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3y ago
These are just a few ideas that may be obvious things that bast has already decided he will implement, but hopefully some of these ideas may help. And Before you start blasting me about how bast won't ever put a pvp element into my colony, you should check the updates and announcements page under update 75, since bast includes the possibility of a pvp element with federations.

The ideas below represent an entire concept when applied together. This is how I would implement pvp between federations in my colony, but like all of my other concept ideas, it's mainly here to present new thoughts to the developer on how certain concepts could come together, and I don't expect him to just take this entire concept and put it in the game.

First off, I think that any pvp feature should be optional, just as bast said. But I do think that there should be some risk involved with enabling pvp and joining in federation wars/rivalries. I don't think that the risk should be catastrophic, but being attacked by someone else should come with some major disadvantages.

I think that in order for a rivalry/war between two federations to continue, a certain percentage of the federation should be regularly and actively involved. This way, people have to be actively participating in the rivalry in order for it to continue, so time and effort would need to be put in. While a rivalry is going on, all colonies in those federations are given buffs that increase income and production speeds of certain resources, so a rivalry would be good for business, as it also is in real life.

However, those that chose not to participate in a rivalry will not benefit at all from any benefits that come about by attacking enemy colonies, only active colonies do. This way there will be no freeloaders. I also think that there should be a cooldown timer that forces players to remain pvp active for a while after they've attacked another colony. This way colonies can't attack other colonies and then quickly disable pvp mode to avoid retaliation. However, if you accidentally enable pvp and haven't attacked anyone, you can immediately disable pvp. I also think that each colony should only be able to have one debuff affecting them at a time, but they could have multiple buffs in effect. Any further attempts to double-debuff an enemy would result in the attacker wasting a debuff chance and using resources that they could have used on another target.

Now, here comes a system of buffs and debuffs that I think would fit the pvp feature nicely. With these status effects, each colony could specialize in a certain kind of attack, or take on a certain support role in a rivalry, thus adding a bit of an rpg element to this system, but shouldn't need to get too in depth or complex with it. Below is a system of classes, point systems, and buffs and debuffs that a player can cast on other friendly or enemy colonies. Bear in mind that in order to receive a buff or debuff, you need to be in pvp mode. All buffs and debuffs require certain buildings in order to be unlocked and improved, and the best status effects require more complex buildings.

There would also be four different scores attributed to each colony that tell what kind of contribution that colony makes to the war effort and what their specialty/class is. Each class would be specified by a certain building, and only one of six of these buildings can be constructed at once in a colony. Whichever building is built determines the war class of the colony and what it specializes in. The buildings can be upgraded in tiers, giving more and more unique advantages for each tier, but also becoming more expensive. The classes are as follows:

A vanguard heads straight in and attacks the enemy headlong, splitting their focus between offense and defense. They can be capable attackers and defenders, but would more often than not pose as a distraction to the enemy, spreading their attacks and defenses onto multiple colonies at once with the splitter cast, and protecting themselves with the feedback loop cast. They focus on collecting offense and defense points.

Unique advantages: the vanguard's unique advantages focus on reducing the durations of all debuffs that they are targeted with, reducing buff/debuff cooldowns, increasing the amount of targets that a vanguarde can hit with the splitter cast, and on the highest tier, enabling the vanguard to attack an enemy and "taunt" them, thus forcing them to target the vanguard for their next attack. The taunt can also be used in combination with splitter to affect multiple enemies, forcing them all to wait on each other to take turns attacking the same vanguard before they can target another colony.

An empowerer is good at preparing their allies for an initial attack on an unsuspecting enemy. The buff their allies to strengthen them for the battle to come, and they join the ranks of vanguards in attacking and distracting the enemy. The Empowerer can counter some debuffs with buffs, but it proves to be a very inefficient counterer and can easily be picked out by an assassin if it causes too much bother in the heat of battle. It's best for this class to do all of it's buffs before battle and save the debuffs until the heat of battle. An empowerer will rack up offense and utility points, with relatively few defense points.

Unique advantages: The empowerer's unique abilities focus on buff potency, the amount of targets that splitter can reach, duration reduction to any debuffs that it experiences. And on the highest tier buildings, Empowerers gain a 1 in 5 chance to apply a buff to themselves automatically if they cast that same buff onto an ally without negating a debuff or being negated by a debuff. This allows the Empowerer to easily empower themselves while they are empowering other colonies in preparation for a battle, but doesn't help the empowerer during the heat of battle.

An assassin makes calculated strikes. Their attacks are very potent and can be made even more potent thanks to the charge cast. They are often supported by vanguards that strike before the assassins to get the initial attention from the enemies. They need not worry about protecting themselves in battle because of this. Even if they are attacked, they can retaliate quickly by using the dimensional reflection buff, thus giving their enemy a taste of their own medicine. An assassin can be good at countering buffs with debuffs, but not as effectively as they can attack an unprotected enemy. This class will have mostly offense points, with a little bit of silencer points as well.

Unique advantages: the Assassin's unique advantages focus on debuff potency and cooldown, dimensional mirror cooldown and cost reduction, increased potency and decreased cooldown on a buff affected by the charge cast, and on the highest tier, giving the assassin the ability to attack an enemy with an "evasive" attack, thus forcing the enemy to not be able to retaliate against the assassin for a certain amount of time. The enemy can target other colonies during that time though, just not that particular assassin.

The counterer focuses on offense and defense. They use their casts to negate a buff or debuff. They use the splitter and feedback loop buffs to cast negating buffs and debuffs onto themselves and other allies. The assassin might target a counterer with a potent attack at just the right time, during the counterer's cooldown time, if the counterer becomes a bother to it's enemies. So learning when to take action to help your allies and when let up for a while to lose attention from enemy colonies is a must for this class. The counterer gains equal amounts of defense and silencer points.

Unique advantages:The counterer's unique advantages focus on cooldown and resource cost reduction to all buffs and debuffs, increasing the amount of extra targets that splitter can give you, and on the highest tier, a counterer can "silence" an enemy, preventing them from attacking or defending any target for a duration, if they successfully negate that enemy's debuff or buff. The silence effect has a 1 in 5 chance of happening for each successful counter.

The healer is solely a supporter and defender, defending colonists by negating debuffs with their buffs and using buffs on allies just as utilities to boost their performance. The healer gives potent buffs and defenses to other players and is the pillar that holds up the federation in the war. They can use the charge cast to further increase the potency of a buff, which they would use to further strengthen allies. Assassins will target these the most to slow them down so the enemy will be without support, and counterers can also silence Healers by negating their buffs with debuffs. But healers are really good at empowering all of the other classes, which in turn will retaliate if one of their healers is attacked. The healer focuses on collecting defense and utility points.

Unique advantages: The healer's advantages focus on buff potency and cooldown, increased potency and decreased cooldown effects of the charge buff on all buffs, and on the highest tier, if they successfully counter a debuff with a buff, that buff's cooldown is reduced by 75%, allowing them to deal large amounts of counters in rapid succession as long as their buffs aren't re-countered/negated by an enemy.

The Commando is like an empowerer in that it buffs allies in preparation for battle, but instead of joining in the frontline assault like empowerers, commandos hide under cover of distraction and take out enemy defenses with tactical casts. They are extremely efficient with countering buffs with debuffs, yet they can't defend allies against debuffs. The commando is the hardest class to play as their position on the battlefield is an awkward one. And while they are really good at ripping enemy defenses away and preparing allies for battle, they themselves can't directly attack or defend anyone. Only choose this class if you're experienced with the pvp feature and your federation needs people of this class, otherwise you'll find yourself having a really bad experience with the pvp element.

Unique advantages: The commando looses the ability to buff people that are already affected with a debuff and the ability to debuff an enemy that's not protected by a buff, and debuff potency and duration is set to 0 so that if a commando successfully negates a buff, the debuff doesn't affect the enemy as an attack like it regularly would. This forces the commando into it's role turns debuffs solely into a means of breaking defenses instead of attacking directly. The commando also gets cooldown reduction to all debuffs, buff potency, increased splitter targets, and on the highest tier structure, the commando has a 1 in 5 chance of completely removing a buff or debuff's cooldown after casting it successfully. This means that the commando can hit many more targets than any other class in a period of time, allowing it to somewhat carpet-bomb enemy defenses or empower massive amounts of allies before the battle.

Major Benefits in participating in PVP: As factions war against each other, the colonies contributing to the war effect will share in the spoils of war. In order for Federations to start a war, both Federations must fromt a certain amount of money, and then each week after that start of the war, that same amount of money must be paid by each federation. Each week, a tally would be taken of how many successful attacks and counters were dealt by each federation. Both numbers are added together to get the Federation's battle score, and the federation with the highest score wins all of the money from all participating federations for that week. This can be used in a free-for-all war that includes multple federations as well as just a regular rivalry between two federations, and the war can continue as long as the federations want it to continue, provided they have enough money to put forward. The winning federation is required to split the winnings among it's participating colonies, but how much a percentage of the win that it keeps to itself is optional. Just bear in mind that nobody will participate if there is not a big enough reward.


Benefits of debuffing enemies: When you debuff an enemy that doesn't currently have any status effects without being negated, you permanently gain a small amount of potency towards the debuff you casted and you get offense points that go to your offense score, which can be seen by other members of your federation. If you successfully negate a buffed enemy with a debuff, you gain silencer points towards your silencer score that other members can see and you permanenty gain a very small percentage chance of not being negated each time you cast a debuff or buff, even if your buff or debuff was countered correctly by a defending enemy(this also applies to buffs/debuffs casted with feedback loop). Finally, if you successfully negated a buff or debuff that negated your original buff/debuff on the same enemy, you will gain 2x silencer points and you get 2x more percentage added to your negation-block chance.

Brownout: Forcefully syphon energy from your enemy to temporarily add to your power capacity. Is negated by the Syphon buff but can negate the repair nanites buff. Casting this debuff successfully without having it negated will permanently add a 2% increase to the caster's power capacity that scales with their power capacity.
Category: Techno-warfare

EMP Blast: Blast your enemy with EMP waves that temporarily damage power producing buildings, causing a complete power blackout. the effects of the emp blast are shorter in duration than the brownout, but cannot be countered by simply increasing power production like brownout could. Negates the Syphon Buff but is negated by the repair nanites buff. Successfully casting this debuff without negation would award the caster with a permanent 2% faster build speed on all power producing buildings.

Plague: Inflict an enemy with a nasty plague that lowers the health of it's colonists over time. By treating the population of that colony like guinea pigs, you gain a boost towards research production. A plague will never kill a colonist directly, the lowest that a plague would bring a colonist would be 5%. This is avoid any colony from dying out because of warfare. Negated by the healing nanites buff but negates the probiotic bursts buff. Successfully casting this buff without negation will grant the caster a 2% increase in build speed of hospitals and scientific structures.

Famine: Target your enemy's food supply and reduce the amount of food they produce for a time. Negated by the probiotic bursts buff but negates the healing nanites buff since people can't heal without eating food. Successfully casting this buff without negation will grant the caster a permanent 2% increase in food storage.

World eater: You release a rare silicon-based life form that eats stone and metal into your enemy's colony. The creature quickly reproduces and infests all of the enemy's ore mines, viciously attacking the miners.. The enemy suffers a substantial reduction in production rates from any structure that relies on holes in the ground, including excavation sites, core mines, regolith extraction co.s, fracking plants, etc. The world eaters are trained to build storehouses for the ore they collect and share it with their masters. Successfully casting this debuff without having it negated will permanent multiply the attacker's total storage capacity for raw resources by 1.02, thus adding an extra 2% capacity in relation to the capacity they already have. This scales with resource capacity and applies to all resources that come from the ground, including alien arts, ore, gold, ura, alu, rego,
Category: Geo-warfare

Tectonic disruption: Pummel your enemy with earthquakes that make working in tall buildings extremely hard. The target suffers reduced work productivity depending on how potent your attack is and can't build or destroy any buildings during the duration of the debuff. Successfully casting this buff without negation will grant the caster 2% faster construction of any structure that classifies as a tall building.
Category: Geo-warfare

Splitter: A very costly and high tech buff that allows you to direct your buffs and debuffs toward two targets at once. In order to successfully target two allies/enemies with a particular status effect, you need to cast splitter on both targets in rapid succession(casts are no more than 5 minutes apart), otherwise the splitter buff/debuff would be wasted on only one target and the caster would have to wait the long cooldown in order to cast it again.
Category: Offensive Warfare

Malicious Sanctioning campaign: you target an enemy with a campaign to invite it's population to immigrate to your colony, thus leaching population away from them. Requires tons of civics to cast and a colony would have to be well established in order to have access to this attack and would need to have tons of space for new colonists. Negated by the repopulate buff but negates the Friendly sanctioning buff. Once a caster's housing space is filled up, the campaign will be ended, thus avoiding any homeless people. Successfully casting this debuff without running out of housing space or being negated will grant the caster a 2% increase in build speeds on all housing structures.
Category: Political Warfare

Purge: Purge your colony of any overly complacent colonists, forcing them to immigrate to your enemy. These colonists will immigrate to the enemy regardless of whether they have housing room or not. If the enemy doesn't have housing room, the immigrants because homeless and detract from their happiness score. This buff requires a lot of civics and would have a huge cooldown. Successfully casting this debuff would grant the caster a 2% increase in build speeds for all tourism structures.
Category: Political warfare

Blockade: Block and enemy's trade via gbt and all import/export/immigration buildings other than the Stargate. is negated by the subspace detour buff but negates the hyperspace transport buff. Requires starships to cast. During the blockade, the prices of all of the import/export stuctures besides your highest tier import/export building(stargate for humans) are reduced by 20% and the rewards gain from the exports are increased by 20%
Category: Economic Warfare

Subspace disruption: Disruption your enemy's Stargate connection, rendering their most advanced immigration and trade building useless. Negates the subspace detour buff but is negated by the hyperspace transport buff. During a disruption, your highest tier import/export building gains a 20% import price reduction and a 20% export reward increase.
Category: Economic Warfare


Benefits of buffing allies: There are good benefits to turning your colony unto a support colony that buffs it's allies. When you successfully negate a debuff, you permanently gain a small amount of resistance to the debuff that you negated, and you get defense points that go to your overall defense score that other members can see. When you cast a buff onto an ally while they aren't affected by any status affects, then you gain points towards your utility score, which other members can see as well, and you gain a potency increase to that buff.

Syphon: You temporarily sacrifice a portion of your power to add to an ally colony's power levels. Designed to negate the brownout debuff as long as the caster has enough extra power to successfully supplement that colony's needs as well as the extra demand for power that the brownout debuff adds. Unfortunately, the emp burst debuff negates this buff.
Category: Techno-warfare

Repair nanites: sends a swarm of nanites to repair any damage in an ally's technology caused by an EMP blast, immidiately negating the debuff. The brownout debuff destroys these nanites as the high electric demand causes electronics to overheat, vaporizing the nanites as they try to fix the damage. One side effect of getting hit with this buff is that they repair damage caused by other means, thereby repairing building infrastructure by a significant percentage.
Category: techno-warfare

Healing nanites: you send a swarm of healing nanites to an ally colony to heal it's occupants. Completely negates the plague debuff, but is negated by the dyson sphere debuff. Hospitals also heal sick colonists faster depending on buff potency.
Category: Bio-warfare

Probiotic bursts: gives an ally colony rapid food production for some time. This buff requires a large amount of food and water to charge, but when casted onto an ally colony, it releases massive clouds of genetically modified probiotics in the atmosphere, which help crops grow fast. negates the dyson sphere debuff, but is negated by the plague debuff.
Category: Bio-warfare

Ultrasonic resonance: Blast your ally with ultrasonic waves that purify the earth of any world eaters. Obviously this counters the world eater debuff. The resonance shakes ores and minerals loose from the rocks for easier collection. This adds a significant boost to production in all buildings that rely on holes in the ground. However, this buff does nothing against the tectonic disruption debuff.
Category: Geo-warfare

Cryonic infusion: calm an ally's planet down with the freezing power of cryo-science. Negates tectonic disruption, but world eaters are impervious to the extreme cold. The severe cold causes blue crystalline to grow on the surface of the planet, no matter what planet it is, and there is a percentage chance for each lava tile on a lava map to instantly turn into obsidian. Both of these benefits depend on buff potency.
Category: Geo-warfare

Repopulate: you sacrifice a portion of your population to save an ally from dying off by repopulating their colony. No resource or tech requirements. Not designed to negate any debuff, but designed to prevent any colony from dying off. This is a very low tier buff, and would be the first buff to be unlocked, so it really shouldn't be possible to kill off an enemy colony to where they can't recover, since they could always get reinforcements from allies. In fact, I could see some colonies specializing in this buff by increasing their population size way beyond their population requirements. Negates the sanctioning campaign debuff but people won't want to move to that colony if it been afflicted by a purge from another colony.
Category: Political Warfare

Friendly Sanctioning campaign: Help your ally by welcoming all of their homeless into your colony. The buff only stops when either the caster runs out of housing or the target runs out of homeless. negates the Purge debuff but is negated by the Malicious sanctioning debuff.
Category: Political Warfare

Subspace detour: Allow your ally to connect to your gbt via their stargate, thus allowing them to make trades. This negates a blockade debuff, but is negated by the subspace disruption debuff. Side effects from this buff include a reduced cost in civics for each gbt transaction and the reduction of cost and increase of reward from importing/exporting from the stargate or highest tier import/export building, depending on buff potency.

Wormhole: You create a wormhole above your planet that links to a wormhole above your allie's planet. Because of this, allies can travel more effectively without the need of a stargate. Negates subspace disruption but is negated by blockade. Has the same effect on gbt as subspace detour, but applies the cost and benefit modifiers to every tier other than the top tier import/export building.

SOS: This buff can only be applied to the colony casting it. It's basically a cry for help. Other allies can see a list of SOS reports for their federation and see the colony being attacked and identify the attacker. Afterward they can proceed to buff their ally in danger, or retaliate against the attacker with a debilitating debuff. There is no requirement or cost to cast this buff, you just have to have a communications device, consulate, or capital.
Category: Defensive Warfare

Feedback loop: Can only be applied to the caster, casting requires large amounts of power and the tech required with be pretty high to unlock this buff. Once this buff is casted, the caster can target themselves once with any buff, essentially being able to defend themselves instead of having to rely on another colony for counters. The feedback loop would come with a large cooldown, so the caster would have to choose wisely on.
Category: Defensive Warfare

Dimensional reflection: Reflect a buff or debuff back onto an enemy or ally, thus negating any effect on the caster completely and immediately. A high tech and a lot of resources required to cast this buff and comes with a long cooldown. This buff doesn't prevent an attack, you have to cast this buff during when you are experiencing a buff or debuff.
Category: Defensive Warfare

Charge: cast this buff before casting another buff or debuff to multiply the potency by 5. This also increases the cooldown of the buff being affected by 5. The most expensive buff in the game and comes with the highest cooldown.


