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Sm Research Lab Missing in .50 Android?

After the update I decided to restart my colony (the one I had was small, so no great loss...) while playing the new colony, I noticed that the Small Research Lab was no longer in the list of buildings...

Is it just me?
thanks for your time!
Android 7.0
Galaxy 8+

you need the tech for it and the resources. I think you need to have microchips to build those, so it may be a bit before you get them.
You also need the vehicles to build them or they will disappear
You need gold
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Forcedminer said:

SmallResearchLab Requires the following resources if you don't have them they won't appear.
Gold -25
Steel -80
Ore -1800

yep... got all that.... and more... its just not showing up...
Thanks everyone for the input...
I'm playing a new colony on a galaxy 8 and not having an issue. Specifically it's a United Earth joint. Are you sure you have a simple builder not and those mats above?
Did you look into the 'All buildings' section?

It doesn't appear in the rest of the categories, just in that one.
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do you have the required vehicle?
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