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New Forum for Terra Nova 4X

After sitting on the back burner for over a year, Terra Nova 4X is finally coming soon, and I hope to have an initial release done as early as next month. In preparation, I have created a new Terra Nova 4X section on the forums to house all things related to the game.

If you have any ideas, art work, voxel models, etc that you would like to see included into the game, now would be the time, and feel free to start a new thread here on the Terra Nova forum. There has already been some great work submitted by @GeneralWadaling which I am starting to implement, but of course all are welcome to contribute to the game!

For those unaware, Terra Nova 4X is the next evolution of the strategy game engine I created for My Empire and is based in the My Colony Universe. Engine improvements over My Empire include support for multiple factions, expanded map improvement options (farms, mines, forts, etc), trade, improved diplomacy, significantly larger map sizes and more.

Terra Nova 4X is going to be my top development priority over the next several weeks, which is why now would be the time to get your ideas/suggestions/content posted if you would like to see it in the game. I plan to have at least the initial version released by sometime in March, so it is coming soon. You can track the development progress at it's new URL:

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I will definitely check this game out.
Got Mines and Farms working!

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Redesigning the New Game window. My Empire just used the standard Web App Core popup list menus. You may notice some other neat new features coming soon in the screenshot!

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You can now quickly see at a glance what units are stationed at your various cities, so you know who is currently undefended!

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