Now with all of that out of the way, I want to remind everyone that I'm not expecting this whole beast of a concept to be plopped into the game. I hope that bast at least takes a consideration of the concept and uses pieces and parts from it, but I mainly just want to see the game grow to become more popular and hopefully some of my ideas play a part in making that happen. I will be making changes to this post to constantly refine it based on what I learn about what is feasible to do and what bast's plans are, so stay tuned.
2y ago
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3y ago
DKpro said: ☭Welcome in the Great USSR!☭

Zdrastvujta'! It appears that you chose the right link clicking here. It seems that you are looking for some good commonwealth. You are probably lost in that all class struggle, and general mess. Don't worry, Uncle Stalin will help you in making the right choice.


• We have active, growing community, that is only waiting for YOU to join!

• We are the most innovative commonwealth here, scroll down for some Great Communism Ideas

• We have the most player-based community packs over here called Stalin 5 Year Plans. Just take a look:

• 1 Year- You just joined this game and want some help? Don't worry, the only thing that you need to do is post a request in a post here with a name of your colony. First pack includes:

100 000 ore to help you start out very fast
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These are not the only resources you will get here comrade, you can always request what you want here in thread or...

• In official First Future Federation Discord channel: . Ranks and fancy logo included. We also have our own Slavic channel there, for posting True Slavic Videos.

• We have dancing bears, водка, rum, smetana, kompot, Gopniks, borsch and pierogies. What are you waiting for?


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You: Can I have 100% payroll assistance?
Me: Best I can do is 200%...
You: What about 150%?
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Best Comrades Ranked By Pops:
1. Me, 67,857
2.British Socialist Republic, 2013
3. Aztecas, 1318
4. Russian Interstellar Federation, 1089
5. British Socialist Republic's Puppet of Newark, 116

Our Charter Code (spam this everywhere): QrbLvRu0

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Ok, I give up, go somewhere else.
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Not looking to be a federation...or nothing like just looking for ppl to join me that can help my colony grow as I help there's grow...not worried about GDP or anything else like charter code is ewFUNt1G join up and let's help each other out...also if you need help or tips on the game I can give that as well...if you wanna make a new colony and join I can send lots of stuff to helpful grow faster
3y ago

Join [NOZ] Aussie Empire!

Hello! I am Wubman and I present to you my latest and greatest Commonwealth, [NOZ] Aussie Empire!
I am an experienced player with many successful colonies, tons of resources and thorough knowledge of the game. If you are a new player to the My Colony Community, this commonwealth would be the perfect place to learn the game and get the support you need to build a successful colony! If you are a seasoned player with lots of experience under your belt, my commonwealth can catapult you into the late-game with an abundance of resources available to give before you can say[NOZ] Aussie Empire!

[NOZ] Aussie Empire is a large colony that is constantly expanding in both production and size. Within a few short days it became very successful and has continued to grow rapidly since then. This rapid growth allows me to be available anytime to help you in any way I can and being one of a handful of players who has passed 1 trillion GDP allows me to give generously to those who seek need it. So, whether you are new or not, the Commonwealth of [NOZ] Aussie Empire has a place for you!

What does the scouter say about his payroll assist?
It's over 9000%!!!!!!

Looking for Embassies!

I am also looking for anyone who might be interested in trading embassies! I am always looking for new people to trade with and help out! Always building and always looking for more resources. If you ever want to get to trading with me, just post your charter code and we can exchange 🙂

Charter code - W1vzY3zm

Join the Nations of OZ

I am also a High Wizard in the My Colony Federation known as NOZ and I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who wants to become a part of an active community. We are a group of experienced players who come from all around the world including Australia, Singapore, USA, Russia and many more!

A Federation is comprised of many different Commonwealths and, as such, there is always help available if it is needed. Whether it be advise, resources or general knowledge. I'm sure together, we can help this community grow even further!

Click here to join NOZ Discord!

Come join my Commonwealth, [NOZ] Aussie Empire, we will be happy to have you 🙂
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Since the great @PatchDaddy has had to step back from his help on the forum, I have promoted @cry8wolf9 to help with forum administration and combating the spam that crops up now and again. I appreciate all of PatchDaddy's help over the years and would like to thank cry8wolf9 for stepping in to help!
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Once again it is My Colony update time, and v0.83.0 will be heading out to all platforms within the coming days. This release continues the bug bashing series I have been working on, but also implements a few new features that I hope you find useful. Let's take a look!

The first change I want to go over deals with the behavior of the Bulldozer tool, which I outlined in more detail in this thread, but I think it is important enough to mention again because it could potentially cause somebody to nuke a large part of their colony by accident. In prior versions, when you would click on a blank space of the map, it would automatically deactivate the bulldozer so that you wouldn't accidentally click on something and delete it. I have removed this safety feature. I have also made it so that you can do a double click/drag gesture to do mass bulldozing. Since this can potentially be dangerous, activating the bulldozer now makes your resource readout bar red in color, so that you are more aware that the tool is active. Here is a quick video of how the tool now works.

Back in the first update of the game that included the bulldozer (v0.42.0 in August 2017), you could actually somewhat use it like this, but I nerfed it a bit due to players accidentally bulldozing large parts of their colonies. I am hoping that with the red tinted game, the red border around the screen, and the red resource bar, it will be plainly obvious to all that the bulldozer tool is active.

Next up, I have worked with @Sobeirannovaocc to bake the Coloniae ADU service right into the core code of My Colony, allowing it to be used on all versions of the game. Coloniae is a free online service maintained by Sobeirannovaocc that tracks detailed stats and trend histories for online My Colony players. The ADU service is available to all online colonies, and can be turned on by a new setting added to the Statistics screen of your colony.

Keep in mind that Coloniae is a third party service, not supported by Ape Apps. But I am sure that @Sobeirannovaocc will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about it 🙂

The next few changes involve trade. There have been longstanding issues with the GBT, especially for new players/colonies who cannot buy anything because the lot sizes are so big that they either do not show up in their trades, or they are priced totally out of the market. To try to help make the GBT more useful for newer and more established colonies alike, several new changes have been implemented, the first of which is the auto-trader.

Auto Trade is in it's infancy and will be expanded and refined in future updates, as I am able to monitor it's usage and the impact it has on the market, but here is how it works right now. Auto Trading is off by default, and can be enabled or disabled on a per resource basis.

When the Auto Trader is turned on, every few minutes (it's somewhere between 7 and 10 minutes depending on your device speed) your colonial trade representative will take stock of your auto-trade enabled resources. If your warehouses are full, sell orders will automatically be posted on your behalf. Several trades may be made, representing up to 10% of your supply level. But trades will also be made in lot sizes ranging from small to large, so that all levels of players are able to see and access them in the GBT. The sale prices are based on the current GBT market value of the resource. Before posting a new contract, the Auto Trader will also look at the current Offer contracts, and purchase those if they are a good price and fall within 10% of your total resource level. The auto trader will never just train your supply inventories.

Likewise, the Auto Trader will also make trades for you when your supplies are low. If an auto-trader enabled resource falls below 25% storage level, the Auto Trader will check the market for reasonably priced offers, and purchase them. The Auto Trader will not spend more than 2.5% of your total money on a transaction. If no contracts are available within those parameters, a new offer contract will be posted instead.

Obviously the usage of the Auto Trader will largely depend on the number of people who enable it, since there ultimately needs to be two parties for each transaction. I am hoping that once more players begin activating the auto trade feature, the GBT will fill up with actual useful contracts instead of just the insane offers that almost nobody can afford or even has storage for.

I got the auto trading idea after reading this post by @Conco2 related to the in-game GDP calculation. It occurred to me that there are so many late game colonies that are just fully stocked on all resources, and so their factories really aren't producing anything since all storage is full. Because of this, GDP is stagnant since nothing new is being created. I figured it would be helpful to set up a way to automatically export those goods without even having to think about it, since a real life economy also has to have exports in order to grow. Since the GBT was being underutilized anyway, I figured I would give this idea a shot.

To emphasize the importing and exporting aspect of the economy, the game now keeps track internally of the dollar value of your annual trade income and losses. Graphs for these stats will be making their way to the Economy statistics tab soon.

The Auto Trader will need tweaking and will probably have some user customization input options in the future. I just wanted to get the concept out there and see how it actually works, and then go from there.

After implementing the Auto Trader, it occurred to me that the GBT would be loaded with Food, Water, Ore, and other low end resource contracts that nobody needs by the time they build the GBT. To help with this, I added a new feature to the regular, non-GBT trade buildings. Now, any building that allows resource importing will also allow you to purchase GBT contracts that fall within the building's trade capacity level.

For example, the Galactic Freight can now purchase any contracts from the GBT that have a unit size of 1,000 or less. This should actually be really helpful for newer players, as it will allow them to buy needed goods without paying the standard 50% import fee, offering an extreme discount from the normal import prices, while at the same time helping later-game players who are auto-selling contracts using the GBT. The way I see it, it's a win-win for all.

I am hopeful that these new trade related features will help address some of the problems with the GBT and online trading in general. Of course, it could also make things worse. You never know!

The final change I want to highlight was a requested feature for blank region maps. They will no longer create a river on map types that include a river by default.

There were other little changes that you might notice here and there, but this about covers the big things. Let me know what you think and what issues you find. The update should be hitting all platforms with the next few days, so be on the lookout, thanks for playing, and stay tuned for more My Colony!
2y ago
Hello guys!

May I proudly present my fan lore about the history of My Colony Universe!
This post is very long - it will take some time to read.

Not all details have been confirmed or included as canon by @bastecklein or happened in any games related to My Colony Universe yet. The actual events may vary with those mentioned in this post.
Anyways, don't take that as 100% canon!

The calendars and year used would be Earth ones.

Time of the Ancients (??? ~ 1.2 billion years before Alpha Draconians)
Once there was a thriving old civilization ruled over the Milky Way Galaxy, which now they are called the Ancients. Even for the Alpha Draconians, there are limited documents about their history. The following will state the events recorded and decoded so far.
  • The Old Holy Galactic Empire (???).
    That was the oldest trace of the Ancients found.
  • Galaxian-Titan War (???).
    There were very old literature records about this war. The war between the Holy Empire and the warlike colossus Titan civilization. There are still some rare Titan relics found in the Milky Way, though some historians doubted the reliability of them.
    The war was supposed to put the Titans to extinction.
  • The Old Dark Galactic Empire (???).
    Somehow the old Empire turned to the dark side. From this time on, the documents about them are more difficult to find.
  • Reptilian Exodus to the Milky Way (~3 billion years ago before Alpha Draconians).
    The first record of Reptilian immigrants into the Milky Way from another galaxy. Some documents from Alpha Draconians stated their ancestors were nomads with only mostly low tech equipment.
  • Galaxian-Reptilian Wars (~2.3 billion years ago before Alpha Draconians).
    The continuous immigration of Reptilians caused conflicts between these new migrants and the master of the Galaxy. However, the Reptilians were not expelled from the Milky Way successfully, an armistice was signed after prolonged warfare. Reptilians stopped immigration in exchange for peace.
  • Disappearance of the Old Galactic Empire (~1.2 billion years before Alpha Draconians).
    The largest mystery of galactic history - the disappearance of the Ancients. Most existence of the vast Empire vanished just in a… flash, leaving most parts of the Milky Way Galaxy abandoned. Some radioisotopic dating recorded most ether pollutants of abandoned Ancient cities appeared since the event.

Rise of Reptilians (~4.1 ~ 2.8 million years before human history)
The Disappearance of the Ancients gave rise to the Reptilian immigrants, though discovered a bit lately, they began expanding further into the empty Milky Way Galaxy. Later the Reptilian Empire of Alpha Draconians was formed on the foundations of the disappeared Empire.
  • The Reptilian Kingdoms (~0.6 million years before Alpha Draconians).
    The Reptilians recognized the disappearance of The Ancients as scout ships were sent after years losing contact with them. Seeing this as an opportunity to expand their borders without anybody to stop them, the nomadic Reptilians soon reorganized themselves as the Reptilian Kingdoms.
  • Great Reptilian Expeditions (~0.5 million years before Alpha Draconians ~ 0.3 million years before Alpha Draconians).
    Hundreds of expeditions were conducted by various Lords during the Kingdoms era. They salvaged most remaining technologies of the Ancients, however unable to decode all the data at this moment as their limited knowledge of these high end technologies. Some new Reptilian major cities rose from these ruins.
  • The Warring Lords (~0.3 million years before Alpha Draconians ~ 10 years before Alpha Draconians).
    The powerful artifacts of the Ancients impressed the Reptilians - those supposed to bring prosperity to the entire race, however, became the source of ambitions for the Reptilian Lords. Thousand years of wars, were only for scrambling for these powerful gadgets.
  • Reptilian Unification War (~10 years before Alpha Draconians).
    Kingdom of Draconis was the weakest kingdom among the Reptilians, until the time of Lord Alphari - influence of Draconis rose to new heights, threatening the strongest Reptilian Lords. Lord Alphari defeated all the Reptilian Lords in a 10-year long war, successfully unifying the entire Reptilian race for the first time since the immigration.
  • Birth of the Reptilian Empire - Alpha Draconians (~3.5 million years before human history).
    Lord Alphari established the new unified Empire of the Reptilians, named Alpha Draconians, with the national motto ‘Rising from the Harshest to be the Strongest’. Alphari was the first Overlord of the Empire.
  • Successful Decoding of the Ancient Artifacts (~3.5 million years before human history).
    One of another most impactful achievements of Overlord Alphari was, he supported, and later personally participated in the research of Ancient language decoding. With more plentiful resource support than ever, most major elements of the Ancient language were decoded, which allowed the Alpha Draconians to reverse-engineer these technologies, turning the undeveloped Reptilian civilization into one of the most brutal Galactic superpower, inherited with the most powerful technologies.
  • Glorious Conquests (~2.8 million years before human history).
    Another greatest conquest of Alpha Draconians took place under the rule of Overlord Ks'khip. This famous Overlord of Destruction put an end to and enslaved thousands of minor civilizations scattered in the Milky Way Galaxy, which one of the civilizations includes Insectoids, providing highly reproductive slaves. This conquest created the foundation of core Alpha Draconian territory.
    Right after such a successful conquest which brought Alpha Draconians to the peak golden age, the Reptilians began referring to themselves as ‘the descendants of the Ancients’.
  • Secretive Galactic Domination Doctrine (~2.8 million years before human history).
    This doctrine formulated by the Overlord Ks'krupp, the descendant of Ks'khip, advocated the secretive way ruling the vast territory of the Empire spreading and maintaining influence by utilizing covert agents to control regions with minimal signs, which helps shaping the image of Alpha Draconians as an unreachable deity. Such doctrine impacted the future development of Alpha Draconians.

The Revival of Insectoid Civilization (~20th century of Human timeline)
Insectoids were being enslaved by Alpha Draconians for millions of years. However, an uprising changed the fate of the Insectoids, which led to the revival of the long lost Insectoid civilization, in the form of the Zolarg Empire.
  • The Uprising on Draconis 12 (~1920s of Human timeline).
    It was a historical turning point for both Alpha Draconians and Insectoids. The uprising led by the Insectoid Zolarg successfully overwhelmed the colonial government, and purged all the Reptilian existence on the planet. Freed from slavery, these first group of freedom fighters formed Zolarg Empire right on this planet - which the planet was renamed Zolarg Prime, and the uprising leader Zolarg became the first Emperor of the revivaled Insectoid civilization. The uprising also first revealed the corrupted, weakened national strength of the seemingly invincible Alpha Draconians, who were still blinded by their national pride.
  • The Insectoid Uprising Movements (1920~1950s of Human timeline).
    Encouraged and inspired by the success of Zolarg's uprising, Insectoid slaves over Alpha Draconians also followed the same path revolting against slavery. Though not all had been successful, the Insectoids successfully took over an unimaginable number of Alpha Draconian colonies and cities. Most of the Insectoids who earned their freedom joined the Zolarg Empire to fight against the enemy of their ancestors.
  • The Revival War (1950~1970s of Human timeline).
    Despite the success overcoming the slavery forces of their slave camps, the Insectoids had something more overwhelming to handle - the formidable regular forces of Alpha Draconians, trying to regain control on their slaves. Yet under the united command under Emperor Zolarg, they managed to defeat Alpha Draconian regular forces in this 27 year long war, using the new subterranean guerilla tactics. The war recorded heavy casualties of both sides, however, Alpha Draconians stalled their operations against the Insectoids, which earned extra time for the Zolarg Empire to fortify themselves and settle down some basic administration matters.
  • ‘Groot Opwekkingsplan’ (1970~2010s of human timeline).
    This period was also known as the ‘Great Revival Period’, the period when Emperor Zolarg formulated the policies for the early Zolarg Empire, to rebuild, strengthen and revive the Insectoid civilization, to restore the dignity of the Insectoid race. Under the common efforts of the Insectoids, with the help from both knowledge from the ancestors and some basic industrial knowledge from Alpha Draconians, the foundations of the Zolarg Empire were built up. The fast-rising Zolarg Empire became a supernova of galactic power at the end of the Revival Plan.
  • Declaration of Insectoid Liberation (~1990s of human timeline).
    Emperor Zolarg made a declaration on behalf of his Empire to Alpha Draconians - the Zolarg Empire, will liberate the remaining brothers and sisters under slavery at all costs. The Declaration established the long term aim of the wars against Alpha Draconians.

Old Earth Era (year --~2051)
The Old Earth Era is the time of human history before United Earth. The Old Earth Era is when humans begin exploring more parts of the galaxy, as well as beginning extensive colonization on new planets.
  • The Jameson Formulas (2027).
    The genius scientist Professor ‘Einstein Jr.’ Lob Jameson published a paper about special formulas of space continuum mechanics. These formulas make a breakthrough on long range space traveling technologies.
  • First Practical Hyperdrive Engine (2030).
    With the help of Jameson Formulas, the first practical hyperdrive engine in human history was created by the team of Project Next Sun. The innovation was named Jameson Engine.
  • Journey of USP Discovery (2031-2033).
    The USP Discovery is a test object for the Jameson Engine. The probe was launched by NASA of the USA in the year 2035. It had successfully taken photos and data recording of stars and planets at locations about a lightyear away, and at last hyperjumped back to Earth after 3 years of missions, with excellent integrity conditions maintained.
  • Planetary Decay Theory (2031)
    Ecologists and geologists discovered a strange phenomenon taking place on Earth, the important resources, from the minerals to the oil, began decaying into unrecyclable, unusable forms. It was suspected that this decaying was catalysed by climate change.
    A theory was formulated predicting the depletion of vital resources within years and this must be stopped. However, most people did not believe this theory to be true, until the Global Resource Crisis.
  • The Space Colonization Race (2032-2047)
    With long range space travelling became more possible at that time, a new space race was ignited globally - from the global powers to the most underdeveloped countries, from government bodies to independent organisations, they had their own aims. Some seek for wealth and resources, some seek for opportunities and a new start, some seek for knowledge and discovery. It was a milestone for humanity - first attempts for an extensive space colonization in history.
  • Global Resource Crisis (2038-2050)
    The worries stated in the Planetary Decay Theory was proven a fact in 2038, beginning with the abnormal depletion of oil fields in Arabia - the black gold turned into black, harmful, indecomposable sludges.
    For the coming years, more vital resources from iron ores to rare earth metals decayed into sand and dust, which greatly impacted the global economy at the foundations. Which eventually caused all space colonization programmes abandoned by Earth in the year 2047.
  • Miracle Formula (2050)
    The Project SEED ecologists from colonies discovered the Miracle Formula, which included a method to reverse the process of planetary decay. It was sent to Earth in the year 2050.
  • Restoration of Earth (2051)
    Terraforming devices derived from the Miracle Formula successfully restored Earth back to the conditions about 150 years ago within a year, which saved the entire humanity on the Earth.
  • The Grand Collapse (2051)
    Although Earth had been saved from a catastrophe, however, the existing governments no longer had any capabilities maintaining the nations, after years hammered by the economic impacts from such a disaster. The world fell into the status of anarchy.

