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GBT taking my stuff but not posting trade

Build v0.49.0
Android version 7.0
Steps to reproduce: unknown- Post something on the GBT. Not guaranteed to happen.

It's happened 3 times. Once when buying some aluminum it ate my money, along with about 3 million water and 521,800 toys. It started happenjng after the GBT got reset last week.
same thing is happening for me. Can't buy/see any commodities in stacks over 50k units.
Happened to me too in v0.49 PC. Trade limit 50k and price set and civic deducted but not posted in GBT
it's intended @Statquo86 @psychohobbit1
v0.49 isn't supported anymore I think
Its me Lego.
Ottoich said:it's intended @Statquo86 @psychohobbit1
v0.49 isn't supported anymore I think

why it isnt suported anyomore ?
Bast actually put a hard cap on the trade amount and is going to force all players to be on the same version starting with .50 in about a week. At that time the current hard cap will be removed but there will still be a cap of how much you can trade in a single transaction = storage capacity for that resource. See the release notes for more info.
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