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Zolarg Suggestion Pit

Gonna post ALOT of my ideas for the Zolarg faction. As it stands, compared to say... United Earth, the Zolarg tech tree is VERY small.
You can reach it's end in under a day, while United Earth takes atleast a week if you suck sorta, or probly 4-5 days if you know what you're doing.

As it stands, there's currently alot of buildings that don't do much for a "late-game" colony, atleast not as much as it COULD. I will go through each one, and suggest an upgrade for each that currently doesn't exist in any capacity, if I'm wrong on if there's no better upgrade, then let me know!

Brew Pit.
This produces about 2 rum per second, according to my stats page, so that's an estimate, however even with 91 fully staffed and operating, it doesn't equal enough rum to make more than 1 crystalline patch.

Suggested upgrade: Unholy Brew Tank. At the cost of Antaura, Water and Food, this could produce well up to 50 rum per second, and be just as large as a Brew Pit, with probly about 6 workers. Likely could cost Antanium, Antaura, Wood, and Ant Paste, maybe Civics as well.

Suggested Upgrade: Brew Ravine. At the cost of some sugar, water and food, this produces less food than the Unholy Brew Tank and takes up more space, being 1x3 diagonally top right, to bottom left length-wise, but also takes less workers, only 3. Could cost antanium, alot of Civics, Tons of ant Paste, Gold, and maybe Wood.

Supply Pile.
Ofcourse, it increases storage of literally everything, but just by a little bit.

Suggested upgrade: Unholy Pit of Stuff. Would be 2x2, but would store at least 4 times more things than 4 supply piles, since it'd look like a mystic-inspired, cool hole in the ground filled with stuff, and holes hold more than piles.
This wouldn't cost Antaura to run it, but could cost Antaura to build, but less amounts of other resources compared to a money pit, since you've got basically magic doing most of the digging.

Suggested Upgrade: Sugar Matrix of Supply. Could be just as big as a Supply pile, but would contain more, being a tall sugar-powered silo that uses sugar power in ways to miniaturize the contents. (or could be a constant Antaura draw maybe?) Would require workers to keep running, and maybe 50-100 power.

Shrine of Mystics.
Produces Antaura.

Suggested Upgrade: Unholy Temple of Mystics. Would be 3x3 or 4x4, but produces WAY more antuara than a Shrine of Mystics. Needs more workers also, but also could be a tech-required building for other researches.

Suggested Upgrade: Monolith of Mystics. Would remove the worker cost of Shrines, but would cost power and produce more Antaura than a Shrine. It would cost ALOT of antanium, Antaura and Civics to produce, but no Wood whatsoever. Or it could cost no Antaura.

Gives 200 population room and produces a decent amount of food per second.

Suggested Upgrade: Unholy Mound of Whorship. Would be a 3x3 building that would likely contain atleast 2 times more, and would produce Antaura instead of Food as an addition.

Suggested Upgrade: Hive. Would be just as large, just a taller structure, and would cost primarily Antanium, Ant Paste, Civics, and Aluminum.

Aluminum Mine
Essentially an endless source of Aluminum, provided you have the time, effort and resources to keep placing them.

Indirect Upgrade Suggestion: Unholy Core Mine. This would be much larger, but uses Antaura to power itself along with alot of power. This could also be an upgrade to the Mining Operation, it could take WAY more workers, but produces a little bit of everything one could get from the ground.

Synthetic Crystalline Patch
A placeable patch of Crystalline, you can get 400 of it from this.

Indirect Upgrade Suggestion: Crystalline Growth Pit. Would be a 3x3-ish structure that costs alot of Rum to run, but produces Crystalline. Would cost Crystalline and Rum, maybe also Aluminum and Ant Paste. Would use Power to increase the growth rate of Crystalline, maybe 200 power?
Could also cause

Indirect Upgrade Suggestion: Crystalline Growth Node. Would be a 1x1 structure that costs Antaura and power to run, requires no workers, but ends up creating Crystalline patches near it that regenerate and expand at a rate needed for high crystalline demands.

Mega Tree
A really big tree that gives 800 wood.

Indirect Upgrade suggestion: Unholy Chamber of Growth. Clones colonists, and produces a bit of everything gained from plants, so wood and sugar mainly. Costs Antaura and power to run alongside a steady supply of water and a decent workforce. Dunno on costs and size.

New Building Suggestion: Pit of Terraforming. Burns wood and Ant Paste consistently in order to produce atmosphere.

Alt Idea: Antauran Utopian Pillar. Costs alot of Antaura to consistently produce atmosphere up to 11 million atmosphere. Or 16 million, either way it produces it up to a point and either temporarily turns off once that point is reached,

New Building suggestion: Gross Shape. Uses Antaura to absorb atmosphere above smog-levels, but looks really gross and wrong. Just a big ball of concentrated pollution. Could produce Pollution as a physical resource.

That's all I can come up with, sorry for the huge wall of text, I just really enjoy Zolarg, and want more to be added, so I'm doing my part as best as I can!
When buildings upgrade they cant become larger.
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
BestColony11 said:When buildings upgrade they cant become larger.

I know that. When I mention something as an upgrade, it more or less is a thing that would replace a weaker/worse thing that does less than it.
Essentially it's like replacing about 30 solar panels with a hydrogen reactor (or however the actual equivalency for power production is).
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