Rebirth of Humanity (2051-2061)
Right after the Grand Collapse which marked the end of the Old Earth Era, humanity on Earth was in massive chaos, while most colonies outside Earth were deserted and had to survive on their own. Until the United Earth reunited humanity.
  • United Nations Dissolved (2051)
    Without any valid members at all, and at risk of ‘bankruptcy’, the United Nations officially dissolved, with all its assets sold at the end of the year, to a group of plutocrats who had survived the crisis.
  • Formation of United Earth (2052)
    The legacies of the United Nations were reused by these plutocrats, they rebranded the old international governmental body into a new organisation the United Earth, aimed to restore prosperity and order of the Old Earth.
  • Earth Reunification War (2054-2055)
    After 2 years of preparation though gathering weapons and manpower from black markets and government fire sales, the global military campaign was launched by United Earth. In the 1.4 year long war, United Earth brought the major cities and regions under their control.
    The rise of United Earth was inevitable to the rest of the world. It had pressured the remaining regions, no matter at war or not, surrendered and accepted annexation at the end of the war.
  • Official Establishment of United Earth (2056)
    A month after the end of the Reunification War, the main official governmental structure of United Earth was established - The President taking the leader role of the government, with the General Assembly responsible to the President.
    The General Assembly is the decision making centre of the United Earth, composed of representatives from different administrative regions to show a certain extent of democracy. However, the President still has absolute veto power in the General Assembly, in addition to a series of exclusive powers.
  • Restarting of Colonization Programmes (2061)
    With the Earth gradually stabilized and having the economy restored back to early 21th century standards, United Earth announced the recontinuation of space colonization projects abandoned by the Old Earth. This included re-establishing control on the remaining surviving Old Earth era colonies.
    The restarting of colonization was regarded as the dawn of the United Earth era in human history - from that time on, human civilization began to develop and expand faster than ever.

Rise of Humanity (2061-2083)
The New Era referred to the early times of United Earth after the recovery from the Old Earth era disaster. It was another golden age in human history, human civilization beginning to rise quickly in the Milky Way Galaxy. Despite opportunities, there were also new unknown challenges.
  • First Reformation of Security Council (2063-2065)
    The national security agency of the United Earth, Security Council, went under a series of reformation from 2063 to 2065, improving and fostering the efficiency of peacekeeping missions on Earth and foreign colonies, as well as established a controversial high pressure security regulation called AEGIS Protocol.
  • Formation of Space Marines (2068)
    In order to protect foreign colonies and Earth from potential Alien threats, United Earth Space Marines (UESM) was formed.
    Space Marines gradually replaced Peacekeepers security forces of the United Earth as the official military.
  • First Official Contacts with Minor Alien Civilization (2069)
    United Earth colonization fleets discovered an underdeveloped alien civilization on the planet Hakenduz-35. United Earth officially contacted the Hakenduzians, establishing the first diplomatic relations with an alien race.
  • Alien Membership System (2071)
    With more and more minor alien civilizations discovered, United Earth saw that as an opportunity of wealth and influence. In order to convince them sharing their resources with United Earth, an Alien Membership System was established, allowing alien member states to enjoy a series of benefits including protection from Space Marines and preferential treatment on trades. In return, the alien member states had to pay yearly membership fees.
  • First Starship in Human History (2071)
    The first starship of United Earth, UES Ark, finished construction in 2071, Martian Industries shipyard on Mars orbit. UES Ark was a prototype long range colony ship, built for exploration and colonization of the Icarus System.
  • Deimos Events (2072)
    It was a legend of the legendary Space Marines elite squad led by Sarge, a story to save Earth from an evil artificial intelligence - though, with some confidential details which United Earth decided to keep it secret, rumored to be time travel to erase history of a parallel timeline.
  • Wormhole Navigation Technology (2075)
    A set of technological advancements in space navigation technology allowed safe traveling of wormholes, which the wormholes act as a great shortcut for expanding into further regions.

Human Civil War (2083-2084)
This was one of the most impactful wars in the Galaxy. Yes, it's name is Human Civil War, however, things were not simple as most thought at that time - it eventually involved the 3 major civilizations of the Galaxy, and also gave birth to the fourth major civilization. The war also impacted the future patterns in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Secret Independence Society (~2068)
    The Secret Independence Society (SIS) was the predecessor of the League of Independent States. It was established shortly after United Earth began using high pressure policies to tighten control on the colonies. The SIS worked in secret, cooperated with suppressed people and black markets. Their ultimate aim was to bring true freedom to humanity, freeing them from the internally corrupted ‘tyranny’ of United Earth. They are also one of the earliest groups of humans who made contact with another major civilization in the Galaxy (to be specific, Zolarg Empire) far before United Earth even acknowledged their existence.
    Their existence remained very much not known by the United Earth until the outbreak of the Civil War.
  • The Alpha Draconian Conspiracy (around a few months before the outbreak of war)
    It had been a tough time for Alpha Draconians since the Insectoid slave uprising events. To restore the national pride of Alpha Draconians and to find resources repairing the badly impacted economy, Overlord Betahan decided to prepare a secret invasion on humans, picking the timing humans were at the blink of civil war.
    At the same time, another conspiracy took place internally - the rivalry between the Overlord and the Lords of Inner Circle.
  • Terra Nova Incident (2083)
    The Incident was the fuse of this war. Everything started with Terra Nova boycotting the heavy taxation of United Earth. Unable to bring the situation under control through conventional routines, United Earth decided to take the most violent military action against Terra Nova (which such decision was partly due to Alpha Draconian covert agents secretly intervened the General Assembly, to accelerate the outbreak of war).
    The incident provided an excellent excuse and opportunity for SIS to throw up a nationwide independence war. SIS militias ambushed the Space Marines in Terra Nova, liberated the colony, and officially declared war on United Earth.
    From that time on SIS was officially renamed as the League of Independent States (LIS).
  • Zolarg Empire Entry into the War (2083)
    Before the war, LIS secretly signed an alliance pact with the Zolarg Empire a few months ago (for different aims respectively, but both sides were seeking bilateral support).
    LIS called for Zolarg reinforcements under strong countermeasures of the United Earth. The entry of the Zolarg Empire into the Human Civil War had successfully put the United Earth into a war of two fronts, however the overall situation had not improved very much, the war turned into a stalemate afterwards.
  • Barracuda Blues Events, and Alpha Draconian Invasion (2084)
    United Earth discovered an Alpha Draconian secret stronghold with an army of war droids (built for invading humans) in the colony Barracuda Blues, mistaken as an abandoned military research facility. United Earth sent scientists to the site in order to obtain unknown technologies that could help them win the war against LIS.
    The discovery at Barracuda Blues was the result of political rivalry in Alpha Draconians, the Inner Circle attempted to sabotage Overlord's invasion plans.
    The true identity of the facility and the ‘mysterious machines’ was not known by humans, until similar Alpha Draconian war machines of similar models popped out from nowhere, attacking human colonies and cities - The beginning of Alpha Draconian Invasion, an unexpected event during the civil war.
  • Battles Against Alpha Draconians (2084)
    At the beginning of the Invasion, Alpha Draconians had been successful that they had occupied over half of United Earth territory.
    Under a common threat from afar, the United Earth, LIS and the Zolarg Empire agreed to put a pause on the civil war, and formed a temporary alliance to expel Alpha Draconian intruders. Their joint operations successfully recapture human territory one by one, slowly setting the intruders back.
    Alpha Draconian Invasion ends after the decisive Battle of Barracuda Blues, the last main portal stronghold destroyed by the alliance, all the Alpha Draconian forces in human territory were shortly destroyed.
  • Continuation Human Civil War (2084)
    The civil war was not over.
    Despite victories repelling Alpha Draconian invasion, the forces of United Earth, LIS and Zolarg were almost exhausted in fierce battles with Alpha Draconians (especially after the Siege of Barracuda Blues), little resources they had to continue a large scale war.
    While the Zolarg Empire quitted the war by signing a white peace with the United Earth, both LIS and United Earth sought an opportunity to conclude the war in a single battle.
    The Battle of Kaisergrounds was the end point of the Human Civil War, the only but the last battle after the Invasion event. Kaisergrounds was a strategic stronghold which was the important gateway to the core economic regions of United Earth. The battle ended with the United Earth forces regained control of the planet, it had contributed United Earth a strategic victory.

New Galactic Era of the Milky Way Galaxy (From 2084 on)
The Human Civil War and the Alpha Draconian Invasion during the war, had drawn the major civilizations closer. The New Galactic Era was the time things in the Milky Way began developing in galactic scale and perspectives.
  • Armistice of Hoxton (2084)
    The Armistice of Hoxton officially ended the Human Civil War, despite it being just an armistice. The armistice defined the United Earth-LIS border in the future, which the border line was known as the Hoxton Line.
    To conclude, nobody had won a total victory in the Human Civil War, however, each side won alternatively - United Earth won a strategic victory which LIS could no longer push deeply into the core territories, while LIS achieved their primary aim of gaining independence.
  • Official Establishment of League of Independent States (2084)
    The League of the Independent States was officially established 3 months after the Armistice of Hoxton was in effect. The League promised fairness, autonomy and freedom to the member states as stated in the Declaration of Independence.
    The League of the Independent States had no actual leader in power. Instead, each member state cooperates under the common principles, bearing the common responsibilities protecting people of the League.
    Though the establishment of LIS was officially recognized by their ally Zolarg Empire, the United Earth General Assembly declared they would never accept any rogue states in their ethnic territory.
  • The Midnight Coup (~2084)
    With the failure of invasion on humans, the core Reptilian society of Alpha Draconians lost all confidence in Overlord Betahan. Shortly after the end of invasion the Overlord was assassinated by Inner Circle covert agents.
    However, it did not put an end on the political crisis in Alpha Draconians, the coup further made everything worse instead. Every Lord of Inner Circle schemed to reach the throne of ultimate power, however there could only be one supreme ruler in Alpha Draconians. In order to secure the thrones for selves, the Lords fell into a status of internal political war.
    The absence of Overlord, and the internal political instability, catalysed the decay of Alpha Draconian influence in the Galaxy.
  • Emerging of New Galactic Empire (2086)
    The decayed Alpha Draconian influence after the Midnight Coup were not able to maintain control on a number of puppet states and territories, they began to break away from the Alpha Draconians.
    This had also given rise to the mysterious organization New Galactic Empire, who then annexed part of the states that broke away from Alpha Draconians. They called themselves the true descendants of the Old Galactic Empire, who carried the ‘inevitable destiny’ reviving the old Imperial glory.
    Though the ambitious organisation lacked strength to compete with any of the galactic powers in the Milky Way at the moment, the powers actually worried the ‘New Empire’ could be a large threat to them in the future, given their capabilities spreading influence at an unprecedented rate.
  • Further Discoveries in Barracuda Blues (2086)
    United Earth sent another research team investigating the remains of the Alpha Draconian stronghold and facilities. The team revealed a fact about Alpha Draconian technologies - they were derived from the Ancient technologies recorded on the ancient artifacts.
    The discovery further fostered the research and decoding on the information on the artifacts of the Ancients in United Earth.
  • Bradley's Military Reform (2086-2093)
    The new head of the United Earth Security Council, Marshal Bradley (which was the supreme commander throughout the Human Civil War), threw up a massive military reformation in order to suppress the military capabilities of LIS, including expanding the scale of Space Marines and especially the Starfleet (which the number of starships during the Civil War barely met demands on the battlefields), written a new professionalism military doctrine, and supported the development of new generation starships.
  • LIS Black Market Trade Union (2088)
    The blockades and embargo on LIS by United Earth had cut down most of the methods for LIS to contact the outside world. In order to survive and maintain development under the difficult conditions, LIS officially established the LIS Black Market Trade Union which facilitates external and domestic trade of their member states.
  • Galactic Colonization Race (2102~???)
    Seeking for further power in the Milky Way Galaxy for their own aims, the 4 civilizations of the Galaxy entered the galactic colonization race one by one. Alpha Draconians started the race, who were desperate to restore their ‘superiority’ in the Galaxy despite political instability.
    From the centre of the Galaxy to the Outer Rims, they were all targets of colonization.
  • United Earth Ancient Archives (2109)
    The Archives is a department of United Earth which is responsible for regulating research and usage related to Ancient alien technologies. Apart from regulations, they also take part in the research of the ancient technologies. Since the Archives existed United Earth had better progress extracting ancient knowledge with better organisation.
  • Chaos in Alpha Draconis and Restoration of Overlord (2112)
    Oligarchists in Alpha Draconis had been dissatisfied with the absence of Overlord for a period of time. With the old culture of Reptilians being harmed, these angry nobles stirred up chaos in the capital city, urging the restoration of Overlord.
    Without any other ways to suppress or pacify them, the Lords of the Inner Circle could only do as what these (lower) nobles asked them to (well, since their own plans were also disrupted due to the chaos).
    The exiled younger brother of the previous Overlord Betahan, Deltahan, was put to the throne. Despite being an Overlord, most actual powers were still in the hands of the Inner Circle, Deltahan was just nothing more than a puppet.
  • Zolarg Scholars Journey to United Earth (2113)
    A team of scholars from the Zolarg Empire, led by the Imperial High Scholar Abbe Amber, set off to United Earth for a study trip of human technologies.
    Scholars and scientists of the United Earth and the Zolarg Empire exchanged each other's knowledge and culture. While Zolarg scholars earned a bunch of precious knowledge which could help the technological development of the Zolarg Empire, the trip had also fostered the understanding between the United Earth and the Zolarg Empire, easing the tension since the Human Civil War a bit.
  • Insectoid Mind Network Technology (2116)
    A breakthrough in neuroscience research in the Zolarg Empire had led to an innovation - the Insectoid Mind Network, designed to foster understanding of consciousness and thinking, and enhancing advanced, direct communication and coordination of Insectoid society.
  • Cyberonic Transcendence (2119)
    A private United Earth research institute Transcendent Technology successfully prototyped Neuro-microchips (NMC), which were compatible with human neuro systems, small in size, but ten times more efficient than average human brains.
    The technology contributed to turning the futuristic cyberonic transcendence reality among humans.

Who knows what the future holds?

Hopefully the timeline looked decent and reasonable for My Colony Universe!
Thanks for reading!

Notes: not all events are 100% accurate.
11mo ago
I think we sort of decided that resources would work in a similar manner to MC1. One thing I think needs to be finalized is resource pools. Should they be player based, or settlement based? I am of mixed opinions on this, so would like to hear feedback and pros/cons of each, since I need to start adding resources to the engine fairly soon before I can move on.

Some resources need to be like MC1, but they can not be both?

Steel factory:
  • -2 ore (like utility)
  • +1 steel (like utility)
  • 150 steel unit (like mc1, for building)

In mc1, you remember why you were forced to add a hardcap for the payroll assistance? Some player are born only for give chaos.

The only settlement based resources pool isn't a bad idea, can be a nice way to play with friend, slowly introducing them into the game. The experienced player could actually help those unfamiliar with the game, without destroying the gameplay (like gifting billions of resources to those just starting to play).

But.. the server owner need to have the possibility to create rule, like:
  • Only player inside a list can play in settlement create by player A
  • Other player can interact with a settlement only if the player is Online
  • some blacklist
  • maximum withdrawal based on the grade
  • ecc

For the player personal resources pool, how players could change resources? Resources Like MC1, or physically located in storage? (if i have steel in sector 0:0, i can't use in sector 9900000:65465465465465)

The more I think of it in my head though, I am starting to envision a new system that is possibly a bit more complicated at first, but I think is more realistic and would add a whole new element to the game - logistics.

Love it.

If you wanna to keep the settlement little and realistic, is a good choice.

My proposal for MC2 is to have the resources literally be tied to no large single pool, but instead just sit there in the building/area they were produced until they are moved. If you build a mine somewhere, you also need a transportation system to bring the ore from the mine to the refinery, or to a warehouse, etc. Each player is responsible for this own supply lines. Suppose you build a department store in Settlement A that sells toys. You also have a factory in Settlement B that produces toys, but it is X miles away and there is a transport cost. Player2 also has a toy factory in Settlement A right across the street from your shop. You can either pay build up your own transportation infrastructure, or you can just source the toys from across the street, in which case money would change hands from Player 1 to 2.

Seems a nice bottleneck to me (a good one, not bad), able to give more realism.

There should be logistics related buildings such as trucking stations or perhaps rail lines. So there wasn't so much micromanaging, a Factory could know what resources it needs, and trucks in the area could automatically move the materials. If a truck is owned by Player 1 and the mine is owned by Player 1 and the factory is owned by Player 1, then it can be a "free shipping" scenario, otherwise you could make money by transporting resources for other players. A player could build his entire financial empire on being a "transport tycoon" and shipping resources for other players.

Seems a very nice idea. And again.. can be used from experienced players to help unfamiliar players.

Warehouses can be tweaked so that the player can decide what resources are stored there. You could say that Warehouse A on this part of town should only store Gold because there is a Mint nearby. And then trucks behind the scenes could figure out the logistics. The player could also manually set their trucking routes if they wanted more control.

So.. instead like mc1, where each warehouses have a infinite resources list, the building now is just a big place where players can put thing inside. Not bad

If each building had a "Needs" and "Provides" ledger, a lot of the logistics could happen behind the scenes automatically.

The whole transports system can easy be structured like a hydraulic system, you could copy some hydraulic formula for easy setup the system, like flow rate, speed, valves, tanks, main pipes, reducers, etc..

Another benefit of each building keeping it's own inventory would help facilitate transactions between players. Suppose Player 1 needs a new Rover, but does not have a vehicle factory, or the materials to build his own. But Player 2 has a Rover Dealership with 6 rovers in stock. You can just buy one of their rovers for Money without even needing the materials or your own factory, and Player 2 gets some nice funds added to their treasury. And perhaps the settlement gets a nice sales tax. Player 2 could tell the dealership building to always keep X numbers of Rovers in stock, and the shipping and logistics engine could take care of the rest. Or he could own the rover factory next door and set up the shipping himself. I don't know!!!

