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[Fixed] 0.43.0 Game broken

Hey,i installed the new update a few minuites ago.

after that i want to play but there is a big bug for me. i can't play anymore ...

the game loads, ok.
cheking new stuff, ok

i choose "resources" in drop down menu -> Screen turns white.

have to close the window and reopen the game.
after 20-30 sec. the screen turns white again.

i tried all my colonys, no one works.
everytime i get the same "white screen"

I play on Windows7,

Same with Windows 8.1...
The same saves are ok with android version.
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Does it happen instantly on start-up?
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It is happening to me as well. It doesn't happen instantly, and doesn't seem to have a cause that I can pinpoint. It will just go white shortly after you do just about anything, and doesn't seem to run in the background. If you close the game, reopen and reload, it doesn't save what you did before the white screen.
If you would like a screenshot, I can probably get that for you. Maybe a video, if you would prefer.
every time i load a colony.
it takes 10-30sec and than white screen
Here is a video:

Don't mind the power issues I'm having, that's a me problem. If you restart, it does the exact same thing, just going white after a few seconds.

When you get the chance to respond, it would be greatly apprecieted
I just uploaded a patch, let me know if it helps.
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Similar behavior for me. Running on Windows 10 Pro. Upgraded from .41 to .43, opened the app, select my colony, and it shows my colony for about 10-15 seconds, then a white screen. I've tried minimizing, resizing and moving the application to a secondary monitor with no change in behavior.

Task Manager shows 3 active PIDs before it crashes and then only 1 that is consuming no CPU when the screen goes white.

I tried changing different engine settings like render cap (went from extreme where I normally have it set to none), disabled the side bar, and turned on the zoom buttons with no change in behavior. I thought it may have been something with zooming out (since the view starts zoomed pretty far in) because after I turned off the sidebar it seemed to give me more than 10 seconds before it went white, but it still went white. I then tried starting in a smaller screen, as I normally start full screen, and it let me move around the map for a good 30 seconds before it went white right after I zoomed out.

Now I'm in an update loop it seems. I've closed the app several times and now I'm getting an update notices that tries to download the 132.53MB upgrade, but before it gets to installing, the screen goes white. I haven't done a reboot yet, so I'm going to see if that has any effect on things.
same for me, update is downloading and before it is finished the screen turns white
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