bandwidth
Generates: 500 bandwidth
Workers: 10
Occupation: Scientist
Entertains: 2,000
Entertainment Cost: $10
Educates: 1,000
Provides IQ: 155
Tax Value: $100

Nanite Internet Server Building
Tech Requirement: Mass Data Management, Advanced Nanotechnology
Upgrades from: Large Internet Server Building
Built by: Megabot, Megabot Deluxe
Cost: 600,000 ore, 10,000 steel, 10,000 gold, 6,000 microchip, 1,500 nanite, 12,000 plastic, 10,000 aluminum, 600 robot, 2,000 triantanium, 4,000 uranium, 500 cobalt
Utility Cost: 1,000 power, 250 bandwidth
Generates: 1,000 bandwidth
Consumes: Cobalt, Nanite, Uranium, Triantanium
Entertains: 20,000
Entertainment Cost: $10
Educates: 2,000
Provides IQ: 300
Tax Value: $1,000

These are only rough, but I hope that they are alright!
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