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My Colony v0.50.0 Released - Page 4

Zorak said:
MaroutoutMars1 said:and some can't continus in there colony becaus they have lost all of they important ressources

This is me in a nutshell, currently losing millons of alu, gold, uranium, etc

its 50k by 50k mate dont start talking about big numbers (i have 970m alu and the decay is 50k which is max value
I really think there is plenty of time to react and build storage if you have tons of resources. I had almost 50 million microchips and 1.5 million storage in my main, and the microchips have been dwindling for quite a while now and I still have around 33 million. I am not bothering to make a bunch of warehouses, because microchips are easy to produce. But still. The decay rate is about 50k per minute. So it takes 20 minutes for 1 million to decay. If you have 100million of something with 0 storage for it, it would take over 30 straight hours of decay for it to run out.
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bastecklein said:I really think there is plenty of time to react and build storage if you have tons of resources.

New colony. Built 3 H3, deactivate them, lose all H3. Harvest gold. Deactivate refineries, lose all gold.

You didn't give warning for those of that don't cheat, you punish the community for the actions of a few, and your cavalier attitude towards your userbase is pretty shocking. Some of us have left good reviews, told our friends, paid for the game and our thanks is having **WEEKS** of play/work neutralized because that's what you feel is right.

Okay, fine. Your game, your rules. At least make them consistent. You want to arbitrarily punish ALL of your users for the actions of a few, fine. Crappy community management, but you're just one guy.

And no, there wasn't time. Since gold is deleted when the refineries are gone, and there is nothing that indicates what happens to aluminum or uranium (also supposedly no limit) and no hint as to what storage they use...

Really crappy thing to do to those that supported you.
New player on my first colony here trying to figure out how to get aluminum. The update made importing aluminum through the enrichment center much higher a cost than I can afford.
bastecklein said:...The decay rate is about 50k per minute...

I guess the *rate* was more harsh for me 'cause I only had like 60-100k aluminum that I lost.... but since my overall loss was a lot less than some in this thread I guess not.

Some of these complaints have me a bit concerned for the late-game, now that there's the 10b money cap. Personally, I'm nowhere near that point in the game yet, but when I do eventually get there, I'd like to see what I can do with the colony I've worked so hard on other than just let it stagnate and start another.

I play a game called Soda Dungeon. In that game, there's a 1.5b cap on gold, if you earn more than that at any particular time in the game, the excess money is automatically used to purchase "essence", a currency used to buy upgrades. Those upgrades enable you to go further into the infinite, linear, dungeon, thus earning more gold and essence, and eventually unlock "caps" which can be used to buy a second tier of upgrades that kind of change the fundamental assumptions of the earlier levels of the game. when you unlock the higher tier upgrades (long, long after defeating the final boss) there's even a narrator character who jokes about people who are just obsessed with achieving higher and higher numbers (alot of the blow-back you're getting on this is from the 'higher-numbers' crowd, I think). The treadmill of the standard game essentially powers a second, much slower treadmill, which powers a third even slower treadmill. Progress is still possible, but it matters less than the other goals you could be perusing at that point.

maybe you could try something like that for My Colony. after a player gets to the end of what you (bast) would think would be the end of a colony, maybe they get the option to unlock funky upgrades that will change the way they play the game. Maybe they have to go back and rearrange their building placements to make them more aesthetically pleasing (granting efficiency bonuses), or their colony can then create sister/daughter colonies that are only visible to that colony.

My point is, bast, that if you've decided to change the game from being infinite to having this fundamental cap on money, then the best solutions would be (imo) to either give a colony thats reached that point some type of "ending" or to change the goal of the game so that it can continue in a meaningful, lateral direction at that point.
Transaction fees to export on the mass driver are 75% now? So what good is it anymore?
I CAMT AFFORD TO REPAIR THE INFRACTURES ANYMORE!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! HELLO DEVELOPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks good except for this portion:

Storage Limits added: Aluminum, Uranium, Gold, and Clay now have storage requirements.

It might work better if there was some kind of storage facility added for these resources.
One problem is none of the related buildings for these resources gives any storage information for the resource. Like I fired up the game and got a popup about more gold refineries needed. Question how much is stored per gold refinery. Each resource has some building directly linked to it. What is the storage capacity for each building?
My Colony

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