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New currency paper money

Paper money is currency that can be printed out by federations. The leader of the federations is in charge of managing the money. Different currencies can be traded on the galactic currency exhange.
Such a system should be accompanied with complete removal of the in-game coins (money) system (the mint and all would deal in the federation currency).
If it is, then it would be easy to manage GBT prices, and a load of other problems.
The default federation would be UE/LIS/Zolarg Empire and would have to be managed by Bast himself.
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or be manage by the most 'better' playeur for all the nation with a senat the all manage by Bast and pepole of he choses
I like this idea +1
the idea is not to replace gold coins with paper money but rather to add a second type of money. you could trade gold coins for paper currency, depending on how valuable it is.
Printing out too much money causes inflation.
i love the principe of inflation but it can be like this 100(money)=1(paper money)
Paper money can be worth more than gold coins, but then there would be very few units of currency in circulation.
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