To me seems an other argument, not direct connected with the transports or warehouse. Another way to make it easier for players to interact, and again, to help other player.

At this point, why not allow the sale of buildings, or pay someone to build for us? With resources / money. And if the player B give enough resources, player A only need to move rovers, not personal resources.

In MC1, again like a dictatorship, the player controls everything related to the economy. You pay the workers, and you also tax them. I am thinking of separating this out. For MC2, I propose that the only resource an actual settlement as an entity can have is Money. Each settlement will have it's own public treasury, and the leader of that settlement decides what funds are used for the public, enacts tax policy, etc. Perhaps a settlement can be democratic where different players are able to run against each other, or perhaps a settlement is a dictatorship and leadership cannot be altered. The settlement will be able to tax both colonists, which are controlled by the engine, or businesses, which are controlled by the player. If there is a business tax in the settlement, it is taken out of profits produced by players. If the settlement wants to build a public structure like a Park, it can contract the work out to a player who has the logistics to build it. The settlement would pay a player to build the police station, but then you would use public settlement money to fund and operate it.


This system also would let a settlement leader implement zoning, as mentioned in this thread. The settlement leader could say "only houses in this area" or "only shops in this area" etc. Roads within a settlement could be the responsibility of the settlement owner, or he could just say "anybody can build necessary roads here."

If the leader can implement rules, why not.

Anyway, maybe this is all too micro-managy and I should just stick to MC1 mechanics, so I'd like to hear what others think about such a logistics system. I like it better because the game can have even more resources than MC1, but without having a huge resource bar at the top of the screen. And it's more realistic than just having storage buildings everywhere will millions of resources.

I don't thing is too much, but i love micro-management. And adding several layers of micro/macro-management, can easy become bottleneck, avoid insane stuff.

Little and nice settlement, instead to have a nearly infinite building like mc1.

One little question.. The ideas in this post are very very very nice, every one. But, they should have a maxim impact in planet with many many players. Not in a nearly infinite planet, with 2-3 players playing very far from each other.

So.. an other idea.. If Player A run Server A, and player B run Server B, they could cross playing without start again everything? In this scenario, many player server they could work together, allowing interactions of this type. But.. maybe this idea can be an other topic, not this one.
9mo ago
Drafts on possible backstory.

<Warfare 2050>
The early 2050s was another dark age for humanity, although it did not last for centuries. The humanity struggled in the aftermath of the global crisis years ago which had put an end to all the governments in the world. Peace and order, unity and ethics were abandoned, what had replaced them were anarchy and endless barbaric conflicts.
However, competition for world domination was not ended with the downfall of nations. Countless factions began scavenging weapons and military assets left by the fallen governments and fighting each other in countless bloodbaths. Within an year and two since the Grand Collapse, the new powers had risen.
In the year of 2054, a future-defining global war had broke out - the Earth Reunification War, a largest ever conquest of the era started by United Earth Movement. A war to reunite the Earth, a war to bring peace and order, stability and prosperity to the world. A war to end the dark age, a war to begin the next golden age of humanity. A war to put the end to anarchy and warlords, a war to rebuild the world order. A war for the world, and against the rest of the world.

Among all the powers, the United Earth Movement (UEM) had shown the largest determination to restore peace and order of the world. With asset support from the dissolved United Nations, they set foot on Eastern parts of North America and half of the Western Europe. Over the years, they were preparing for a global conquest to reunify the shattered humanity - Under a single global government.
Opposing the United Earth Movement was the Global Anarchist Alliance (GAA), formed by many unorganized anarchists across the globe. They were dedicated to prevent the formation of any forms of government, especially a global one, from ruling them, to protect their so called "freedom" and "nature of humanity".
One of the supernovas in this era was an new nation only known as Titania, which had expanded quickly from the Balkans to the Eastern Europe, conquered large territories with their highly organized army. They were seemed bonded to an ancient pantheon religion.
Another religiously bonded faction was the Cult of Ignis, which had large influence in Africa and Middle East regions. They were gasoline cowboys and raiders, who worshiped a trinity of fuel, air and engine.
In a world of conflict, the Grand Mafia of Deathlock Clan, led by the notorious Karl Oddjack took their chance and controlled a large area of the southern globe and created a criminal empire that the sun never sets.
Meanwhile the Frostbite Corsairs were the rivals of the Deathlock Clan. These pirates roams around Arctic and Antarctic regions and were terrors to people who lived on coasts near the two polar regions of the globe.
Since the downfall of governments, the situation in Asia was far more complicated than before - many nations were divided into various Warring Kingdoms of Eastern Warlords (or simply Eastern Warlords). Some warlords gained large influence in the region with their naval superiority.
The Siberian Warlords, remnants of Russia, were still a constant threat across the Eurasian continent. Despite pushed back into deep Siberia by Titania, they were constantly conquering territories with their brutal armies.
The New Church was a new feudal confederate based on the Christian religion. Having the least lands and power among all powers, however, they had a formidable navy in the Mediterraneans and fanatical crusaders in Italy which had not only ensured their survival, but also the potential as a new rising empire.

<Colonies in Conflict>
An interstellar saga of the post Human Civil War galaxy.
The borders between United Earth and LIS are under intensifying conflicts due to colonization race and competition for power, despite with the Treaty of Hoxton promising peace between 2 human civilization. Meanwhile, the war between Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians has never put to the end, due to their own respective national reasons - one for their ethnic dignity, another for restoring their national pride.
When the 4 major powers are troubled by their own problems, a new galactic conspiracy is incubating in the shadows - The schemes of the New Galactic Empire to ("once again") control the Galaxy. This is a galactic crisis, a secret war across colonies and planets, which will not only be a matter for the 4 major powers of the Galaxy, but also ancient civilizations, and...... a gang of Twilight Syndicate outlaws?

  • <United Earth>
    Although won strategically in the Human Civil War, people of United Earth (especially in the General Assembly) is not satisfied with the outcome of the war, which LIS successfully threatens the integrity of this interstellar republic with the aid from Zolarg Empire. In the aftermath of the war, United Earth has put heavy efforts on suppressing the development of LIS.
    Meanwhile, they are also aware of the threats from the expanding New Galactic Empire, the Security Council is keeping an eye on this new mysterious enemy.
  • <League of Independent States (LIS)>
    As a new-found civilization formed by breaking away from United Earth, the League of Independent States is on struggles of its survival - The Treaty of Hoxton has limited their development and make them vulnerable to further suppression from United Earth.
    Although they have assistance from their ally Zolarg Empire, their resources and strength are still not enough to secure their development. Now, they are looking into new cooperation with the Twilight Syndicate who can help LIS establish a black market network that can bypass the Treaty. However, the Twilight Syndicate asked for something in return...
  • <Zolarg Empire>
    The Zolarg Empire has been dedicated to revive the Insectoid civilization and elevate it to a new level. However, they are still on an uneasy path. Not only they are at endless war with Alpha Draconians, their involvement in the Human Civil War and alliance with LIS have created diplomatic problems when negotiating with United Earth.
    Recent Alpha Draconians activities around the center of the galaxy has worried this Insectoid civilization, assuming they were trying to stage an attack from another side. The Emperor has decided to launch a military campaign on the center of the galaxy personally, however, they haven't understand the situation here, eventually being drawn into the vortex of this new galactic crisis...
  • <Alpha Draconians>
    The galactic influence of Alpha Draconians declined since the end of the Human Civil War, troubled by many problems internally and externally. The internal political instability, corrupt governments, unsatisfied nobles, Insectoid threats, more slave uprisings, and especially, the rising New Galactic Empire is slowly leeching the strength of this once invincible Reptilian empire.
    The recent moves of the New Galactic Empire have finally caught special attention of the Inner Circle. To respond this new threat, the Inner Circle assigned Lord Gamma Lizarstone to reveal the schemes of the new enemy.
  • <Twilight Syndicate>
    Twilight Syndicate is one of the largest group of free roaming freelancers, mercenaries and outlaws in the galaxy. As a freeman organization, they are a strong rebellion against the galactic imperialism of the powers (and of course, the Galactic Empire), although sometimes they are willing to help the galactic powers competing for galactic supremacy a bit (otherwise how they are going to survive with just little income?).
    Twilight Syndicate is going to expand their business into territories of Alpha Draconians, yet they will need some help from someone. They have persuaded LIS to provide military assistance for their plans, but the plans have unexpectedly brought both themselves and LIS into a new galactic crisis.
  • <Atlanian Kingdoms>
    A minor but old civilization well known for their culture, wisdom and peacefulness, which their kingdoms widespread on aquatic planets across the galaxy. For a very long time, they have always remained their neutrality in all galactic affairs and conflicts.
    However, for this time, neutrality is not an option - the New Galactic Empire is throwing an invasion on their homeworlds. With no other choice to protect their own peaceful dominion, they have decided to help Alpha Draconians on counter-Empire operations.
  • <Pharan Tribes>
    Not only the Reptilians witnessed the disappearance of The Ancients. The Pharans, who once had a thriving civilization, was one of the allies of The Ancients. These remnants of Pharan civilization were drawn into the vortex of the secret war as they have been holding some lost secrets of The Ancients, which is what the New Galactic Empire is looking for...
  • <New Galactic Empire>
    The New Galactic Empire, although not yet in an "Galactic" scale, aimed to restore the glorious ancient empire of The Ancients. The Empire emerges from the center of the galaxy since the Alpha Draconians begin declining, in unknown ways they are able to spread influence and claim new territories without traces of their diplomats and military.
    The Empire has recently recruited a new talent. The knowledge and technologies brought by this new talent exceeded that of the Old Galactic Empire, which has greatly accelerated the development and expansion of the Empire. However, this new talent has a secret agenda......
  • <Xeno-Dimensional Invaders>
    There are rumors of abnormal quantum activities detected in many locations across the galaxy. There are even reports of unidentified objects and people near those abnormalities. Who are they? What are their aims?
7mo ago
Welcome to the Commonwealth of Utopia Planitia, part of the Grufather Empire and sister commonwealth of Xindi 7 and Desolation.

Founded on november 13th 2016 under the flag of United Earth and declared independence 5 days later on the 18th.
Main Colony is Utopia Planitia, but it has several sub colonies.

Utopia is also Co Founder of the First Future Federation and has sworn a lifelong allegiance to it.

Anyone who joins Utopia, joins the FFF and benefits from all the help the active discord community brings.
Suit up and join Utopia Planitia, Xindi (Zolarg), Desolation (LIS) or all 3, become part of the Grufather Empire and The First Future Federation.

I want everyone to learn how to play the game as it should be. The real way, like I did when I started playing. There were no payrollassistence or starter packs, back then. So it's back to basics.
This helps you learn how to use your resources efficiently and the value of them. I won't let you die, I will help you as much as I can with tips for how to set up your colony and how to micro manage it. In the long run this is far more valuable than shortcuts with large amounts of financial compensation and resources, making the game easy to play.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes, from every decision you make in the game you learn. Trial and error is my credo for the game. And on the discord of the FFF, where you have plenty of people to help you with trades.

I accept embassies and annex, but I would appreciate a message saying who you are. Don't forget that I have to pay for annexing you.

Join Utopia Planitia if you want to be part of my human Commonwealth: 25uV3cKw
Join Xindi 7 if you want to be part of my Zolarg Commonwealth: xM8Hkn8U
Join Desolation if you want to be part of my LIS Commonwealth: S9s86KZh

And join First Future Federation community on discord, be part of the group en become important!

Join my commonwealth chat:

4y ago
Network Browser from Ape Apps is quickly becoming the number one network management and media streaming app for Android, but many users are confused as to how to successfully set up a network connection between their computer and their Android device. The following instructions show how to establish a network link using Network Browser for Android and the Windows operating system.

Step 1: Install Network Browser
Obviously the first step is you need to download and install the free Network Browser app onto your device. It is available for both Android and Kindle devices:
Step 2: Enable Sharing on your PC
If you already have a home network up and running then you can skip the next couple of steps. On some Windows installations, network sharing is disabled by default for security purposes. To enable it, do the following:
  • Open the Control Panel on your PC and click on Network and Internet.
  • From the Network and Internet screen. click on the Network and Sharing Center option.
  • On the Network and Sharing Center screen, you should see a Change advanced sharing settings option on the right hand side. Click on it.
  • Scroll down to the Password protected sharing section, and put a check in the Turn on password protected sharing option.
Step 3: Share a folder
This step is simple. Once sharing is enabled on your PC, right click on a folder you would like to share, and select Properties. From the properties window, select the Sharing tab, and click on the Share button at the top:

In the File Sharing window that opens up, select users that you would like to share the folder with (choose an account you have access to) and then click on the Share button on the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Note your IP address
In many cases, Network Browser will automatically discover your PC at this point. On some networks though, you will need to set up a manual connection using your IP address. To find it, open the Command Prompt app on your computer (you can do this by pressing the windows+R keys, and then typing "cmd" in the run window). From there, type ipconfig and press enter. There will be several options that come up. If you are on Wireless, you will want to find the section that is labeled Wireless LAN. It might look something like this:

The value you are interested in is the IPv4 Address. It will probably be something like 192.168.x.x, unless you have a more customized setup, in which case you probably already know what your IP address is.

Step 5: Set up Network Browser
Open up Network Browser on your Android device. At this point the app may automatically discover your PC. If so, great! You're done. Otherwise, open the slide-out menu and select Manual Connection at the top of the menu.

Step 6: Fill out your network settings
The last step is to input your PC information into the app. The Server Address will be where you type in the IP address you marked down earlier. Server Nickname can be anything you want to help you identify the server. Domain will be blank in most cases. Username and Password will be the Windows account settings for the user that you added to your shared folder back in step 3.

Step 7: Enjoy
For the most part, that should be it. Setup will vary by operating system and version, but it should be similar for most platforms.

Need additional help? If you are having problems, feel free to post them here in the forum and I or someone else will respond with help. Chances are, if you are having an issue, somebody else might be having the same one!
4y ago
Welcome to
Astro Corporation

Astro Corporation is a proud member of the First Future Federation and is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of our Colonies.

4y ago
If you guys need some help with the artistry I might be able to help I am fairly decent at drawing being architecture student. I would love to help create 4 different views for some of the buildings.
3y ago
Hi I seem to be at a bit of a standstill with my new zolarg colony. I mainly built it to mine aluminium for my other colonies but still hoped to build it up nicely.

Basically I unlocked all of the available tech - up to and including aluminium mining, access to trading, and their first tourism buildings, but now seem to be stuck. The next research option is "Ancient Alien Language" but there hasn't been anything to help me dig for the artifacts. I have at least one of every building available, and have every resource available but no option for archaeological dig sites or any equivalent so have no artifact to unlock the "Ancient Alien Language" even though i have more than enough research points.

Are alien artifacts something you have to buy/gift on the zolarg forest world? Or do I need independence to get that? You don't on the human world.

All help appreciated. I'm only at 50,000 civics so have a long way to go before independence... Built some money pits and extra command centres but they don't seem to be generating much so are the elder mounds best for the price?

Help appreciated.

3y ago
I need help, I had a mycolony world that was quite advanced with a population of like 80k to 100k but my computer broke and I lost the world. I saved it but it used the Facebook system instead of ape apps bacm when it died. Can somebody help me get it back?
3y ago
Brand new commonwealth looking to help new players.

Good payroll assistance
Resource assistance.

Play My Colony with charter id: CYTzUnpQ

Join me just for a bit of help and we'll help each other grow!

3y ago
I'm stuck where ive got at least 2 of every building its given me (started world this morning.) And 1,000 of every resource (that u can buy) and it doesn't want to proceed? I feel I have to get obsidian but got the bugs but where do they put it cause they are doing nothing with it :/ help! Also ive tried the encyclopedia on resources but it won't let me use so couldn't see what to do with obsidian. HELP!!!!! (BTW this is on the Lava map, forgot to mention, Sorry!)
3y ago
he'll help you as much as he can until indepandance and even then he help you
3y ago
These are some ideas that I have for the regions feature. I have not played the game and experimented with regions, i just now saw the comments for updates 70-72 and I'm excited that this feature was added. I can't wait to get these ideas out so that maybe I could possibly help improve the feature. I'm assuming that all of the resources produced by every map pool together and can be used to improve any map, but I could be wrong and each map has it's own resources and you have to trade between maps to transer resources.

1.) Regional contribution to atmosphere level - This idea is obvious and would probably be implemented without me saying anything. Each region should be able to produce atmosphere that contributes to the atmosphere of the planet as a whole, just like how bast mentioned that each region would contribute to the same research and civics pool. However, if this feature is to be implemented, I recommend a nerf of all terraforming structures... or a raising of the total atmosphere needed for the planet to be earthlike. The point to terraforming is that it is supposed to be a lengthy process, and it would encourage the player to frequently switch between many maps in order to build them all up to contribute to the atmosphere level.

2.)biomes - This may be hard to implement, but wold give the map a varying texture to it, and would give some regions different strengths and weaknesses over other regions. You could base the biomes on each region, but that may look too rigid and blocky for you. Instead, you could use procedural generation to make more natural looking biomes on the global map that look much more appealing to the eyes and would transform in their own ways as the planet is terraformed. The different biomes would cross between regions using this method as well.

An example of multiple biomes would be like having different bodies of water criss-crossing the map, having snowy, dessert, and jungle areas in different parts. Crystalline could come naturally with snowy areas, trees with forest areas, and sugarcane and mutant trees with jungle areas. This also opens up the way for more resources to be added, like sand, glass, glassware, cacti, potted plants (cacti+pottery), snow, and snow globes(snow + glass). For planets with no atmosphere, ice bodies or dry lake-bed could be used to represent where water will form after a certain atmosphere level. The player could build structures on the ice/lake bed, but these buildings would be destroyed if they happen to be there when the atmosphere allows water to form in those areas.

3.) estimated production in non-active maps - this one might help with performance. Instead of having all maps producing and keeping track of all of the colonists and jobs and needs when you are in any map or on the display screen, I would use the following method:

Upon exiting a map, have the game take the most recent production and consumption rates. Then after the player creates cities in multiple maps, have the game add the production and consumption rates of all of the inactive maps together the make a total production and consumption rate for each resource. Add these rates onto the active colonies rates and you will have a grand total for the entire planet. Of course, this rate will change whenever you switch maps, but you are only dealing with one or two formulas per resource in order to keep production going instead of thousands of worker rounds in each map going on at the same time, and you are only dealing with one map producing and changing in real time instead of all of them being in realtime.

This method cuts out all of the updates regarding unemployment, individual colonist actions and stats, population changes, and possibly other functions that happen in an active map. The active map would be the only map keeping track of these stats among it's colonists. Yes, while the production and consumption rates of each inactive map will stay the same as long as they remain inactive, I think that the trade-off is worth it, even if it does represent a small compromise in keeping the game a non-idle game. This would also allow for more resources to be implemented into the game and individual maps could get more developed and densely populated without negatively impacting performance.

