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Terra Nova 4X Beta v0.2.0 Released

I have updated the Terra Nova 4X public beta to v0.2.0 this morning, and the update should now be live to all who have the installed PWA or are using the Ape Apps Launcher (or just the plain old website);

Along with fixing some bugs, this update adds the Construction Quay structure, along with the new Destroyer and Submarine units (provided by @GeneralWadaling ).

Desert biomes now properly create Oil deposits (before they were creating full on Oil Refineries). You now have to build an Oil Refinery next to an Oil Deposit.

The Charcoal Burner structure now requires that your civilization have access to the Wood resource.

The Artillery and Light Tank units (as well as the new Destroyer) now require that you have access to the Oil resource.

Overall map sizes have been reduced slightly, because I feel like it was placing players too far apart from each other and thus slowing down the action.

I plan on updating the beta every few weeks with new units, features and fixes, so keep leaving the suggestions and comments here and stay tuned for more!

Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Nice! Love this update!

A quick bug report though, Destroyer have its model missing and is just air in-game
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
The visual bug mentioned earlier
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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