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2017-09-06 21:59:13

My Colony v0.43.0 Released

Today My Colony v0.43.0 has been submitted to all platforms and should be arriving on your respective device shortly. I am still working on getting the bugs from the big engine overhaul worked out, and they are getting better for the most part, but the primary focus in this release was on new content. It had been quite a while since a new content release was made, and this is one of the largest ones ever. So without further delay, here are the release notes!

My Colony v0.43.0 Changelog

New Stuff
  • New Map Type: Ice World (LIS and Zolarg)
  • New Resource: Crystalline
  • New Structures: Fantasy Land Arcology, Ore Synthesis Lab, Big Playhouse, Micromine, Regolith Furnace, Compacted Snow Path, Diamond Crystal Reactor, Alien Enrichment Facility, Crystalmound, Ore Tunnel, Synthetic Crystalline, Independence Hall Level 2
  • New Vehicles: Tundra Rover, Tundrabug
  • New Techs: Next Gen Power Production, Crystalline Synthesis
  • New Premium Content: Monument of Heroes, Blue Residential Complex
  • A new Center Map option has been added for buildings, allowing you to select the new "center" location of the map.
  • There is a new build options screen on road tiles, with a slightly revamped upgrade flow. A similar experience might be coming for Structures too, if people like how the new one looks.
The biggest change revolves around the addition of the new Ice World map and the new Crystalline resource that was added along side it. This was my first test of having a map type work across multiple civilizations, and I think it works alright for the most part.

The Ice Maps are very micro-managy (especially on the Zolarg side), and much is yet to be added. They are fully playable right now though, just don't expect an easy ride. You particularly need to be careful to conserve Gold so that it does not run out before you have the means to produce it artificially. I expect Ice World maps to be profitable export colonies in the future.

In addition, some other much needed (in my opinion) items have been added to the game, including a Level 2 LIS capitol building, allowing the annexation of new lands. Also, a better Uranium facility, and an upgraded method for producing Ore on base-regolith type maps. A new Arcology type was added, and the old Arcology now provides education to its inhabitants. The Internet Relay Booth now also provides a small IQ boost. Oh yeah, the forum has moved too, so if you have not yet done so, you will need to create a new account.

Moving forward, the next update (besides working on more bug fixes) will probably focus on the Zolarg some more. I want to get the Zolarg race more fleshed out before adding in the next civilization, which will probably be the evil Reptilians.

One more thing, some of you might remember the My Colony Podcast I was doing a while ago. I plan on trying to merge the podcasting server here with the new forum and maybe doing another episode just to see how it goes. Then again, maybe I wont. We'll see.

So that's all for this update. There were probably more additions and changes that I didn't remember, but you get the point. Thank you to everybody for playing and stay tuned, much more to come!
2017-09-02 02:10:30

Welcome to the new My Colony forum!

As I noted in this thread about a month and a half ago, I have been in the process of developing a new unified Ape Apps account and forum system. This is to make management of my several forums and websites a bit easier, and also to reduce (and ultimately eliminate) my reliance on Facebook as an online account system. As part of that change, the My Colony forums have been moved to this brand new location and are being restarted from scratch.

The old forum will remain online for some time, because there is a lot of good information there. You can access the old My Colony forums here:

If you had an account on the old forum, you will need to create a new one here. Going forward, this new account will work across all of my Ape Apps related apps, games, and websites. Eventually it will also store all of your premium keys/IAP histories and sync your purchases across all devices, so that you no longer have to mess with .amk files (although .amk files will continue to work for those who have them). Your account will also eventually be used for a new non-Facebook related cloud sync function I am currently working on.

The new forum will be a bit rough for the next few months. I am writing the entire system myself from scratch, and it is still very much under development (like most of my projects). Let me know what bugs you find with the forums and what features you would like to see added. Since I am writing everything myself, we have the ability to add a lot more customization to this one versus the previous forum. I am eventually going to use the code for this website to replace my current RP Forums website, which I have been wanting to do for years now (I hate relying on 3rd party solutions).

A lot of the sections are currently blank. If you had a good thread that people found useful at the old forum, please by all means copy it over here to the new one. In the next update to the game (0.43.0), the link to the forum will be changed over to this one, so people will no longer be able to easily find your posts at the old forum. Over the next few days, I will be copying stuff over here as well.

Anyway, have a look around the new forum, check out the features, find out what's missing or broken. If you look at your profile, each user has a "Wall" that is like their own private personal forum that they are in control over. You can customize all of the colors of the forum to your liking. Take a look at the BB Code Reference to see some of the things you can do on the new forum. And leave feedback and suggestions here. Thanks!

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