In fact, it doesn't have to be a compromise at all if you reduce the production of the inactive maps by a certain percentage. I would also pause the game altogether when viewing the global map, or players could just let it idle at the global map and collect resources without the risk of any of their maps starving to death. On that note, if you run out of food or water, you could have it take 1% off of the overall health of each inactive map's population(which should take off 1% of each individual colonist's health open opening that map) and cause individual health loss in real time in the active colony.

This method would also allow you to increase the size of global map grids exponentially, allowing for more regions/maps to be available to the player to build in. And overall it may even improve the android problem that you are having.

4. individual region naming - this will further help you to keep track of which region is which, even though you can tell which is which by looking at the map. I just think that each region should be able to have it's own name.

5. Being able to transfer rovers/workers from one region to another - you mentioned this one in update 70, so I know that you aim to implement this one. I'm just adding my twist to it. I don't think that rovers should have to smoothly pass from region to region. I think you should be able to select a region and have a listing of what rovers it has and how many of each type. Then, you should be able to specify an amount for each rover type to transfer and specify a destination region. I think it would be too overpowered for rovers/workers to be able to smoothly pass to another region to collect resources and then come back, and I think it would be detrimental to game performance. The player should have to deal with the resources that they have in the map during real time. If they run out of an important resource, such as regolith, they can just start on another region/map, harvest the regolith from there, and then return to the map they were working on, assuming that all of the resources from every map are pooled.

I don't think that colonists should be able to leave the map at will either. i think that at most, if at all, the player should be able to transfer unemployed or homeless colonists to another region to supply workers where needed, but I don't think that colonists should smoothly be able to walk between regions. I think if a colonist wants to leave the map, they could maybe be transerred automatically to the mother colony or to another region, but not by just walking across the border. I think that the player should have to provide adequate housing, entertainment, healthcare, and education in each map for the buildings in that map. I do like the idea of having a map solely for food production that provides all of the food needs for the entire planet, and a water map that does the same, so those resources could be poured into a global resource pool that any region can pull from.

But those are my ideas. let me know if you agree with me or not. Hopefully bast can use these to make a beter system for regions that uses even less performance than it does now. Sorry for the longest post in history.
3y ago
If you are looking for a Common Wealth to help you in your growth to independence, then you have to come the right place.

I will help you with all necessities when you first start out and with payroll assistance. I am on the game most days, and when I am not you can still talk to me on the [FFF] discord channel anytime.

The Draw4 Common Wealth is here to support everyone in need.

Charter Code: kXO6ujZe
3y ago
Colony slow death by lack of documentation has been a feature of the game ever since my first colony...

with my 10th, it's still an issue.

Known traps:

-I can't figure out the learning rate for schools (with or without teachers) VS internet stations, so I can't pick the most efficient one. Having PLENTY of internet stations who don't require teachers didn't help, the schools didn't help, 99% of population TERMINALLY UNHAPPY from being uneducated from immigration day to the day they die (several centuries played)

-Even with my 10th colony, I frequently can't progress to the next thing before some documentation loophole kills my colony slowly. Sometimes it's because the buildings won't say what I need to build them (what buildbot) and I can't build them and I don't know why for months. People don't anwser these questions when I asked in forums. It REALLY should be a part of the game explaining "why can't I build this?" under a "cannot build even if you had ressources" type submenu.

-The game should give me a popup once in a blue moon if I need more atmosphere to get to the next level. I was stalled for 2 entire years the last time that info was missing.

-I still have colonies becoming "Everyone has a job, everyone is happy, everyone has food and water, everyone is off duty all of the real life day I try desperately to produce 2 microship more or 255 science more to get something" and putting no-rendering-colonists and other performance friendly options, nothing seems to help.

-At my 10th city, I still can't get halfway thru the game, and still have 3 to 4 different unexplained problems EACH TIME

-The game needs a NPC robot advisor to give you some GODDAMN HINTS once in a while. YES, REALLY. With a capacity to turn it off once you learn what the game should have explained in tooltips all along.
2y ago

Come and join the commonwealth of Last Hope!

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2y ago
All deals have expired.
You can still get 1 million money to help start your colony!
If you need help, just alert me using a message or Commonwealth chat!
I'd be glad to help!
2y ago
Im Freedmoon the owner of the colony of Freedmoon origin,i got alot of experience on MC and advice to help you to get started. I have a dream, that dream is to revive the commonwealth of my own cw leader who stopped playing the commonwealth was called Afluna. To honor him, i will help any player who desire with all of my knowledge and ressource while keeping a good mood inside the commonwealth. To join my Commonwealth you can use the charter AN4Jca2c in the "custom charter code" while creating an online colony i look forward to see new player or player with more experience join my commonwealth in the future! thank you for reading this

PS: Im also a consul of FFF so for the one interrested or simply curious of what is the FFF, its a discord server made by My Colony player for My Colony player where we all have fun while helping member in need (for example if im not here to give advice you can still ask the other member there they will be glad to help you. to join FFF you can use this link :
2y ago
diverjim said:I have an online region on an abandon world and I'm trying to send messages to friend's colonies so they can send me stuff that I need. But the issue is that when I put in their charter, then the message and hit send it acts like it sent a message but usps tracking doesn't say the message is sent. We then proceed to wait for up to an hour or so while trying several more times to send messages. When my friends send messages I get them, but when I try to send a message back it does the same thing it did when I tried before. Can someone help?

I also need help with the same. Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
2y ago
H3110 guys! (•ω•)

Although in our game we have developed tourism system in the game, however they don't actually give some significant economical advantages to the game, especially after a short early stage of development, entire tourism can be replaced by other economy buildings.
And some big players such as @Invincible has mentioned about tourism in one of my post:
Invincible said:Have you made any post on how tourism can be made into a bigger industry or something? The thing so happens is, there is so less income in tourism sector, it's useless almost every where and in any part of the game. I was thinking maybe adding some sort of feature where tourist drop of certain things which unlock some skins or clothes or maybe even buildings? Would at least give something useful to have a nice booming tourism sector.

Indeed, tourism really needs to get redeveloped. We should give tourism an new use apart from its weak economy value.

So here are my ideas, hope you'll like it!

Plan 1 - Ultimately High Cost Tourism!
  • Galactic Hall of Luxurious Arts Trade and Exchange
    Where the masterpieces of potteries, diamonds, gold and paintings are sold at a mad price to visitors! Yields 500000000000 per visitor, serves at most 120 tourists. Also generates money on its own but one fourth as a investment bank do, while slowly consuming the luxuries.
  • City of Gold
    City of gold is not a legend now - It becomes true! This is the shining golden hotel where the riches pays millions for one day of settlement!
  • The Diamond Highrise
    It's a hotel, but that's the most expensive yet the hotel where people dreamed to live - Every wall, every tile, every furniture, are coated with shiny DIAMONDS! Consumes a steady stream of food, cloth, water, rum, gold, and diamonds, while extracting ten-billions of cash from those rich tourists!
  • The DreamySim Hub
    Want to escape from the reality and live in the world you dreamed to be? It's not a problem, because this massive Colonimulation facility has lots of AI and software to help you build out one! You wont want to leave, but if you want to stayfor longer, you gotta pay lots... Consumes a steady stream of robots, microchips, software and water.
  • Starships Racing Mid-Station
    Build this mid-station for the biggest entertainment event in the galaxy - Starships Racing, to show how rich your colony is that can afford such event, meanwhile draining colonists' and tourists' pockets till they're empty. Yields 15000 per guest, and it serves as much as 100000 tourists!

Plan 2 - Prestiges!
  • Colony Sponsers
    Why we’ll need sponsers? These sponsers will give actual help to the colony development that, some provides direct resource investment, some brings their technology to unlock ways to produce expensive materials better and cheaper (or other awesome stuff), whatever. They are here to help, if your colony is famous enough to get their attention?
  • Unlocking new policies (possibly)
    Well, so with a higher prestige, you are allowed to have more (and better) control on your tourism - For example, @Westy266 suggested about tourist taxes for their entry into colony to further increase their yield (but carefully that too much it may decrease your prestige; how high they should be depends on your GDP (maybe) and prestige). Also they unlocks some extra special policies, such as decreasing unhappiness and earn big from launching a big festival event, which also increases number of tourists flushing in per arrival for a short time.

Plan 3 - Tourism that tourists pays other resources as entry fees

    More ideas and plans will be updated! stay tuned for post updates!
    1y ago
    Call me crazy, but my Colony has all but collapsed since the latest update. Playing Humans on a moon and Windows 10.

    I logged on yesterday and everything was fine...most resources at +10000 or more, per usual. BUT, I noticed my research, which sits at roughly a constant 1.0 B, and generates at a usual rate of +700000-900000, was suddenly crashing, and had dropped to a -100000, for no reason. I left it run for an hour and it didn't change.

    So, I look at my research facilities and see that there were several that were only at 1/2 to 3/4 worker capacity. Strange, I thought. I figured it was probably time for a Fire Drill to rebalance things--something I have done many times without incident.

    Since that fire drill, I can not get my workers to come back to work. Almost every building shows full worker capacity, but no one is working. Again, I let it run for 2 hours and nothing has changed, except my food production has crashed and I keep needing to buy it to supplement. All of my other production is in the + double digits, or slightly negative. Most of my buildings worker bars read like 0/100/100.

    My colony will be doomed unless someone can help me figure this out.

    Some things to know:
    1) - I have tried to adjust my work schedule both ways from Normal (where I usually keep it) to easy and then to intense. Nothing has changed.
    2) I have increased pay across the board. No change.
    3) I have plenty of workers (5,000 more than I currently have jobs for - population at 300,000).
    4) I have plenty of schools of all types including the new Academies.
    5) Plenty of entertainment options.

    Help. Anyone? I put so much time in to this colony, I would hate to lose it. Thanks.

    1y ago
    On my "My Colony" game, I am stuck on the Loading Screen. It just says 'Loading...' I am playing on a Chromebook. I don not know what to do, when I looked at someone else's problem. They were able to fix it by uninstalling the game then reinstalling it. I tried but it still is stuck. And now I am worried about my game file. Please Help. When I inspected it, it said there were a lot of Errors and Warnings, I don't know what this means. Please please please help. Thank you.
    1y ago
    Hello commanders.

    This post will integrate all of my previous ideas with refinement, plus some new ideas.
    The ideas will be updated or added in the comments.


    For the objects, the colour of the text represents the following factions.
    • United Earth (UE)
    • League of Independent States (LIS)
    • Alpha Draconians (AD)
    • Zolarg Empire (ZE)
    • Neutral

    Gameplay Suggestions
    • Demolishing Buildings
      In case you don't need some of your own buildings.
    • Cancel queued productions
      In the game there's not yet any ways to cancel queue, which means inflexible financial management when you're running out of credits.
    • Area of effect damage
      You know currently we don't have a way to counter the swarming troopers besides producing lots of troopers. We need something explosive...
    • Garrisoning
      One of the classic features of C&C style RTS that will make urban warfare better!
    • Able to control buildings
      If some building is able to make research or has special actions, this is needed.
    • Make training queues building specific like in My Colony
      It is a bit difficult to manage units and unit productions if trained unit just pop up in a random barracks/factory. So I think this will make troop training process better.
    • Visible construction range
      This will help placing buildings without tapping somewhere else you cannot place building.
    • Power meter
      As the game's power mechanism is not yet complete, this is an necessary suggestion.
    • Researches
      Some research elements can change the tide of the war. This will make more amazing battles.
    • Superweapons
      Why not?

    • United Earth
      • Commonwealth Infantry (T1)
        United Earth's proud protectors of prosperity and order. These troopers are put under 3 years of various training before they come into services. With their full loyalty and strict discipline, they are one of your reliable soldiers on the battlefields.

        It is just renaming the in-game infantry.
      • Commonwealth Rocket Infantry (T1)
        Rocket Infantry Camp is one of the divisions of United Earth's military, where newbie troopers are being trained into anti-tank specialists at the battlefronts. Carrying BOAR launchers, they take out enemy vehicles and aircrafts. Best companions of infantries.

        It is just renaming the in-game rocket infantry.
      • Engineer (T2)
        Not all soldiers fight at the battlefronts. These nerdy engineers who complete their school at military universities are one of the examples. Anything about machines and computers are not a problem for these engineers, they are even able to modify alien machines.

        This thing is already in the game, but why not give them some descriptions as well.
        Can repair civilian building when garrisoned into.
      • Jetpack Infantry (T2)
        Jetpack infantries are adopted by United Earth military, due to their high mobility and aerial advantage over most units on the ground. Besides as an effective scout on battlefields with rough terrain, they can also make effective assaults on infantries.

        This thing is already in the game, but why not give them some descriptions as well.
        In addition, I want to give it a stealth detection ability.
      • Space Marines (T3)
        Elite of the elites. Space Marines Corps represents the United Earth's iron fist power, established since 2061. Entering the Space Marines Corps is definitely one of the dreams of United Earth soldiers - given the best training, able to use the high tech gadgets, paid with highest wages, and of course, chance to become hero like Sarge! Most of them are cladded with power armours, though some commandos do not to wear them.

        Tier-3 shock troopers that uses plasma guns.
      • Marines Commando (T3)
        Experienced, outstanding marines will be promoted to commandos, which they will be put into military labs to receive another 3 years of training to master various difficult skills and have some bioengineering modifications on their body. Once they have completed the course, they are SUPERSOLDIERS.

        UE commando can terminate infantries quickly with their heavy machine gun, tough as a tank, and can instantly blow up enemy buildings and vehicles using dynamites upon close contact.
      • UE Harvester (T1)
        Supply lines that are too far away from the home world are hard to maintain. In this case, local resource extraction is the mean to make supplies cheaply. That's why these mining machines get some use on the battlefields.

      • ‘Hound URV-25’ Recon Rover (T1)
        These unmanmed vehicles are not a very new stuff to military even in the year of 2051. They can be remotely controlled, which they have greatly decreased unnecessary casualties during scouting tasks. Low cost and small size is also the reason it becomes popular. Now we can even install a machine gun on it, allowing it participating in combat tasks.

        I just simply give the rover a code name. BTW @bastecklein do you plan to give it stealth detectors? :)
      • ‘Ocelot’ Light Tank (T1)
        The ‘Ocelot’ series light tank has been inside UE arsenal for more than 10 years, as one of the standardized light tank due to their balanced combat ability and a reasonable manufacturing cost.

        Code name given.
      • ‘Tigerclaw’ battle Tank (T2)
        ‘Tigerclaw’ battle tank is the bigger cousin of ‘Ocelot’ light tanks. While shares the similar chassis design, this tank is mounted with a dual 83mm gun turret, which provided the tank with better firing efficiency and firepower. There are rumours about in the first deployment of these tanks, one tank can destroy 5 enemy tanks of similar classes by average before being destroyed.

        Rename the medium tank in the game and give it a code name.
      • ‘Jaguar’ Heavy Assault Tank (T3)
        Like its code name tells, ‘Jaguar’ heavy assault tank can quickly destroy enemies with its devastating firepower. Its 134mm plasma gun can penetrate any armour, while it has a portable regenerative shield for extra protection. They are one of the backbones in most tank formations.

        Heavy tank of the
      • ‘Thunderstorm’ Missile Tank (T2)
        ‘Thunderstorm’ is the new generation of self-propelled missile launchers in UE arsenal. This mobile missile battery has two modes. Artillery mode allows it to destroy enemy from a long range. Defender mode allows it to respond to threats from the air by launching volleys of missiles.

        Depends on your needs, you can switch between two modes quickly.
      • Striker UAV (T2)
        A full development of UAV (military drones) in recent years has successfully replaced manned aircrafts, which UAV comes in with a smaller size, lighter weight, and more capabilities in ground support missions. Striker UAVs are one of the variants developed, which carries a explosive missile for hit-and-run attacks.

        Light attack aircraft. Can target both land and air.
      • Attacker UAV (T2)
        Attacker UAV specialises heavy bombardment tasks, extra plated with sturdy armour for protection. Every liberty delivery includes 3 bombs for your foes!

        Bomber craft.
      • Gunner UAV (T3)
        Gunner UAV is a hovering heavy gunship. This heavy aircraft releases pulses of plasma shots that blasts enemies into ashes, while its heavily plated armour hull can withstand lots of punishments from anti-air weapons.

        Heavy aircraft that flies and fires slowly, but with a large ammunition capacity that allows continuously bombarding the enemies using the plasma gun. The plasma gun is also anti-air.
      • ‘Angler’ Patrol Boat
        Even though not much improvements has made on these old-fashioned speedboats, they are still effective defensive recon boats in UE arsenal. It is cheap, it is nimble, and its machine gun can respond light ship attacks.

        Here also gives a code name to the in-game patrol boats.
      • ‘Grizzly’ Amphibious Transport (T1)
        Amphibious transports has its most significant importance in beachhead landings during operations in oceanic planets.

        As well, give the in-game amphibious transport a code name.
      • ‘Aegis’ Escort Ship (T2)
        The seas can be as dangerous as on the land, ships may get attacked by aircrafts and submarines. ‘Aegis’ Escort Ships are hence built to protect the shores and the seas with flak guns and torpedo launchers.

        In addition, detects submarines. The big drawback of Aegis Escort Ship is it cannot attack land units.
      • ‘Tidebreaker’ Missile Cruiser (T3)
        Traditional battleships with large caliber guns are becoming obsolete in UE arsenal and are replaced by these more lightweight but stronger missile cruisers - the new generation backbone of the navy. Besides wielding higher accuracy than cannon artilleries, it can change firing modes for different situations, either the long range mode for hitting the enemies from a safe distance, or medium range mode for heavy firepower but at a reduced distance.

        Backbone warship.
    • League of Independent States
      • Militia (T1)
        These militias composes the majority of LIS infantry divisions, comes from various colonies of LIS. Though they lack professional training like soldiers of , their devotion to free the colonies from United Earth (and other autocratic sovereigns) is irreplaceable. Their motto: ‘The blood of the martyrs will water the seedlings of freedom’.

        LIS basic infantry that uses old-fashioned rifles to fight. Cheap to train, but relatively weak on battlefields.
      • Grenadier (T1)
        Grenadiers are basically militias who utilises explosives, which their grenades are effective destroying combat vehicles and buildings.

        Anti-vehicle infantry.
      • Hacker (T2)
        Not all systems can be hacked and taken over remotely, in this situation you'll need field operations. That's what these hackers are hired for, they infiltrate a building, hack into its systems, and put it under LIS's control.

        LIS equivalent of engineer, but it cannot repair buildings.
      • Saboteur (T2)
        Disruption warfare is one of the tactics of LIS, aimed to bring down normal operations of the enemy. The saboteurs do the dirty job, they sneak into the enemy's base under the help of optical stealth generators, they can steal credits from enemy silos and refineries, they can turn down generators, facilities and even weapon systems.

