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Notice for Offline Colonies - Page 2

what if I want an Ice Bug colony to be in my commonwealth, that option is not avalible
dadoftheyear said:what if I want an Ice Bug colony to be in my commonwealth, that option is not avalible

Huh? You can always get a Zolarg Ice World colony in a commonwealth. Start it online under the Zolarg Empire or another player's charter then once you have Interstellar Communication request annexation for your main commonwealth.
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@Shubb, I just realized this as well... I have several colonies already in my own commonwealths so hadn't created a new colony in a while. Unfortunately this may be a bug as soon, if not already, you cannot start in offline and go online. Hm... will post in bug forum.
@shubb the charter code for United Earth is "earth". You can start a colony under united earth by using this. (Though I really do recommend starting under an active commonwealth leader, the benefits can be great even if you aren't interested in free goodies or payroll refund - there are some real communities that have cropped up as My Colony Federations)
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bastecklein said:Starting in v0.51.0, colonies in 'offline' mode will not be able to switch back into Online mode. From v0.51.0 onward, a colony is either an Online game or an Offline game from the start, there is no switching back and forth, although you will be able to take an Online colony Offline, you wont be able to undo it.

Would it be possible to key the online/offline mode decisions based on when the Galactic Board of Trade building becomes available. I have found that before that building is added its much better to play in offline mode since the overall benefits are higher in offline mode before and flips the other way after the GBT building is available.

I admit I tend to play all new colonies offline until the building is available then switch over. Of course I tend to keep restarting my colonies as well.

edited to add: Making the game default to online mode when the GBT is built might also work.
Ok, so here's my question:

Since offline colonies are to stay offline, would it be possible to have each of our offline colonies on the same device interact with each other? I mean, would it be possible to have one offline colony annex, gift, or trade with another on the same device? Or could we have one offline colony send an embassy to another offline colony to form alliances on the same device while not needing an internet connection? This would further enrich the offline portion of the game in my opinion and it may not take that much work to set up. This way someone who prefers playing offline isn't limited to an isolated colony that can only import/export stuff, but they can post trades on the offline gbt that will be seen by all other colonies on that same device that he/she opens that have a gbt built. This would also allow for us to have support colonies that can feed resources into the main commonwealth colonies in order to create more advanced colonies a lot quicker. I mean, it's not like it's unfair to other players or anything.

I don't think that it would cause too much headache because it would be offline and there would be no way that these "unofficial comonwealths" would make it onto the server and mess up the economy. It would be just for fun. I say let the player do what they want in offline mode, because it doesn't affect anyone else but that person. Anyway @Basteklein, what are your thoughts on this idea?
I would like to see some slrt of gifting capabilities to other local offline colonies as well. I dont have the capabilities at the moment to be online all the time so it would be nice to send resources between offline colonies.
I'll see what I can do about it.
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Ive been playing the game for a while and have felt this is the main thing that seems to be missing.

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