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What Version Are You On?

I was looking through the My Colony usage stats for the last 30 days, and I noticed that there are still a sizable number of users (several thousand) running on versions as old as 0.20.0, a release that came out last December (which was also the first release to introduce Wool and Cloth 🙂).

The game has changed a ton in the last year, so make sure you are running the latest releases to get the best experience. v0.49.0 is currently available on every platform that supports My Colony, so there is really no technical reason not to upgrade. If you do not have automatic updates enabled on your device, just check in the app store and see if you have a shiny new upgrade for My Colony waiting for you.

I don't know if these old v0.2x.0 builds represent hacked Chinese releases or what, but you could be missing out on nearly 30 updates worth of content and features that have come out since the start of this year, including two entire civilizations (Zolarg and LIS), multiple planet types, tons of buildings, and half of the resources that are in the game. Not to mention performance updates that have brought the theoretical population limits from the low singe-digit thousands up to the millions. So it's worth it to make sure you are using the latest release!
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can you share the statistics with us? or is this private? another thingy haven't you said anything about that you will post some game stats (user payed android/iOS/PC) every month?

Edit: Versions are 0.49.0, 0.48.0, 0.46.0
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I am on 0.48 but I play offline since I only have capped internet connection. I go online once in a while to download the update then once it is fully installed, I go offline again.
I've been keeping my versions, both PC and Android, current.
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Lstest version, mobile. A few back on the PC.

Maybe blast a message to everyone?
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