        Infiltrator. Stealthed all the time. Consumed when entering enemy building.
      • Laser Trooper (T2)
        Laser is one of the affordable yet powerful choice of weapons. Under years of development, LIS is capable creating devices that launches a hypercharged beam of laser capable to cut through thick alloy composite armour, even in a long range. Leading to the birth of Laser Trooper Division, it further proven LIS has independent military capability to protect themselves, and set more colonies free from United Earth.

        Shock troopers. Has a decent reload speed. Excels taking down aircrafts and tanks.
      • Blue Cross (T3)
        Blue Cross are the elite marksman of LIS military. They hide in shadows where bare eyes cannot see. They can take down armoured Space Marines effortlessly. Even drivers inside the vehicles can be killed only using one shot.

        LIS commando unit. Stealthed if stationary. Also detects stealth. If the target is a vehicle, it may turn the vehicle into a neutral, captureable status, which a UE engineer, a LIS hacker, a Zolarg missionary or a Draconian hyjacker can capture the husk to convert it to own faction.
      • ‘Marauder’ Attack Jeep (T1)
        Attack jeeps are modified from old jeep designs, they have missile pods installed on the top. The high horsepower engines remains their high mobility. When they encounter the enemy, they'll unleash a volley of rockets, devastating enemy light vehicles and aircrafts. LIS usually utilizing it for a guerilla warfare.

        Anti-vehicle anti-air light vehicle.
      • LIS Harvester (T1)
        Though they are assembled using second handed components and husks from black markets and chop shops, they still work in the same way as it should be, which its standard can compete that of United Earth's version.

        Equivalent of UE harvesters.
      • Scorch Tank (T2)
        Even though in this era, flamethrowers are still very effective destroying fortified defenses. With the improved composition of fuel used by these Scorch Tanks, almost anything can be reduced to ashes. Burn baby burn!

        Anti-infantry anti-building tank. Clears out enemy garrisons in buildings.
      • ‘Hunter’ Cruiser Tank (T2)
        Like the code name tells, it hunts for preys. These tanks utilizes strong firepower and high mobility in most terrains to destroy enemy tanks quickly at their weak spots. Though its armour is not very reliable at all.

        Battle tank of LIS.
      • ‘Lancer’ Beam Tank (T3)
        Beam cannons on these experimental beam tanks are not ordinary as you expects, its beam can vaporise anything within seconds. The beam tank not only having a strong firepower, it can switch between modes - At mobile mode it is a strong battle tank. At deployed mode, it has doubled firepower and increased firing range.

        Heavy assault vehicle of LIS.
      • ‘Rat’ Light Self-propelled Howitzer (T2)
        Cheap-to-go artillery vehicle used by LIS for siege and fire support tasks. Though it is an artillery, it can mobilize quickly for quick response.

        LIS artillery.
      • ‘Sparrow’ Patrol Copter (T1)
        These patrol aircrafts are the eyes of LIS military in the air, they effectively searching for enemies, even those hidden in somewhere not noticed by others will not be able to escape from their sensors.

        Recon aircraft. It is armed with an anti-infantry machine gun. Detects stealth. (This aircraft does not occupy aircraft landing pads.)
      • ‘Red Hawk’ Fighter Jet (T2)
        Conventional aircraft for surface support operations and enemy aircraft interception. The coaxial machine gun and the missile pods would help them manage most enemies in the battlefields.

        All-purpose fighter jet.
      • ‘Piranha' Waterbike (T1)
        ‘Piranha’ waterbikes swifts like wind, specialised raiding enemy ships using rockets. A squad of these waterbikes can be unstoppable.

        Hit-and-run light ambush vessel.
      • ‘Salmon’ Transport Submarine (T1)
        These small submarines are specialized for crossing the seas secretly, carrying an assault team inside.

        Troops may embark on or evacuate from the submarine when the submarine is surfaced. When submerged, only anti-stealth units and torpedo weapons can detect them. Detects submarines.
      • ‘Swordfish’ Corvette (T2)
        These simple corvettes composes most of the naval forces of LIS. A pair of powerful ship gun will blast enemies into the skies.

        LIS warship.
      • ‘Stingray’ Nuclear Submarine (T3)
        As the backbone of LIS navy, these submarines has high combat capabilities. While sneaking in the seas, they sink the enemies without being noticed. When they surface, they launch volleys of missiles that bombards the enemies miles away.

        Backbone warship of LIS. Stealthed when submerged. When surfaced, the missiles can also attack air units. Detects submarines.
    • Alpha Draconians
      • Extractor Drone (T1)
        Whenever you are seeing mineral fields are disappearing in an weird way, there might be stealthed Alpha Draconian mining drones digging them. Stealth device protects extractor drone in most cases.

        Alpha Draconian harvester unit. It is rather an ‘infantry’ more than a vehicle. Detects stealth.
      • Sentry Drone (T1)
        Besides on battlefields, sentry drones can be also seen in prison camps and slave camps, or in riots. The minigun equipped on them shreds the flesh of any living things.

        Basic ‘infantry’ of Alpha Draconians.
      • Ambusher Drone (T1)
        Harnessing the powerful ion beams and being stealthed when standing by, no vehicle can stand for more than few seconds when swarmed by them.

        Anti-vehicle 'infantry’ of Alpha Draconians. Stealthed when idle.
      • Hijacker Drone (T2)
        Hijacking devices on this drone are able to take over a facility within seconds, especially useful in battlefields. It also has minimal armaments for self protection against patrols.

        Equivalent of engineers and hackers.
      • Executioner Droid (T3)
        Executioner Droids are superior combat droids that their combat capabilities can be compared to a commando, only one can be assigned to one Alpha Draconian warlord. They are also the only droids given with a personnel teleporting device, which helps them bypass the defense line safely and launch sudden attack on the enemy's weakest spot, or evade from most dangerous situations.

        The droid can teleport itself at any explored location of the map. Armed with a beam gun that continuously damages enemy.
      • Modular Combat Hovercraft (T1)
        A hovering small bunker that obtains armaments from drones that it consumes. Uses anti-infantry minigun when no drones inside.

        Each MCH can only receive one drones for armament upgrade. Recieving a Sentry will obtain a double minigun turret. Recieving an Ambusher will change the main weapon into a stronger beam gun. Recieving a Extractor will give it a stationary stealth generator. Recieving a Hijacker will obtain an EMP emitter that unmobilizes the target enemy. Drones who have entered will not return, due to components being assimilated. Amphibious.
      • Piercer Hovertank (T2)
        Piercer hovertank uses a fully flexible autocannon as a weapon with two firing modes. Tank cannon mode attacks land units, while flak mode attacks air units.

        Anti-vehicle or anti-air battle tank. Amphibious.
      • Monitor Hovertank (T3)
        A new class of artillery researched by Alpha Draconian engineers, which it is installed onto a modified, stable hovertank chassis.
      • Devastator Hovertank (T2)
        Alpha Draconians has make use of their advantage of owning major ether reservoirs, leads to this infantry devastating weapon under use, at the cost of breaking 133 galactic military regulations.

        Anti-infantry vehicle. Clears out garrisons in buildings.
      • Dominator Hovermech (T3)
        Dominator Hovermech, the steel behemoth of the battlefield. Its beam-emitting eyes can stare anything to death.

        Heavy warmech.
      • Judge Gunship (T1)
        A nimble, light jet propelled gunship carrying proton launchers.

        Gunship aircraft.
      • Eliminator Saucer (T3)
        One of the ultimate destruction weapon of Alpha Draconians. The saucer unleashes a super powerful destruction beam when flies above enemies. Nothing will survive under its strong fire.

        Bomber aircraft with extremely low mobility.
    • Zolarg Empire
      • Swarmers (T1)
        Unity is the power - that's the motto of the entire Insectoid race. That is especially reflected on these swarmers, make up of various insectoid workers.

        Melee squad. Quick and cheap to train, extremely dangerous in a group, though they generally has a weak toughness
      • Rangerbug (T1)
        Insectoid militias that uses a primitive hand cannon to fight against enemies, which they are common local defense forces in Zolarg Empire.

        Ranged anti-vehicle infantry of Zolarg Empire. Can be switched to stationary mode (flak mode) that changes their attacking target from land to air.
      • Martyr (T2)
        These martyrs are suicide bombers, faithed and determined fighters of the Zolarg Empire. Fires of explosion will purify everything!

        Suicide bomber infantry. A large group can breach heavy fortifications if given appropriate support.
      • Missionary (T1)
        These religious missionaries will make way for Zolarg Empire - Influence buildings through devine powers... Somehow works.

        Equivalent of engineer, hacker and hijacker. Can heal infantries inside the same garrisoned buildings.
      • Apostle (T2)
        Apostles are usually the leaders of Zolarg militias, who ‘delivers the divine message from the Emperor’, fortifying the morale of the fellow brothers. Besides boosting morale, it also provides adequate firepower, from their heavy machine gun.

        Heavy infantry. It rides a beetle.
      • Awakened (T3)
        The insectoid warriors that have awakened their power controlling energy flow surrounding their body. They can release energy blasts from their hands, or unleash deadly melee attacks.

        Shock troopers of Zolarg Empire. Detects stealth.
      • Redeemer (T3)
        The redeemers are insectoid warriors with mastered supernatural powers. Besides able to attack like awakened, it also has a ability to brainwash a small group of enemy, permanently turning them to own side.

        Zolarg commando. Detects stealth.
      • Attack Rollercraft
        (Notes: Insectoids call wheeled vehicles ‘rollercrafts’.)
        These highly mobile attack rollers are manned with a driver and a grenadier, which explosives mixed with sticky ant paste are tossed to enemies at close range for most destructive effect.

        Anti-infantry vehicle. Can temporarily unmobilizes enemies blasted by explosives.
      • Landship (T1)
        Zolarg Landships are primitive tanks, wielding high toughness from thick armour (and a decently strong main cannon). It is also a effective infantry transport on land.

        Anti-vehicle tank. Can carry up to 8 infantries.
      • Siege Landship (T2)
        A heavier version of landship. It is not just tougher, its cannon can fire more than one type of ammunition - Cannonballs focuses on countering tanks and destroying fortifications from a long distance, while napalm will set fire that scorches the infantries.

        Note that it does not do anything carrying infantries. Napalm can clear out garrisons in buildings.
      • Boarding Party (T1)
        Boarding parties of Zolarg Empire are not just terrible in the space but also equally terrible on the seas. Their ship will quickly ram onto yours and the boarding party will soon tear your ship into useless scraps.

        Navy melee ship. It is also a troop transport, can carry up to 8 infantries.
      • Ironclad (T2)
        A rather modernized warship of Zolarg Empire. Slow, but has devastating ship cannons.

        Ranged melee ship.
      • Bumblebee Squad (T2)
        A flying group of winged Insectoids, with a duty to throw bombs onto enemy army, or sometimes aircrafts.

        The only Insectoid airforce unit.

    • UAV Control Tower (UE aircraft factory) (4 aircraft capacity)
    • Experimental Tech Centre (Tier-3 tech building)
    • Flak Pillbox (UE anti-air defense)
    • Torpedo Platform (UE heavy naval defense)
    • Plasma Cannon (UE heavy defense)
    • Propaganda Centre (UE combat support/research building)
    • Space Uplink (UE superweapon)
    • LIS Command Lander (LIS command centre)
    • Encampment (LIS barracks)
    • LIS Ore Refinery
    • Burner Generator (LIS power generator)
    • Garage (LIS vehicle factory)
    • Seaport (LIS naval yard)
    • Black Market (LIS Tier-2 tech)
    • Data Bank (LIS Tier-3 tech)
    • Bunker (LIS basic land defense, garrisonable)
    • Gunner turret (LIS basic anti-infantry anti-air defense)
    • Hacker Camp (LIS combat support/research building)
    • Airfield (LIS aircraft factory) (4 aircraft slots)
    • Laser Tower (LIS heavy defense)
    • Sea Sentry (LIS naval defense gun platform)
    • Missile Silo (LIS superweapon)
    • Depot (LIS silo)
    • Microreactor (AD power generator)
    • Central Command Hub (AD command centre)
    • Drone Pad (AD barracks)
    • Raw Material Teleporter (Refinery)
    • Launcher Node (AD basic defense)
    • Offshore Launcher Node (AD naval defense)
    • Stargate (AD vehicle & aircraft factory)
    • High Frequency Node (AD Tier-2 tech)
    • Conquest Center (AD Tier-3 tech)
    • Secret Operation Centre (AD combat support/research building)
    • Stealth Field Generator (AD special defense)
    • Ether Storm Generator (AD superweapon)
    • Home Mound (ZE command centre)
    • Forge (ZE refinery)
    • Outpost Mound (ZE barracks & basic anti-infantry defense)
    • Rangerbug Burrow (ZE anti-air defense)
    • Stockpile (ZE silo)
    • Landship Workshop (ZE vehicle factory)
    • Drydocks (ZE naval yard)
    • Command Post (ZE Tier-2 tech)
    • Shrine of Destiny (ZE Tier-3 tech)
    • War Academy (ZE combat support/research building)
    • Temple of Doom (ZE superweapon)
    1y ago
    I wanted to open a discussion regarding the graphics for My Colony 2.

    Graphics were always the slowest part of the development for the original My Colony, as I am certainly no artist. I did on occasion receive graphics assets from various community members, but issues arise with that. Everybody using different drawing programs, has different skill levels, or graphics styles, etc. There really needs to be some standardization.

    MC2 graphics will need to be 3d objects instead of flat .png or .svg files. I am currently debating between using full Blender 3d models, or going with a pixelated Voxel based look, creating the graphics using a basic drawing application I recently released called Voxel Paint (

    There are pros and cons to both, which is what I want to discuss here. I would like to get the graphics format nailed down fairly early, since that is generally the slowest part of development, and if anybody wants to help contribute 3d models to the game I would be forever grateful (as would the community, I'm sure)!

    Here are my initial thoughts. 3d models made up in Blender would look better. A lot better. Although it doesn't really bother me, I am not particularly in love with the pixelated look. My Colony has never been all about the graphics of course, but you can absolutely make better, more realistic looking models using Blender.

    That said, it's also a lot more work, and probably reduces the number of people who can effectively help out on the project, and also increases the time required to pump out graphics. I guess it really comes down to what we all view as more important, the graphic quality vs other elements of the game. You can also certainly make a pixelated game look good, as I said before there are a lot of popular games out there with a pixelated look.

    Anyway, I am open for all feedback on this issue before making a decision. This is one of the first things I would like to nail down, as a lot of the design of the game will depend on it, and it would be nice to already have some content ready to go for engine design and testing.

    I am personally leaning slightly towards the voxel based solution, but it's not a hard lean. I like the ease and speed of output, and being the developer of the application I can add things or tailor it to the game's needs. I am just as fine going the other route too though.

    So let me know what you all think on the matter. Whatever is decided, I would like to lay down some standards for the graphics right at the beginning, so that everybody who is willing to help with graphics will be on the same page and that everything created is actually usable in-game!
    1y ago
    I just had an amazing discussion with @Luker124 about what will happen in Colony Wars.
    Here, I'm presenting the ideas about the story of Colony Wars, involving all 4 civilizations.

    In the vast Milky Way Galaxy, lies 3 great civilizations - The Humans, the Insectoids, and the Reptilians.

    Humans are the new rising galactic power - The establishment of United Earth government changed everything. The rebirth of humanity from the disastrous failure, with all the humans together. Making achievements beyond what Roman Empire had, the extensive colonization has brought new unimagined opportunities and prosperity.
    However, the corruption does not disappear as the dawn of a new era shines on the humans - the desire of the powerful politicians are endless. Further tightened security policy on member colonies, unreasonably heavy taxations, and even legitimating exploitation of labour, all these are just for benefiting those with power, at the cost of those powerless, and breaking their promise of a free and fair society (though the promise had always been a lie since the beginning).
    Ruled by a corrupt government, with no will to reform, more and more people of this new commonwealth, especially from the lower classes and colonies, were not happy with this situation. With some of them having strong anti-commonwealth sentiment and advocating overthrowing the General Assembly through revolting against.
    The General Assembly, of course, were always prepared to suppress resistance in their colonies using their proud Space Marines, and always actively search and destroy any hidden insurgents in their vast commonwealth. Despite their efforts, the opposition was not silenced, it was growing stronger and stronger, under the support of an organisation they had not discovered yet - LIS.
    Meanwhile, with their neglecting attitude on galactic politics, they were not aware that another new threat from afar had already been approaching them.

    League of Independent States, abbreviated as LIS, had been working in the shadows for decades, waiting and preparing for a best chance starting a decisive independence war, to free people from tyranny under the United Earth General Assembly.
    There was not yet any concrete information about where and when this organisation was founded. Only one thing is surely correct about them - Where people suffer, where they are, and they're here to resist tyranny.
    Despite United Earth government already expecting there would be ‘insurgents’, however, their influence were far beyond than they expected, especially in colonies with strong opinions opposing policies of United Earth - LIS influence grew through means of secret propagandas, cooperation with black markets, and even providing planning support to anti-commonwealth activities.
    Unlike United Earth, they were aware of the importance of galactic diplomacy, they understood they were not able to fight Space Marines without sufficient external support, even having thousands and millions of militias ready to fight. They had one potent choice, known from the black market intel - Zolarg Empire, which LIS recently established contact with them.

    The Insectoid Empire of Zolarg, or simply Zolarg Empire, was also a recent rising power. Once enslaved by Alpha Draconians, they revolted against slavery a century ago and retrieved their civilization from the hands of Reptilians, under the leadership of their wise and brave leader - Emperor Zolarg.
    Emperor Zolarg is eager to develop their civilization to a new level, for restoring the dignity of their race, and stop the history of being conquered by anybody else. Through their agricultural knowledge from their ancestors, industrial knowledge stolen from Alpha Draconians, and their own newly pioneered bioengineering, their hard power had been thousand times stronger than the beginning. In the same time, the social and cultural development of the Empire had reached new heights, with ancient religious traditions and technological advancements coexisting in harmony (except the use of… ‘soulless’ robots still under debate), and a successful communal society for large populations.
    The new page of Insectoid history was indeed glorious, but not easy. Even they successfully set foot to become a supernova of galactic power, it did not mean Alpha Draconians won't take their revenge someday, sooner or later, and also most of their brothers still not freed from slavery. Their primary mission was still further strengthening their national power, and if possible, finding an ally, in order to fight against the almost all-powerful Alpha Draconians.

