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LIS Ice World combo doesn't work.

The issue is that the storage for Crystalline is capped at 300/300. Nothing can be unlocked. So you are stuck at the very start with nothing to do.
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I have a LIS ice map and I am now able to store over 1,000 Crystaline. I'm not sure what is storing it, but I can build the regolith mines so I can make ore now.

Just checked, the Regolith Furnace increases storage by 150 per building. If you can build those, that will help :)
Oh I see you can actually mine those now! Before nothing was harvesting. Thanks for pointing that out!
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The power plants store crystal
Start mining crystal build a minie reg mine build a reg compactor build get water build a crystal power plant ( repeat )
It's still a really hard planet to play. The synthetic crystalline is supposed to regenerate, but (at least for me), it isn't as of now. The problem this creates is that you'll run out of crystals, and then run out of regolith, and you unless you've been extremely careful you won't be able to regenerate enough synthetic crystal to keep your regolith furnaces burning.

Thankfully, I've finally gotten past that point. You have to be EXTREMELY conservative with resources, especially regolith (don't build too many furnaces, or if you do make sure you deactivate surplus, and don't convert too much into ore, you can always do it later). But if you prioritize research early on, you can eventually get a nuclear reactor. At which point you can move on without worrying about running out of fuel for your power stations. My colony is up to 330 now.
Cool. I'm trying out the Zolarg Ice map and growing there first. I'll probably come back to LIS/ICE after that.
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Anything that processes a resource or produces it, will also store it. Whatever of the LIS uses Crystalline, also stores it. I imagine durable goods warehouses might increase the storage amount.
no i sure wish it did only storage on LIS is the power plant
no way to store it yet on any other plant except ice world and zolarg is 10 times easer and on that ice world you can get the tek and Grow ( aka place new crystal Unlimited and quick and the supply pile does store crystal so Bugs are the way to go .
I have a 100 k waiting on a way to get it to my other non ice world colony's
If crystal do regen like trees on LIS it would be way to slow .
I got enough research bought the bazzar and got AL sold it used that to buy ore got the Nuk power plant then no longer needed crystals ( but probly less then 20 k left )
If it does grow it would take weeks to get enough .
Regolith Furnaces also increase Crystalline storage. By 150 per furnace.

But I do agree Zolarg is still far easier, atleast there you've get unholy power spires before crystalline shortages are a real thing beyond replanting crystalline patches.
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