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[FFF] Commonwealth of ThisWorld - Your Colony, Your Way, With My Help!

The Commonwealth of ThisWorld!
Your colony! Your way! With My Help!

Charter Code: Cjy3uM5h

Feel the pride of building up from nothing!
I only have 100% payroll assistance, not because I don't want to give more, but because I want everyone to get the chance to make it on their own.

Get the help you want!
I will not send random gifts, but if you need or want help with anything, I will help you.
I can send gifts to kick start your colony, help you to grow as fast as you want! If that is what you want!
I can answer questions about anything so feel free to ask! Help you learn how to build your colony like you want to!
Seriously, just send a message! I'll reply and send you what you asked for.

Get more out of your My Colony Experience!
Join Discord and the First Future Federation and get into the best place to learn, talk, and trade with other players!

ThisWorld is one of the biggest active colonies in the game, by a player that have been playing My Colony for a long time! I have built multiple colonies from nothing, and enjoy doing it without help! So, I want to give everyone that option. I also enjoy building colonies with a lot of help and, it is fast and fun to be able to to everything when you want to do it. That is why in ThisWorld you get the option, if you don't want help, I'll leave you alone. If, on the other hand, you want help or change your mind, I'll be there to help you with what you need! In either case communication always makes a game more fun! So feel free to message me, or preferably join the FFF on Discord to get the best experience!

Join me and the FFF on Discord:
Join Thisworld! the largest CW of the FFF
ThisWorld is also one of the biggest CWs in the game and one of the most active ones!
Join me and the FFF on Discord:
he'll help you as much as he can until indepandance and even then he help you
I requested annexation! Just waiting for you to accept !
Was it you I accepted last night? What is your colony name?
Also, you should join our Discord server to better communicate with me and other players. Here's the link:
Join me and the FFF on Discord:
The Empire of ThisWorld is growing. The recently added regions colony will ensure more resources, a lot more resources
Join me and the FFF on Discord:

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My Colony

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