    The Reptilian Empire of Alpha Draconians, or more referred to as Alpha Draconians, is an old warlike civilization with a strong national pride, that existed longer than other civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy before The Ancients (that disappeared for unknown reasons). One of their possible origins was they were migrant Reptilians from another galaxy, as told in their historical documents.
    Alpha Draconians had vast territories in the Galaxy obtained from conquests and annexation, but their name was not well known in the galaxy - Due to their secret style of ruling. Only some powerful political figures, and those under direct rule, know about their existence. Their spies and covert agents widespread across the Galaxy, watching over people, controlling propagandas, delivering absolute orders to their puppet governments, and assassinating any opposition or disobeyed, everything were under the will of the Inner Circle of Lords, and the supreme leader Overlord.
    Not just having a strong secret influence, most of their national power are unmatched. Having the most superior technologies, sophisticated industrial machines, most educated elites and a ruthless robot army (that is especially feared by the Zolarg Empire). What are these national powers being built on? The effort of others - slaves, tributes and stealing.
    The old empire might still look well, but with more and more problems rising within. Since the Insectoid Uprising and establishment of the Zolarg Empire, they are losing more cities and slaves, shaking their economy and national pride to their foundations. With economy performance dropping year by year, and the core Reptilian society began questioning the ‘invincibility’ of the empire, the Overlord had been facing heavy pressure. Meanwhile, another political crisis was emerging between the Inner Circle and the Overlord - the competition for the throne of absolute power.
    Overlord, eager to strengthen his power, planned to begin another conquest, to search for manpower and resources, and, of course, attempt to prove Alpha Draconians was still invincible. And their eyes were set on a civilization - Humans. At the blink of a civil war, and having a corrupt government, a perfect target for Alpha Draconians to secretly intervene, disrupt, and ultimately, conquer them with the might of war machines once they were exhausted fighting.

    The Beginning of the War - Terra Nova Incident
    Coincidentally, both LIS and Alpha Draconians were looking for a good chance to start a war, but for different aims, different ways, and they had no connections.
    The tension between human colony Terra Nova and the United Earth General Assembly had created an opportunity for them.
    Terra Nova was a colony under United Earth, yet with the presence of LIS. People of Terra Nova, from workers to their governor, agreed that the United Earth government was too corrupted to rule them, decided to take action in a non violent way, becoming the first colony ever to refuse paying tax to the General Assembly.
    Alpha Draconians understood what LIS was trying to do - try to provoke United Earth to take the strongest military actions ever against their people, to be a reasonable excuse to start the war. To ‘accomodate’ the needs of LIS and make progress on Overlord's plan, Alpha Draconian covert agents in the General Assembly began their covert operations, paving path to the military actions step by step, through persuading works, blackmailing and misinformation campaigns. An embargo was first being passed in 4 days, and then a blockade was passed a week later. And after 3 months of ‘debate’ and ‘arguments’, and the ‘Friday Coup’ (controlled by Alpha Draconian agent) happened within the period that caused the cleanse campaign on the opposition party, a decisive pass was made on the decision taking violent military actions against Terra Nova, ‘without’ any objections, leading to the Terra Nova Incident.

    The dispatch of Space Marines 35th Regiment (SM35) had angered hundreds of colonies, and people of Terra Nova as well. Things had progressed as LIS wished, they began rallying up resistance fighters in the hideouts in Terra Nova, preparing for their final phase to begin the first phase of war - a surprise attack.
    Without much resistance, SM35 occupied Terra Nova under the lead of Colonel Harold Franklin. Soon Space Marines recognised they were in a weird situation - Terra Nova did not strongly resist at all as they arrived. However, it was too late. Just a few minutes after they had noticed that, LIS militias led by a militia officer Admiral Beuford P. Tots ambushed all major forces of SM35 at every street and alleys of the city, causing heavy loss of well-equipped marines. At the same time, LIS revealed themselves in the public for the first time, declaring war on United Earth - marked the beginning of the Human Civil War.
    Very soon United Earth's forces retreated from Terra Nova, leaving the colony under LIS control. LIS declared independence of this colony a day after, renamed it Independent State. This city was the command centre of LIS throughout the war, which will be the capital city of LIS after the war.

    Early Human Civil War
    The United Earth Security Council was in a big chaos after the Terra Nova Incident - unexpectedly attacked by an enemy and almost lost the entire SM35, and little the Security Council knew about LIS. Even though garrisons and national guards were immediately told to prepare and mobilize to respond any possible LIS attacks, however, still not able to stop LIS - either fighting at broken morale or without enough time for full preparations - Since they had no idea where LIS forces would start their attack, and these rebels were well prepared already.
    LIS, taking this advantage, launched a series of scattered yet successful attacks in neighbouring systems. Just within the first two weeks of the war, United Earth lost 15 colonies, 45 main trade routes or supplies, and countless soldiers either captured or killed.
    However, LIS did not have the upper hand for long - especially after the original Security Council Chairman, Bofors Kaiserton, was replaced by an experienced Marshal called Bradley R. Johnson. The Security Council was soon reorganized by Bradley to stabilise the mess, launched propaganda campaigns to restore the morale of United Earth forces, and began studying the tactics of LIS forces, which the studies could had begun at the first day of war, but got delayed to 5 days later (day 6), due to Bofors unable to stabilise the chaos.
    Around 3 weeks later, under the coordination of the Security Council, LIS began losing their ambush advantage, due to their patterns being tracked by Security Council and United Earth forces began being able to predominate the battlegrounds before LIS did so, forcing LIS forces to fight against United Earth forces directly. The Battle of Ferris Mountains on day 37 was a major defeat for LIS, which the local United Earth garrison of Ferris Mountains, instead of being ambushed, baited LIS forces to their doom. The next day (day 38), LIS changed their general combat tactics from sneak-and-attack based to direct confrontation based. Since that battle the loss of United Earth was stabilized at a lower rate. The civil war reached the second stage, the period when major battles were fought.

    Mid Human Civil War
    Despite losing early advantages, with the introduction of newer weapons and black market technologies LIS forces were still able to maintain their offensive pose in the war for a while, still surprising United Earth forces, in various battles pushing their front straight towards the Solar System.
    The most well known new weapon LIS introduced during the war was the Apollo-3500 Beam Emitter, which were equipped by their heavy infantries and installed on specially designed combat vehicles, the weapon itself is able to melt most armour into slags by emitting high energy beams. They caused large troubles to traditional armoured combat vehicles, especially proven in the Battle of Harbinger Greenlands (which led to United Earth giving up the Ares-4 System) that the 196 th Armour Regiment of United Earth experienced a brutal defeat under devastating laser fire of 44F Laser Battalion and 44G Laser Battalion of LIS.
    Another major battle featuring LIS new weaponry was the Siege of New Paris that lasted for 15 days. The introduction of Javelin-E ‘Incognito’ Missiles in the last day (though a bit too late) decisively ended the battle, these missiles were designed not interceptable by AEGIS Theater Missile Defense System used by United Earth and successfully breached the fortifications of New Paris Citadel in an almost effortless way.
    Meanwhile, 49 more colonies revolted against United Earth rule under LIS support, providing minor battlefronts for LIS to push forward further into United Earth territory.
    Amount of LIS territory occupied reached a peak on day 59, which over one-fifth of United Earth territory was taken over.
    The offensive pose of LIS lasted until United Earth, though later, also began introducing (a limited number of) experimental weapons into the battles, and the return of Space Marines Corps with upgraded equipment, reorganization and replenished manpower. From that time on, the tide of war had changed favouring United Earth, they began pushing LIS back.
    Just 2 days after New Paris was occupied by LIS, this city was back in the hands of United Earth, under the strong firepower of Space Marines 12th Regiment, and LIS forces here were still too tired to fight. After the Second Battle of New Paris on day 73, LIS lost a large proportion of major forces and the overall offensive formation breached. In later times, LIS major forces were defeated one by one, setting LIS forces back quickly.
    With that moment the situation largely disfavored them, LIS decided to take a risky move - Reveal and use their secret weapon stationed in New Bavaria, either to devastate United Earth capital city that would put United Earth into mess again, or at least buy some time to find a foreign ally.
    The risky move was well known as the ‘Interstellar Missile Crisis’ event. On day 88, LIS broadcasted a message through hijacking the communication hub in Coloniae Leon, threatening they had a secret mass destruction weapon that could never be intercepted once launched, and its range could cover all United Earth territories - Interstellar Warp-Speed Missile (IWSM) with Disaster Warheads derived from Instant Terraforming Bomb Project data found in occupied government labs. And, the first missile, to be launched within 24 hours, would fly straight to the capital city of United Earth - planet Earth.
    United Earth offensive operations were halted due to the short chaos caused by the seemed inevitable threat. The United Earth Security Council soon ordered the search for their missile base as the countdown had begun. 7 hours later they located the missile base, and 9 hours later Space Marines 2th Division arrived in New Bavaria. The battle in New Bavaria lasted for 7 hours, at the last hour the missile base was captured, with most of the IWSMs destroyed at the site immediately.
    LIS did not waste the time by sacrificing their secret weapons. During the Crisis, LIS secretly contacted the Zolarg Empire and shortly reached an alliance agreement with them - for their common pursuit of freedom and liberating people from suffering, and they needed each other. The entry of the Zolarg Empire would bring the war to the third stage, the time when things had been becoming more complicated than just a civil war between Humans.
    What about Alpha Draconians? The Overlord was pleased by the situation so far, the plan had been successful. While humans were busy killing each other, the Overlord ordered mobilizing their robot armies into the back of United Earth territory through means of secret portals prepared by covert agents. While Alpha Draconians were making preparations for the takeover plan, one thing the Overlord was not expected to, and not knowing would happen - the Zolarg Empire, their nemesis, would interfere with the war very soon. On the other hand, the political enemies from the Inner Circle, were scheming a plan to pull Overlord off his throne.

    More Than Just a Civil War
    Just when people of United Earth thought the war would be over soon with the defeat of LIS. 8 days after the Interstellar Missile Crisis (day 96), the Zolarg Empire declared war on United Earth, in the name of helping their allies - LIS, and officially began mobilizing their troops to the borders of United Earth.
    War from another civilization put the United Earth under mass panic. Not just because the war that was supposed to end soon would become even longer, such a scale of invasion from another civilization of a different race was something humanity never had experienced.
    Zolarg forces flanked United Earth from the other side, putting United Earth in an unfavorable situation - A war of two fronts. The back of the United Earth was left underdefended (not undefended) due to major forces being put into LIS fronts, leaving the borders only garrisoned with only a small number of troops. Even though the Security Council ordered splitting the troops to the borders in order to stop the Zolarg offensive, the border defenses were breached faster than imagined, garrisons were unable to hold the line before reinforcements had arrived. When the reinforcements reached the Zolarg fronts, a couple of cities and colonies had already been occupied by the new enemy.
    At first United Earth forces on the Zolarg fronts attempted to make quick offensives against Zolarg forces in order to re-concentrate on LIS again. However, after a few offensives they found Zolarg forces were difficult to remove - Everytime an Insectoid base was ‘removed’, a new base was rebuilt quickly and pumping out loads of new troops as nothing had happened. Later they found out it was due to the Insectoids established complicated yet useful subterranean tunnel networks that allowed rapid reinforcement on the planets, with entrances hard to be detected using traditional sensors. United Earth troops on Zolarg fronts quickly changed their tactics to mainly defensive with very minimal offensive progress, until their sappers were equipped with new tunnel sensors they began able to retake some territories.
    Meanwhile on the LIS fronts. Thanks to the Zolarg Empire entry into war, LIS now faced much less pressure from United Earth forces. Now they were able to at least sustain their defensive lines. After their IWPM were modified to smaller missiles and cheaper designs and put under use, they were able to make small offensive progress for a few days, still threatening some of the strategic locations of United Earth. However, the LIS fronts fell into a stalemate for the rest of time.
    The unexpected news of the Zolarg Empire's intervention in the Human Civil War delivered to Alpha Draconians. Overlord was not informed about that until 6 days after the entry of the Zolarg Empire into the war - his political enemies from the Inner Circle controlled information flow in Overlord’s chamber through bribing the Imperial Informats (internal messengers of Overlord’s Chamber). The Overlord, knowing schemed by his political enemies, was angered, but also worried about his plans to secure his position in the throne. The Zolarg fronts in United Earth was exactly the location where the secret mobilization concentrated at. At this rate, his great plan would fail easily if the troops were discovered by either humans or insectoids, and it was just a matter of time, sooner or later.
    With his ominous worries, the Overlord assigned extra supervisors into the Ministry of Expedition in order to secure his control on the conquest of the human race. However the Inner Circle had an upper hand - the Ministry had already been hijacked by their covert agents. The newly assigned supervisors of Overlord were soon silenced and puppeted by the Inner Circle.
    The Lords of Inner Circle now had control of the Overlord’s expeditionary forces in United Earth - With just a slight attention created by the expeditionary forces to let Zolarg forces to notice, it was enough to ruin the plans of the Overlord, to further destroy his reputation, and ultimately pulling him off the throne.

    The Incident that Changed the War - Barracuda Blues Events
    On day 165 of the war, an event took place on colony Barracuda Blues, a colony lying behind the Zolarg fronts, inside the territories of United Earth. This incident had changed the entire war - from confrontations between mainly United Earth and LIS, to a war that 3 civilizations together defending against Alpha Draconian invasion.
    Just within a night, the base on Barracuda Blues disappeared, with remains of weared-off tank armour and charred grounds indicating there was combat. The only thing left was reports about unknown alien contact of hostile inorganic objects and strong energy sources detected by base on neighbouring planets. The United Earth Security Council received the reports 8 hours after the incident had taken place. A global investigation on Barracuda Blues was ordered 2 hours later.
    4 days after the investigation had launched, inspectors reported an unimaginable discovery - a hidden facility, camouflaged by cutting-edge field generators of unknown origin, full of unidentified machines in dormant status, and a colossal device suspected to be a long range stargate portal that was the origin of energy detected.
    Informed about such discovery, the United Earth Security Council (cautiously) saw that as an opportunity to obtain superior military technologies that could help break the stalemate of the war. Scientist teams and more military staff were sent to the site for further secret investigation.
    Despite the news being a secret, the information about such ‘discovery’ had reached the ears of LIS, their hackers intercepted the intel. The intel was shared to forces of the Zolarg Empire, in order to figure out what it was.
    Zolarg forces seemed to know something - Just a couple of hours later LIS received replies from the Zolarg Empire, about warnings of a common threat from the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy had infiltrated into human civilization - Alpha Draconians. The Zolarg Empire had also sent a similar message to United Earth, and demanded evacuating the investigation site and destroying it as soon as possible.
    The United Earth Security Council, at first, did not take the warning seriously, suspecting it was just a deception from both LIS and Zolarg Empire, trying to prevent United Earth from obtaining technologies that could help them win the war. Later events proved them wrong - 2 days later, the site was under attack - not by LIS, not by Zolarg Empire, but those unidentified machines they were supposed investigating. The machines were suddenly animated, hovered into the air, and revealed what they were - war machines, with the emblem of Alpha Draconians. Almost all staff at the site were killed in the matter of minutes, only a group of soldiers managed to escape, and reported their terrible story (with solid evidence recorded) to the Security Council.
    Heard of such an event taking place, and reconsidering warnings from the Zolarg Empire, the Security Council decided to have the big issue discussed in the General Assembly, hopefully they could recognise the dangerous situation they were in.
    Meanwhile, LIS and Zolarg Empire had also begun their search for Alpha Draconian existence within their occupation zones, and counter-ops against Alpha Draconian influence.
    Under a common threat that could not be repelled with the power of a nation, three participant nations of this civil war held a close-door summit on day 178 in an United Earth city Neo Floridas under maximum security measures. On the next day, all leaders of the military came to an agreement - a ceasefire treaty that put a pause on the civil war, and a temporary alliance pact - known as ‘Delta Alliance’ by humans - that would last until the Alpha Draconians were repelled.
    Exposures of Alpha Draconian expeditionary forces and the formation of a temporary alliance were quickly reported to Overlord by the covert agents within the United Earth General Assembly. Shocked to know his plan had gone wrong, the Overlord, immediately contacted his supervisors in the Ministry of Expedition. Without any response, the Overlord understood what had happened - His plan had been hijacked by the Inner Circle.
    Indeed, the exposure of expeditionary forces in Barracuda Blues was the order of the Inner Circle, through the Ministry of Expedition which was under their control.
    The Inner Circle also received reports of their successful sabotage on the Overlord’s plan. With now they knew the Overlord was in trouble, they began spreading the scandals of the Overlord ‘might even be unable to conquer a lesser civilization’, to cut down Overlord’s support from core Reptilian society. Now, with the information of this invasion leaked to both humans and Insectoids, and further pressured by the scandals, the Overlord had only one choice left for the invasion plan - launch the attacks immediately.

    Alpha Draconian Invasion
    On day 186, the day known as the ‘Invasion Day’, the remaining dormant expeditionary forces of Alpha Draconians inside human territory were activated under the orders of the Overlord himself, launched the Invasion of Humans, beginning from Barracuda Blues where their forces and one of their main portals were exposed.
    The Allies were prepared, they had located and destroyed a few hidden Alpha Draconian facilities, and shared any intelligence known about Alpha Draconians. Yet were not on the upper hand. The cutting-edge war machines of Alpha Draconians was not something humans were able to deal with easily, the superior armour strength and stealth capabilities of Alpha Draconian forces had caused some significant loss of Allied forces.
    On the other hand, Overlord tried to keep Zolarg Empire forces outside the war theater of human territory as first priority, preventing the Zolarg Empire from assisting humans with their intelligence and troops. Alpha Draconians inserted blockade fleets in neutral zones between the Zolarg Empire and United Earth, as well began rallying troops at Zolarg borders. The Zolarg Empire not just had difficulty helping humans defending against the invasion as their forces in United Earth were encircled, intensified conflicts and battles at Alpha Draconian borders were something they had to put more focus onto.
    The invasion broke out from the inside spread like wildfire in human territory as the Zolarg Empire was not able to provide assistance. Just within a week, Alpha Draconian presence was reported in all human territories (in terms of before the civil war broke out). 58% of original human territories were occupied by Alpha Draconians within a week, mainly the areas around the Zolarg fronts.
    Humans had no chances of counter strike at this moment, as the Overlord predicted. However, the Overlord had underestimated humanity. Instead of keeping an eye, he ‘confidently’ set the expeditionary to spontaneous mode, promising the core Reptilian society that humans would be brought under Alpha Draconians in no time (in order to retain his supporters).

