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I need help deleting a settlement

So, I created a settlement a while back to mine gold (As one does.) I then built a new settlement near it (A long while later, forgot about the first settlement.). Quite the beautiful desert sea settlement, took me quite a while to terraform it. The first settlement near it is uninhabited. I build a plastic factory at that beautiful settlement instead of my main settlement, and I go to build some dorms next to the factory. The engine decided that the dorms did not belong to the intended settlement which shares borders with it, but rather that it belongs to the first, forgotten settlement, which is diagonal to it, only sharing a vertical angle to it. I get confused as to why it does not have power, then I look and then see the problem. I try deleting everything at that old settlement, I then try excavating the solar roads that I built for the area next to the plastic factory (yes, the area that the first settlement took.) That did not work. I need help getting rid of the first settlement (Settlement name is Bekzuku.) My planet name is "hot", in case anyone can help to get rid of it.

Please help me get rid of this first settlement.
The Spice must flow.
I ran into this very problem today. Don't suppose you figured something out?
zaikO said:I ran into this very problem today. Don't suppose you figured something out?

Still figuring it out lol.
The Spice must flow.
I've been trying to figure this out too
I still want this feature as of current times.
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