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Hello! I really like the idea of Lava World. There is one issue with it that really prevents people from being able to enjoy it. That is that Humans cannot settle it without the use of janky Multiplayer Regions. I have an idea to fix that. It's as simple as just adding Lava World to the list of UE's worlds. There is already infrastructure there, and as is it's theoretically possible for a UE settlement to reach DM there. All you need to do is just add Lava World to UE's world type list. Please, @bastecklein , it would be perfect for My Colony's 10th anniversary, and it would mean a lot more to us than just an ape coin building alone. I know that you have stopped development of My Colony, but please just this one thing?
The Spice must flow.
I would also like for the Lava World to be available to the LIS.
Best of regards, Wastelander (formerly Architecture), Overlord and Designated Leader of the Earth States.

I would also want the ability to be able to control the flow of magma/lava on these worlds as well, or even have the ability to control when things erupt so geothermal energy can be used more effectively.
My Colony

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