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[NEWSFEED] Spamlandian Television v2

STV, if you're unaware, is a custom MC2 news server I've been working on over the past few months. Recently, I rewrote the entire thing from scratch to fix a couple fundamental issues and structuring, so then I decided to move the rewrite to a different domain altogether for ease of expansion in the future. The existing STV will still be hosted indefinitely, but any future updates to the news/backend will be exclusive to the rewrite.

ok it dead

(contrary to its name, it's just a newsfeed)
Living the Spamlandian Dream
That's awesome Spam!
The project at the original URL has been closed, but soon it'll link back to the current iteration.
Living the Spamlandian Dream
UPDATE: stv died, but we'll be back soon
Living the Spamlandian Dream
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