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Colony and Premium has dissapeared.

Hey guys.

Today i have Installed My Colony app. I thought it would be easier than playing the Web Version every time. But i forgot that i’d not be able to load my Main Colony on the App. So i went back to the Web Version, only to discover that both my Colony and Premium Account have dissapeared. Any help? I’ve spent a lot of my time on building that Colony and don’t want to start again.

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afaik no way to restore colony if you were not taking backups.

Premium - just load your key to app version.
My premium also disappeared at some point had to enter the key file again
Yeah on the web version the only was to really save data is to make backups. Browsers will sometimes clear their internal cache for any variety of reasons, and web apps are not allowed access to the native file system to make proper saves.
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Yeah I'm using the native client now :) no more problems
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