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Charter code not working?

My charger code doesn't seem to work, and the only way anyone has been able to join my colony has been if I show up in the list when creating a new colony. Apparently this has been happening for awhile, but no one told me until just now.

My colony is mega-world-asteroid-prime and the charter code is rUzlooG6. The web client and desktop client both report it as an invalid charter code.
That charter is not in the database. Did you take your colony offline at some point and then go back online? If you do, it changes your charter.

I didn't see a "mega-world-asteroid-prime" in the database either. Is that how your colony name appears in the game? And are you sure you are playing in online mode?
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Sorry, it's mega-asteroid-prime, and once I went online I don't remember taking it offline. I was trying to put a screenshot in of my commonwealth and/or overview page but it doesn't appear I can. There are 5 total charters, 2 of which are mine (mega-world-alpha-prime and mega-world-diamond-prime), but you might be able to see 'Krackin' or 'Fire lands' on my charter, though neither have been active for some time. The last one is a 'My colony' member, so not likely helpful.

My home page from within the Commonwealth screen shows to be:

AND THAT may be the problem. No copy and paste I've done of that has shown that as an 'I' before. You can't copy the code out of the desktop client for some reason, it always forces a click of the link, and it looks like a lowercase 'l' onscreen. I'll have one of my kids test with an uppercase 'I' and see if it works.

That was the problem, wrong interpretation of the letters :-). Sorry for the ring.
I'm having the same problem, originally I had a colony which gained independence and i had multiple colonies join my commonwealth. Now today, I am unable to access the discord server, GBT is unavailable, messages I send don't arrive, and more. Also when I click the link to the colony website it just says invalid colony, but it used to work fine awhile ago.
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