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You can now set your avatar.

You can now set up your forum avatar. Go to and sign in, and you will see the option to set up a new picture. After updating your avatar, you have to log in/out of the forum again for the update to get pushed out to the forum. If you don't want to go through that, it will happen automatically in a day or two.

Also on the accounts page, you can now tie your existing .amk files to your Ape Apps account. Keep in mind that once you do that, the .amk becomes locked to your account. Eventually, when you log in to My Colony or any other Ape Apps app/game with your Ape Apps account, it will find all of your previous purchases tied to your account and automatically upgrade accordingly, so you don't have to worry about using the .amk files anymore.
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Works like a charm for the profile pic and for the amk files. Thank you.
nice and thank you!
Its me Lego.
Works out fine for me! Thanks!
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