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Idea: Space Arcology

So basically I had this idea...its kinda simple..

And I know after reading this all your gonna say is:
"Bastecklein's engine cant support this!"
"This doesn't fit into the game genre!"
"This is a bad idea!"
"Why do you even post this if you know the engine cant do it!"

Well, that's what I think you're gonna say.
Actually the name explains it all.
This is just an arcology that floats in the air, is powered by oil, uranium, and water.
It houses idk, like 2 million people?
its 8x8, and it can be top of Ground buildings.

100,000,000 Ore
100 civics
1,000,000,000 steel
10,000,000 gold
1,000,000 microchip
10,000,000 water
10,000,000 food
10,000 uranium
1,000,000 aluminum
10,000 artifact
10 triantanuim
500 plastic
3600 poterry
5000 bricks

I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
my eyes cant support this

regards from moon
So i think this is pretty good, but how would you see buildings under it?
i this good but the engine i think can't support but can be the upgrad of the arcology more higter more production, more housing and more powered
can be just like the space elevator but with a lot of house on and in the groud like this

(it is just the idea)
@Malobaddog, there is transparent buildings mode. LOL
BestColony11 said:

And I know after reading this all your gonna say is:
"Bastecklein's engine cant support this!"

I know right @MaroutoutMars1
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
That reminds me of a simular space building game (not gonna mention the name since it could be seen as advertisement) where space ships orbit your planet (and show up every 5 minute which looks pretty awesome). They were mostly just transport ships but with a little bit of creativity (and a teleporter on the planet) you could make a "flying house" out of it.

(Like with this bad drawn example in which you can put a design on it:)
run it is the invasion of whistle

lol sorry i need to do this meme
Ok, so here would be my idea of how to add this building. So, make it an upgrade to the fl arc, so it would still require an empty plot of land. Then, the building would look like a big space elevator, only with a gigantic station at the top. This station would also support massive amounts of immigration and tourism, would produce large amounts of money and civics, and would produce enough food, power, entirtainment, and jobs to support itself with a good amount of each left over to support other structures.

I would make it consume several more resources, or at least most of the durable goods since this thing would not only support lots of housing, but it would be the center of commerce. So, water, oil, uranium, he3, steel, antanium, gold, aluminum, chips, pottery, toys, cloth, rum, robots, plastic, charcoal, atmosphere. In order to build and support this thing, you would have to have built up all of those production areas. I would mak certain productions of the space station halt when certain resources are depleted. For instance, a lack of water will hault food production, a lack of uranium or he3 would halt power production, a lack of cloth would halt money production and reduce tourist space to zero, or a lack of rum would do the same but also halt civic production. These are just several examples. Even if every needed resource is depleted, housing will never be disabled as long as the power grid can still support the station when the station stops producing power. I think that this would be easily hard coded for this particular structure, so the engine should be able to run it just fine.

I would only allow up to eight to be built, but i would make it produce enogh and house enough to be totally worth building. You could also make several upgrade choices that would cause the station to focus on a particular area. I would make 10 choices: residential station focuses food and housing, commerce station focuses tourism and money, administration station focuses civics and money, funland station focuses tourism and entertainment, support station focuses power and food, luxury station focuses housing and money, data warehouse station focuses power and civics, warehouse station focuses raw and durable goods storage, research station adds and focuses research production and a lunar station allows you to gain access to the planet’s moons and terraform and annex them for additional space(this one may not be possible).

I would change the name to “orbital Space station.” The whole point of this building would be to consolidate several functions and resource productions into one single space to provide more room for bigger colonies.
i love your idea, your resume and all the idea of you add in i agre
i say no to donald trump but for your idea i say yes
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