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in french we have a prototy of special nuclar reactor:

in a simple nuclar reactor a big atome nuclar (uranium, plutonium) break to do 2 smal atome and product hot to boil the water

in I.T.E.R we take 'water' (in the sea water we have a atome nuclar the Deutérium) and nuclar
H3 /tritium to do a continu nuclar explosion who product (sorry the last was wrong )15.000.000 degre us to boil the water
the build is a very big centrale nuclar
And this would be to have more power?
yes more than water hydrogen reactor x nuclar reactor =50.000 power and more
Sounds pretty much alike the alien power tower
yes but could be more powering and for humain you didn't have to unlock some the alien tec
who can be very expansive for new player
I'm sorry but your game idea would make the game unbalanced (=way too easier)
yes but it is just the idea no the detail of cost and research
ITER in real life is a fusion power experiment, so maybe in the game it can go after the crystal power. submit a graphic concept, I might be able to help you with it.
if you want to know more:
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