    The Counter Strike
    Alpha Draconian domination on the battlefield lasted until United Earth deployed their new superweapon.
    United Earth lacked new weapons of instant destruction needed to change the tide of war since the total decommission of the nuclear arsenal right after the establishment of the United Earth General Assembly. Considering reactivating the nuclear arsenal project would cause large discontent from both the General Assembly and the public due to the long term consequence of detonating nuclear weapons, the Security Council, long ago reviewed older military research projects to seek for a powerful weapon with minimal impacts upon use. And when the invasion broke out, they already had a weapon project at almost completion that came into handy - Particle Cannon. The research of this surgical-space-strike (accurate strike instead of mass destruction) weapon was greatly accelerated by the data from Alpha Draconian facility on Barracuda Blues. 14 days after the Invasion Day (day 200), the first Space Strike group had completed construction at United Earth’s capital shipyard on Earth orbit, assigned into and escorted by the only 3 main starship fleets.
    Upon the new weapons were ready, Marshal Bradley of the United Earth Security Council authorized the largest military campaign in the war - Operation Zeus, which began from day 205, aimed to retake territories beyond the Zolarg fronts occupied by Alpha Draconians. Mobilizing over 54 land forces divisions, 6 Space Marines divisions, 31 space fighter wings and 2 starship fleets.
    The first use of Particle Cannon was used in Battle of Leo-34, showing the impressive firepower to the entire humanity. The Alpha Draconian stronghold on the planet was reduced to scraps in the matter of a few Particle Cannon bombardments of the 3th Starship Fleet.
    The particle cannon also shone on other major battles, including the largest starship battle Battle of Kelvin Rings that the superweapon put the end to Alpha Draconian ‘Eradicator’ class battleship (though that was not their strongest warship in service), and Siege of Venet-35 that the weapon critically broke the siege of Alpha Draconian forces on the colony.
    Operation Zeus had achieved a massive success within two months. The Operation recovered 21% of original territories, and some post-war statistics estimated that the Operation had also destroyed almost half of the Alpha Draconian expeditionary forces.
    LIS had also achieved victories after their deployment of Type-X EMP warheads that effectively paralyses robot-based Alpha Draconian forces and facilities upon detonation. Just within half of a month after the deployment, LIS was able to uproot all Alpha Draconian facilities and portals within their occupation zones and freed up a large amount of troops for offensive operations beyond their territories (to ‘liberate’ more colonies, of course). At the same time, LIS had also completed an counterintelligence research Project Beacon that analyses the activities and signals of Alpha Draconian covert agents and communications (using information provided by Zolarg and harnessing their expert knowledge of cybertechnology), greatly preventing further Alpha Draconian sabotages on Allied forces, and made the hidden movements of Alpha Draconians predictable from that time on.
    The human counterattack progress stopped at regions around Barracuda Blues. At this moment Barracuda Blues was one of the last strategic locations for these intruders - where their last functional long range portal was located, the only available reinforcement station for them. However, also the most fortified position of Alpha Draconian intruders - not only the main portal was protected by the state-of-the-art fortress setup, other strongholds around Barracuda Blues formed a complete exterior defense system that was able to stop any starships approaching this critical site.
    The counterattack of humans was reported back to the Ministry of Expedition for multiple times, however nobody read the report - The fierce political competition inside the Ministry between Overlord loyalist and Inner Circle had disrupted literally everything, ignited a few days after the blockade on the Zolarg Empire. Military officers and staff were being assassinated or replaced by the two parties very frequently, they had no time and effort to care about any operations of the expeditionary forces but tried to protect themselves or seek extra interest in this internal political rivalry.
    As the regular functioning of the Ministry of Expedition came to a halt, the blockade fleet between Zolarg Empire and United Earth was soon out of control, without any coordination the blockade was breached by Zolarg fleets, like the blockade fleet was just a dull asteroid belt. Regaining the supply line to their occupation zones, the Zolarg Empire began sending their fleet and elite force Imperial Templars to the battlefronts in human territory against Alpha Draconians.
    Overlord regained information and control of his expedition plan after Overlord loyalists successfully retaken control of the Ministry of Expedition as a series of bloody political events took place. Knowing his miscalculation on humans and he had missed a lot of events during the Ministry was handicapped, the Overlord ordered a regroup of all remaining expeditionary forces at Barracuda Blues, as well as authorising the expeditionary force access to advanced reserves of Alpha Draconian war machines, the Apocalypse Order, to terminate human resistance before it was too late to remedy the situation. An invasion fleet was also ordered to dispatch for securing the invasion plans, either backing the reinforcement up, or in case the last portal falls the fleet could still devastate the remaining human forces and do the occupation.

    The Battle of Barracuda Blues - Twilight of the Intruders
    All human major forces from both the United Earth and LIS, and later a small number of Zolarg forces from occupation zones, gathered near minor strongholds around Barracuda Blues. Deployments began on day 274, preparing for the last battle to stop Alpha Draconian invasion - which Allied forces had thrown literally everything they had into it, almost all of their major forces and types of weapons.
    Alpha Draonians had gathered a majority of the first group of Apocalypse Order from Alpha Draconia arrived at Barracuda Blues, standing by at the site.
    The Battle of Barracuda Blues broke out on day 277. The 2nd Vanguard Group led by United Earth Space Marines 1st Division secured a minor portal stronghold on Baston-36, under the support of the United Earth 3th Starship Fleet and Particle Cannons. Hackers from LIS performed a follow-up hacking of the portal control immediately, opening up a route to Barracuda Blues for major forces after 4.5 hours.
    Commando platoon headed by the legendary United Earth elite Sarge led the charge into the Barracuda Blues through the portal, securing an area on the east wing of the main portal stronghold. The remaining forces of 2nd Vanguard Group established a forward base for providing support, with Main Battle Command led by Marshal Bradley of United Earth responsible for the main offensive operations following behind.
    Other battle groups were told to tie up other minor strongholds to prevent their reinforcements to Barracuda Blues, and if possible, take over the portals in the minor strongholds.
    The first attempts of siege, on the same day, had been unsuccessful. The defense of the main fortress complex was far more defended than imagined. The point laser defense system rendered conventional artillery fire useless, the firepower of the newly arrived Apocalypse Order outrunned offensives of the Allied forces, even the Allied forces were supported by 5th Battle Group later which successfully broke into the south wing through the portal of another stronghold. At the end of the day, the offensive operations had been temporarily halted under the order of Marshal Bradley to prevent further losses.
    On day 288 Allied forces detected a larger group of Apocalypse Order reinforced Alpha Draconian forces in the fortress. Few hours later, Alpha Draconians began taking offensives targeting the Allied Main Command Group. Facing even stronger enemies than before, main forces of the Main Command Group were tied at their forward base and fell into a badly passive status, until 5th Battle Group received EMP missiles from LIS and sent help to break the enemy offensives.
    On day 289, the 3rd Battle Group composed mainly of Zolarg forces entered the battle at the southern forward base, launching subterranean infiltration attacks into the west part of the fortress. Although the infiltration forces experienced heavy casualties as they broke into, however, provided an important internal structure intel of the main stronghold - there was an antenna structure acting as an command node of stronghold defense, which when sabotaged, it could weaken the coordination of, or even paralysing, the stronghold defenses. However, the infiltration forces also reported there was a massive energy flow towards the centre part of the facility, where the main portal was located, presumably sending in core forces, or worse, a destruction device known as ‘Annihilator’ by Zolarg forces which capable of releasing an energy blast that could destroy any non-Alpha Draconian machines and living being within 50 lightyears radius. The enemy reinforcement was predicted to arrive in three or four days.
    The reports from the infiltration forces had put the Main Command into an anxious mood, since this meant not much time was left for them - longer the battle goes, worse the situation becomes. The Main Command Group decided to take another offensive the next day, after the United Earth 1st Starship Fleet sent Particle Cannons to provide heavy bombardments.
    Still, Alpha Draconians were prepared, they had set up energy barriers to neutralize Particle Cannon fire. With even the superweapon of United Earth proven ineffective on this base, the Main Command Group offensive once again ended up with extra losses.
    On the other hand, the portal stronghold connecting the Allied forward base on the south wing was under attack by Alpha Draconian forces from another minor stronghold, the 5th Battle Group and the 3th Battle group had their most convenient supply lines cut and now had to rely supplies from either the 1st Starship Fleet or the Main Command.
    During the hardest times having almost no means to break the fortifications of this stronghold, the hackers and engineers controlling the portal in Baston-36 brought a good news in the late night of day 232, they managed to hack into the heavily encrypted internal portal system and obtained a segment of access code that allowed them to teleport at most a commando squad into the stronghold (due to limitations of incomplete access codes), which this chance could be used to sabotage the command node, allow the major forces destroying the fortification when it was disrupted. However, the code was estimated to be expired in approximately 7 hours.
    In the same night, but a bit earlier, a small group of Zolarg Imperial Templars joined the Main Command Group, providing limited but valuable replenishment of Allied forces.
    With an irreplaceable opportunity to break into this almost invincible fortress, the Main Command immediately reorganized the existing forces, preparing for an all-out attack in the next day - It was either the Alpha Draconians or humanity being defeated, this would be the last assault to terminate their ambitions, once and for all.
    4 hours later, a squad with the best commandos from United Earth, LIS and Zolarg was organized for the most dangerous mission, they were teleported to the west block of the stronghold, and later assisted by another Zolarg subterranean assault force from the 3th Battle Group. Meanwhile, all the other Allied forces on Barracuda Blues, advancing towards the stronghold.
    The major forces expected the defenses to be disarmed as they reached the enemy defense lines. Yet the infiltration forces had trouble making their way to the command node, encircled by the stronghold guards as the Allied forces entered the alert zones around the stronghold. The main forces could only hold their position, forced to fight with the enemy elite forces, until the commandos finished their task.
    After approximately an hour of brutal battles inside and outside the stronghold, the commando squad, finally made their way to the command node, and installed a disruption device onto it.
    The defenses of the stronghold were immediately turned down under the effect of the disruption device, including turrets, energy barriers and point laser defense system. The stronghold, now vulnerable to any human and Insectoid weaponry, soon the main defense was destroyed under intensive artillery barrage bombardments. Alpha Draconian forces were also affected by the disruption effects, their combat efficiency was greatly lowered - the coordination errors broke their formation, these steel machines of destruction began ramming into each other. At this moment, Alpha Draconians had lost their overwhelming advantage in this battle, every force defending the fortress were soon eliminated by the Allied forces, leaving the central portal defendless. Allied forces very quickly flooded into the stronghold, reaching their ultimate target of the battle - the main portal, which was seen charging up for receiving new reinforcements - that could make short work on the last human forces if unstopped.
    The decisive battle defining the date of humans, ended with a Particle Cannon strike onto the portal, tearing the portal into pieces of scraps. The dawn on Barracuda Blues after the particle beam dissipated, marked the victory of the Allies.
    Remaining Alpha Draconian threats in human territory were eliminated within two days after the victory in Battle of Barracuda Blues under the efforts of human forces. For the first time, the entire humanity successfully repelled an massive alien invasion.
    The invasion had not ended yet, Alpha Draconian invasion fleet was still advancing towards human territory. It was until Zolarg fleets attacked Alpha Draconian starbases that forced Overlord to draw the entire fleet back for defense and postpone the invasion… infinitely.

    Battle of Kaisergrounds - Conclusion Battle to the Human Civil War
    The invasion was over, ending with the defeat of Alpha Draconians.
    But not everything was over. The Delta Alliance Pact had expired, now United Earth and LIS had to put their focus back onto their civil war… only after they had taken a necessary break from a month of fierce battles.
    The Zolarg Empire had most of their forces tired of the battles in human territory, and they needed more forces and officiers to manage their conflicts between them and Alpha Draconians. On day 312, about a month after the end of the invasion, they agreed to withdraw from the Human Civil War, returning all occupied territories to the United Earth and evacuate all their forces after taking some necessary responsibility (mostly repairing damages they had made), as requested by the United Earth General Assembly and agreed by LIS. The civil war was now and finally kept just between humans.
    Things had been peaceful (if not considering some minor skirmishes on conflict site planets) until the war was continued with the last major battle broke out on day 351 - the Battle of Kaisergrouds, which both sides hoped to ‘conclude’ the war in this battle (as not much war supplies were left for large scale conflicts), on this strategic stronghold occupied by LIS - To LIS, a foothold for liberating the core economic regions of United Earth in the future. To United Earth, an important barrier to keep LIS away from the most resourceful colonies.
    The extremely rare ion fog winters of Kaisergrounds disrupted communication devices and sensors, which however favoured United Earth offensive - their landing forces could sneak onto the planet without triggering the alarms of LIS forces.
    It was not clear how the battle had fought due to the unavailability of communications and battlefield monitoring in ion fogs. However, two outcomes were confirmed for sure - First, it might have been a ‘fierce’ battle, in which United Earth recorded 78% losses of troops in the battle while LIS recorded 85% loss of their forces. Either killed or (less likely) lost in fogs. Second, it was the victory of United Earth, after 4 days of battle United Earth 12th Space Marines Regiment managed to take control of the entire planet and sent a shuttle for delivering a battle report.

    10 days after the last battle (day 365), the military leaders of two sides met in the Roundtable Summit in the colony of New London.
    The Armistice of Hoxton was signed, with the following details:
    • Armistice: Military actions must not be taken inside territories of the United Earth and LIS for the upcoming 100 years.
    • Border Regulations: Border lines between United Earth and LIS, named Hoxton Line, are maintained. No space vessels should cross the line, both sides have the right to shoot down any vessels that crossed the line, unless the vessel has authorised access.
    • Embargo: Trades and shipments to and from LIS are forbidden. United Earth will enforce a blockade fleet along the Hoxton Line.
    • Colonization restriction: LIS must not carry out colonization near or along the Hoxton Line.
    • Trade Route Protection: Any LIS vessels with armaments equal to or more than corvettes will be regarded as violating United Earth trade routes.
    • Violation of any of these regulations will be regarded as breaking the treaty.
    • Any forms of independence by LIS will not be recognized and accepted by the United Earth General Assembly.
    Though this is an armistice treaty, it had indeed ended the Human Civil War - at least it had ended direct military confrontations, another civil war is just a matter of time.
    Eventually nobody achieved total victory in the Human Civil War, however, LIS actually ‘won’ the war. Colonies and cities occupied by LIS are no longer under the control of United Earth bureaucrats, they are freed from any forms of suppression and exploits, at least a better life can be started with ture fairness and autonomy guaranteed by the League.
    Yet United Earth has also earned a ‘strategic’ victory, since they successfully defended most major regions, leaving LIS only able to have mostly barren planets of outer territories. The Armistice of Hoxton also allowed them to have limited control on the development of LIS.
    The United Earth General Assembly was not satisfied with the outcome of the war - They understood that LIS had achieved their aim in the war. Now, the capabilities of the United Earth military were being questioned nationwide, even managed to repel the Alpha Draconian invasion - It shall be stopped to restore the reputation of the General Assembly. The General Assembly originally wanted to ‘retire’ Marshal Bradley to pacify the doubts of people, but changed their mind after reconsidering his achievements repelling an alien Invasion and read about his big military project to retake territories occupied by LIS, which the plan actually helped people put a larger confidence onto the military than before.
    Speaking of the support, a tragedy for the Overlord of Alpha Draconians. The Overlord tried to cover up the failures of his expedition plans, however, the Inner Circle intercepted the intel. The scandal was soon delivered to all members of core Reptilian society, they now lost all confidence in the ‘weak’ Overlord that had completely ruined their national pride. Several days later, the Overlord was assassinated in a coup planned by the Inner Circle.
    The seat of ultimate power was empty, but that is not a seat for many. A more intense, almost endless political rivalry took place between the Lords of Inner Circles beginning right after the death of Overlord, leading the entire empire into a state of political instability. Without a stable and powerful leader to rule the vast empire, the corruption in administration of Alpha Draconians is getting ten times more serious than before. Social order also began to collapse, leading to the disparity between the nobles and common civilians, and social unrests.
    The instability of Alpha Draconians, and one more defeat for their seemed invincible military, gave confidence to the conspiracists hidden all over the empire. Some puppet regions began attempting to break away from Alpha Draconians. Though not all of them had been successful, more new powers have risen - Especially the New Galactic Empire, thirsted for galactic domination, is slowly overtaking the influence of Alpha Draconians in the shadows.
    The Zolarg Empire finally found themselves a powerful ally to support each other against Alpha Draconian influence - Humans’ capability defending themselves against Alpha Draconian forces impressed not only the Insectoids of every hive, the Emperor is also glad to see this. A few months after the end of the Human Civil War, Zolarg Empire signed diplomatic memorandums with both LIS and United Earth, on the basis of cooperation during the invasion, to begin official peaceful interaction between Insectoids and Humans.
    Zolarg forces returned from human territory also brought back some human technologies along with them. The inspiring foreign knowledge have stimulated further development of the Zolarg Empire in terms of economy, science, society and military, and indirectly led to an innovative invention of Insectoids - Mind Network.
    While the human cities and colonies were rebuilding, humans also obtained interesting information from the remains of Alpha Draconian machines in Barracuda Blues. These cutting-edge machines have some linkage with the ancient aliens, which the scientists and archaeologists figured out these engines are derived from the ancient alien knowledge recorded on the artifacts scattered all around the galaxy. This discovery will bring drastic changes to human history, a new era of future technologies is predictable in the future not so far away.
    Understanding they are not alone in the Galaxy, United Earth begin recognizing the importance of galactic diplomacy, in order to protect themselves (from Alpha Draconians that might return someday in a larger war), as well as seeking for new opportunities. they begin establishing contacts between alien civilizations as they colonize new planets, not just the major civilization like the Zolarg Empire, but also more minor ones.

    The Milky Way Galaxy had changed a lot - although there had been wars, costing thousands of lives. Does the war worth anything in the end? Nobody will have an ultimate conclusion, what we know is, war, is always changing our history.

    We also hope @bastecklein can leave some comments on the story idea so far.
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    Hello captains!

    Having a good ability to listen will help you obtaining some useful information from gossips and chatters.
    These useful information and intel can include some special opportunities, from discounts to politics, which they will ultimately help you accompanied larger goals.

    Let's begin with, how and where you can obtain some information.
    • Visiting a Tavern
      Sometimes visiting a tavern is not only for mugs of beverage and entertainment. These places are often best locations to collect some random intel. However quality and quantity depends on how good your and your crewmates' listening abilities.
    • Black Market Intel Traders (If applicable)
      Looking for some secrets in the Galaxy? Black markets can offer them to you for a ‘modest’ price!
    • Quest
      There can be some exclusive intel collected during or after the missions.

    Next, the types of intel you can collect and their purposes.
    • Trade
      You'll never want to miss any opportunities that a planet is selling something at low price or offer a big sum of money on something.
    • Black Market Locations (if applicable)
      In order to access to black markets, you'll need to know where they are first.
    • Rumors
      Rumors about a random governor or someone that haven't spread out yet. You can ignore it or use it for your own purpose...
    • Politics
      Can be about some political conspiracy or policies of a planet.
    • Ship Sale
      Useful if you're looking for where you can get a specific type of starship at a best price.
    • Faction
      Information about a faction. Such as way to earn their trust and what they don't want to see. For some sneaky ones, maybe the way to contact them for missions or special offers.
    • Talented Specialists (if applicable)
      Want to know which astronomy university you can get some talented crewmates? This type of information can help!
    • Artifacts (if applicable)
      First step of looking for some epic relics: knowing what it is and where they are.

    It may not be a refined idea at all, but hopefully this will be a good addition to My Starship.
    Your thoughts?
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